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Wera WER05056490001 Tool-Check PLUS Bit Ratchet, 39 Pieces $103.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Convenient direction change thanks to switchover lever

Fine-pitched ratchet mechanism and small return angle of 6

Very robust without any restrictions on torque

Quick-release chuck with rapidaptor technology

Take it easy tool finder system for fast and easy tool selection

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      you mean without the screwdriver handle?

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    Sidchrome equivalent is cheaper at Bunnings.

    • Trust in Sidchrome :)

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        Wera > Sidchrome.

        Sidchrome is mostly made in China (or Taiwan) and their quality are nothing to shout about these days.

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          You sure? Most of my tools are Sidchrome. Hasnt had a problem with any of them so far, so it earns my trust.

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            @Xantar: Taiwan Sidchrome are pretty good.

            • @Ctn: Oh cool. None of my tools are made in China. My phone is but thats another story.

              • @Xantar: Some of their spanners and ratchet spanners are rebranded Facom which are awesome.

            • @Ctn: sidchrome owned by Stanley …no problems with sidchrome …. they share technology across their brands …check out sidchrome 440 spanners and the american mac tool torque spanners ….same just different name on the tool and made for a market … stanley don’t do mac in australia or sidchrome in USA, for EU they do same pattern under a different brand again ….

              differences with wera, stahlwille, and most euro tools is they are made to DIN (EU) standard not just ANSI (US) …..DIN is tighter tolerance ……

              tools are interesting e.g toptul (taiwan) prefer their spanners to bend rather than shatter for safety (shrapnel) as per their web site … i prefer tight tolerances and satin chrome rather than bright but it’s just my preference ….

              • @garage sale: Yep their 440 and 467 looks like rebranded Facom spanners and really good.

                • @Ctn: have thought of buying facom as they look well designed and finished, .seems stanley bought facom in 2010 and facom own britool so design innovation does creep across some of the brands , but the brand names seem to be for certain markets (sidchrome and stanley for australia, facom and britool for EU) and certain plants manufacturer certain brands , facom i believe is mostly EU, sidchrome is taiwan.

              • @garage sale: Spot on words there and I share the same preference on finish. Purchased a bunch of Bahco equipment when masters shut down and love them. Never had an adjustable spanner like my Bahco loosing it was one of the worst things and I can't find anything remotely as good as it.

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            @Xantar: Wera is trade quality. Sidchrome isn’t anymore.

      • I still use the Sidchrome socket set I purchased in my youth in the 1970's back when Sidchrome was made in Australia . (I think many of the current sidchrome sets cost about the same as what I paid for mine way back then )

        IMHO the ratchet handle in that set is still better than any of the currently available ratchet handles …

        Sadly Sidchrome are now just another cheap Chinese tool wrapped with lots of marketing and an expensive price tag..

        There are other better quality and value brands around these days like Snapon, Teng tools etc …

    • +4

      Sidchrome equivalent is cheaper at Bunnings.

      Are they really equivalent? Sidchrome is owned by Stanley, lots of their tools are just rebranded now.

      Wera is … quite different.

    • with tools it’s not just number of pieces, things like wall thickness in sockets make a difference as i found while doing the CV joint on my BMW …also if you prefer bright chrome vs satin chrome …..i don’t think sidchrome vs wera is about what would break or round fasteners (both are 6pt) it’s about design, size of the package when not in use, ergonomics and feel when used …..and for me more now days wall thickness of sockets.

      the wera are part of a compact storage tool system that includes carry cases so that service people can carry lots of tools in little space and also get stuff out of the tool bag as a module rather then in a box ….

    • +1

      Aldi/Workzone equivalent

      But I wouldn’t genuinely call current Sidchrome or Workzone an equivalent to current Wera.

    • I have both these sets, the Wera is a far better set, lighter, belt clip. I rarely use the Sidecrome/Facom set but will grab the Wera as my 'I need tools right now' go to set.

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    I have this AMA

    • +1

      Great! What do you intend to do with that AMA?

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      Have you ever waffle stomped?

      • Nods head in shame

    • Do you feel confident putting a lot of force into them?
      The screwdriver seems like you would be able to get much torque from such a small handle and I'd be worried the wrench would break under a decnt amount fo force for freeing stiff nuts and bolts

      • You'll definitely be limited by the size of the attachments but I have full confidence in them

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    Wera are my favourite tool maker! Have this set, ratchet is perfect.

    • i have wera screw drivers … prefer stahlwille (german) for spanners ….can’t afford their sockets so have a few brands of 6 pt rather than 12 pt and they are fine ….

  • I keep this one in the car, has come in clutch quite a few times

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    they sell this at bunnings, $114 ($108.30 with powerpass) if you don't want to wait for uk delivery.

    although it seems to be low stock and link 404s


    • I got them to do a price beat last year, got rejected at the first store though

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