$30 off $50+ Spend for Referrer and Referee @ AfterPay


Give your friends $30 off and get $30 off when they make their first Afterpay purchase*

Terms and conditions

Is using Afterpay bad for my credit score?

Is Afterpay really interest-free? Is there a catch?

Maximum of 15 referrals per customer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1185)

Referrer and Referee receives $30 off next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more. Maximum of 5 referrals per customer. The promotion is redeemable until 11:59PM 31 January, 2022 AEDT.

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  • +17

    Make sure you purchase something where your order doesn’t get canceled. Mine got canceled, so I contacted them and they refused to reinstate the offer.

    • -10

      Don't Cry For Me Argentina .

    • +3

      Afterpay agents are absolutely hopeless.
      Their robotic answer: "This is all determined by the system, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

      • +4

        Haha I would just ask to talk to the system then, why are they getting paid to work if system determines everything

  • +1

    Maximum of 5 referrals per customer.

    It's upped to 15 now.

    You may refer up to 15 unique Referred Customers throughout the duration of the Program for a maximum promotional discount total of $450, provided that such referrals are made only to your direct friends, acquaintances or family and any unique Program link is not published by you in any public place, whether online or otherwise, which could reasonably be seen by any person who is not your direct friend, acquaintance or family in Afterpay’s sole discretion. Any referrals must also comply with these Program terms and Referred Customers must be eligible for the Program at all times.

    • Updated. Thanks! Not that I would have ever made it to 5 lol

  • +3

    I tried but didn't get the refer bonus

  • +2

    I referred two, never get the refer bonus

  • Are gift cards considered "eligible purchase"

    • +2

      If you are buying online, you should be able to see discount applied after logging in on the checkout before paying.

  • I referred 5 and 4 of them worked effortlessly… last referrer is trying to sort it out with Afterpay now - which is a bit annoying!

  • +1

    I have signed up using the random referrer link, but can't see anything about the $30 off promotion being applied now, would this show when I go to checkout using Afterpay?

    • +1

      It’s listed under your account > promotions

    • +1

      Same here but didn't get the refer bonus. ::(

      • I got it, you even get an email about it

        You've unlocked $30 off your first Afterpay purchase!
        Shop with Afterpay today — your $30 off will automatically be applied to your next purchase of $50 or more. Terms apply. Now you've got decisions to make, like which brand to shop first?

        • Not sure why you got negged, but that is the generic email you receive once you are successfully referred by someone.

      • +2

        Same here. Don’t see any bonus applied.

    • you should receive an email after signing up (using referral link) that you got $30 off your first $50+ spend

  • T & C says "The “Refer a friend” program (“Program”) will be available from 12:00AM on 9 December, 2020 AEDT to 11:59PM on 31 December, 2021 AEDT."

  • How are they like when it comes to complaints handling and reimbursement?

    • +9

      So we shouldn't post credit card deals, because some people will get debt trapped by them?
      No alcohol deals, because some people have drinking problems?
      No fast food deals for much the same reason?

      • +1

        Credit card need tot do a finance check, and are more regulated. But yes,
        Alcohol? yes, no deals
        Gambling? No deals
        Fast food …. arguable

        "When buy now, pay later first took off, most people used it to buy things they didn't really need"
        "Unlike credit cards, buy now, pay later companies don't ask any questions about whether you can actually afford to make the repayments."
        "For example, there is no interest charged on your purchase if you meet the repayment schedule, but late payment charges can be from about $5 to $15."
        "Some BNPL services also sting you with a monthly account-keeping fee, others charge an extra fee every time you make a payment and some make you pay an establishment fee."

        • Yeah it much better people buy it on CC's and cop 20% interest when they can't pay it back .

          • -2

            @popsiee: Much better people don't buy it if they cant afford it.

            • +1

              @cameldownunder: Or people take advantage of the offer and pay it off right away, is that hard to understand?

      • +1

        All of those deals should be subject to “finders fee”

        • -2

          Yeah, No ! Not the same, next.

        • +1

          Haha. Classic forum post.

  • +2

    I can confirm that if you held AFTERPAY account in the past, but asked the AFTERPAY to delete it AND
    + (they removed your ID verified stamp)
    + You changed email of that account to some other email
    + you changed phone number associated to that account.
    + You wait a while, (my case about a year or something like that

    Then you can claim this signup bonus again. Just cannot use the same Phone number that you used for the last account you held with them

    • +8

      That seems like a lot of work for $30

      • +1

        Plus getting worst Customer service of any BNPL service

        • I wouldn't say that. In my experience LatitudePay was much worse. My application got rejected, waiting on the phone for close to an hour, sorted it out, agent said he will send a verification code which never turned up. Emailed their customer support and hasn't heard after a month, even after reminder emails..

    • Just cannot use the same Phone number that you used for the last account you held with them

      What happens when you do? Do they just tell you it belongs to another customer, or do they remove your $30 off welcome offer (as you are considered to be a previous customer)?

      • Do they just tell you it belongs to another customer

        Yes, it does, after seeing that I put a different Ph No. and it went fine. Although I haven't spend $50 yet

        do they remove your $30 off welcome offer

        No, even though I used the same email as originally on the account (before the afterpay login email's changed)

        • At least good to know they are not storing all your personal details after you depart.

          • @DoctorCalculon: They do store personal details, especially

            NAME, DOB, PH No. from my experience
            Keep in mind that name, DOB on account cannot be edited on the website, Rest you can like ph. number (but they seem to keep ph. no's associated to an account on a separate log in their own system, that's why when resigning up using same no. tells ph no. associated with an afterpay account), address etc.

            because when you try to login to the so called account that you asked to close it lets you login to that, Just has ID verification not ticked, the rest details stay same as how you left it there,

            • @USER DC: I wonder whether they will actually remove all the info (other than the ones they are required to keep under the law) if you ask in writing.

  • N.B. the referrer can use their bonus to get $30 off $50 GC if they are "high enough" in the rewards program.

  • I signed up using someone's code here. How do I know I have for got $30 referee bonus?

    • try going to a website online that uses AFTERPAY like ebay JB or anything at all. and try buying something >$50, If you get the $30 discount on that then you gotten the offer (It will ask you to pay $(total amount-30), otherwise afterpay ditched you down like me last time

    • Just go to promotions tab and if you have received it it will show there.

  • There's a problem with this referral system randomiser.

    I signed up last week via the randomiser. Paid for something on eBay for just over $50 on Monday night. Despite what the T's&C's said, the discount did not automatically apply on checkout. I am now chasing up the $30 but they want me to send the email of the referrer. Of course I don't have this. I've just contacted the mods in the hope that they can PM my referrer and then hope even more that the referrer actually contacts me and gives me their email address.

    • You can extract the name of the referrer from the signup link in cookies. Copy and paste the link from cookies and look the end of link for referrers name

      • +1

        Too late now and besides that's not the email.

        • I am in the same boat here Afterpay asking for email screenshot :(

    • Have you checked your history to find the original referral link you clicked. The URL has the referer details in it. It’s not their email address but surely Afterpay should be able to find them with the referral ID.

      • Sent them the referral code instead of email, will wait for their reply. I'm not hopeful they'll do anything though.

        Edit: as suspected, they can't do anything without email address.

  • +2

    Referred the misses, we got nothing.!

  • After becoming customer of AfterPay, where do you find your referrer code to share with your friends and family?

    • +1

      Under your account on iOS app. not sure about others.

      • Thanks got it on android App. Surprisingly not available on the website.

  • Afterpay is available for in store purchases of gift cards at Big W now: https://www.bigw.com.au/payment/afterpay (under "Other important information:")

    • Can we do split payment at store? like with two afterpay accounts e.g. split $100 trans in 2x $50

  • Here are some of the ideas:

  • So does this actually work or not because I want to refer them but they do credit checks which is pretty bad if you've got a bunch to your name.

    Optus does it too apparently which means within a week he will have 2 credit checks within his name and if this doesn't actually work, itll be pretty shit. Not sure if Afterpay is dodgey or not cause I havent needed help with them yet.

    • +1

      Did you read last two link in description?

      • +1

        Just wondering for the other part. If the $30 actually go thru or not. Seems like in this thread a bunch of people haven't actually gotten the $30. Which is a massive bait.

        • You got to read the links in the description… Your main question is answered there.

          Also Optus's credit enquiry in my understanding is to find out if your mate has any outstanding bills or debts. This is lighter touch compared to Credit Card application which would be assessing your mate's actual credit limit (vs what's declared), how often he acquires credit, etc, on top of the regular enquiry about any outstanding debt or bills.

          I stand corrected but I don't see BNPL credit enquiry affecting Mobile Plan sign up (although the post already includes a link saying afterpay doesn't check your credit file……. )

  • Tempted.. but not if they are asking to confirm the email of the referrer which we don't have

    • Yeah… The mods should really disable the random referral system or at least change it to PM mode.

  • An update to my referral issue, I was able to provide AP with the email of the referrer. But now they want

    So that we can assist further could you please send through a screenshot of the message you received from your friend with the referral link - including the date it was sent?

    Ugh good luck to everyone using the random referral system.

  • +1

    signed up and get nothing and now chasing afterpay for this…

    i will seriously discourage anyone who wants to sign up just to get the bonus, the effort required to get $30 is just not worth it,

    • Does yours shows up under promotions in the app like this https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/46868/92870/screenshot...

      • no, i need to email them, now they are asking the proof of the referral link…

        • The only thing i can think of is the referral link that you used might have been from a deactivated account

          • @easternculture: compared to zip and latitudepay, afterpay is probably the worst one in getting the rewards based on personal experience.

            • @reacher: I had no issues. All im trying to say is that you probably used a referral link for a deleted or inactive account, and the person forgot to remove their referral link.

              Maybe the mods can flush the referral codes and we can re enter

              • @easternculture: no i used the link sent to me by my friend whose account is definitely still active, and i am not the only one who is having issue here if you check the comment above

                • @reacher: well, here is the final nail on the coffin, not going to waste more time on this useless crap

                  latest reply from afterpay after a few emails:

                  You have not received the referral code as someone you have referred does not meet the refer a friend criteria.

                  In order to get more information regarding why the promotion did not work, your referral needs to get in touch with us so we can can provide them with the information.

  • Apparently it has reverted back to $10 now..

  • After sign up from a referral, does your very first Afterpay transaction have to be > $50 or is it just active and waiting for when/until you spend > $50 ?

    • Just on this … for future reference, the Customer Service rep said your very first purchase has to be the one that is $50+ otherwise you will not be able to get the bonus

    • Email Subject says "You’ve got $30 off to use on your first Afterpay purchase!". So must be first transaction.

      Edit: The promotion is a Afterpay voucher which can be used anytime before the expiry date.
      T&C states "Any Referred Customer who signs up to use the Afterpay service directly from your referral will also receive $30 off their next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more automatically applied at checkout."

  • If the promotion doesn't get applied to your account, put through a ticket and ask for the issue to be escalated the 'Specialist'. No-one else in the company seems to know what the refer-a-friend promotion is.

  • +1

    Worked no problems for me. $30 discount on first order.

    Just make sure Afterpay payments don’t come out of your main bank account if you’re thinking of applying for a loan anytime soon

  • Thanks - used the random referral above just now and all worked fine !

  • It worked so me still, thanks !!

  • Signed up but didn't work. Can someone PM me their link?

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