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[Afterpay] Eneloop AAA 4 Pack $11.95 Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


good deal for a 4 pack of AAA eneloops delivered.

as beebul mentioned- the code is a once-off so you may have already redeemed it.

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    digi direct - you might get your order sometime in January if past deals are anything to go by

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      I ordered a lens from them on Saturday. They shipped it on Monday. Now it's in AusPost's court to stuff up.

      • ah guess your lucky and it was actually in stock - iv been waiting over 2 weeks for my airtags and they have not even shipped

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    When you want to take a break from Ozbargain but you're caught eneloop

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    get Ikea one is the same


    • Great tip had no clue. The charger should be compatible with eneloops too then?

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      Ikea AAA are 750mAh, deal is for 800mAh. Very minor.

      Also, that video is 4 years old, potential for IKEA to now be produced from China again.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Sounded too good to be true!

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          Ah the internets. Someone says MIGHT and someone else accepts it as true. Bought some last month. Still made in Japan. Still Eneloops. I have both Eneloops and IKEA, to me performance is exactly the same and the weight the same.

          • @scratchy: Well, the IKEA ones seem cheap so I'll give them a go

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              @strongzero: I've never had an issue with the Ikea batteries, they do weight similar to the eneloops. Aldi LSD batteries on the other hand are trash.

          • @scratchy: Thanks for clarifying! The packaging does look different again to the white packaging in that 4 yo youtube video, and I couldn't find on the IKEA website any info on where it was made.

    • Wish they sold them online. There'll never be an Ikea in Tassie…

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    Thanks OP, I needed some more AAAs.

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    You already applied this code to an order.

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    Is there a way to exclude all afterpay/zip/latitude pay deals. Not interested in BNPL

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      I would like to know this as well. Don't know why you're being downvoted for asking a reasonable question.

    • Is there already a way to exclude other types of deals? I don't use OzB very often

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      i was in the same boat, but
      when Playstation Plus for $33 was up i signed up to after pay, its like $50 of RRP.
      was easy and fast and now get to enjoy all the AfterPay deals

      • Thanks!

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    Code is a once-only use so many (myself included) have already used it

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      added to description cheers

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    OR you can buy essentially the same battery from IKEA
    $7 for the AAA

    or $12 for the AA (2450mAh)

    or $7 for the AA lower capacity (1900mAh)

    I've seen some places report that the lower capacity batteries can handle more recharge cycles. Regardless both versions of the AA will give you years of use.

  • I will only ever shop if I have money in bank, will never used CC, AfterPay or any of these crap.

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      you can still use a BNPL and have money in the bank. Why would you pay more when you can pay less. Just by using another payment method that also happens to be a BNPL.

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        I'm the same. I just don't want the hassle of jumping through extra hoops just to save $5-$10.

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          Afterpay seems to have pretty consistent offers in conjunction with other retailers such as eBay et al.
          To me it's worth it.

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        its not just another payment method, its the bonding contract and commitment to pay later. Which is same as credit. Problem with buying on credit is sometime one can easily overspend. Even if I am on top of my budget now, in few months or even years time I might find myself in situation where I have overspend and struggle with my budget. Its just easier to keep tap of my spending account (cash card I used to buy online or in store) if I pay immediately (no credit) for good or services i received. In long term I think this will cause less stress then short term saving.
        I do respect decisions of other people trying to save few bucks. But there are people who are struggling with budget but still want to buy goods on credit using BNPL.

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          I understand and respect your ethical justification for not using BNPL, and it is true that it is easier to overextend yourself with credit in comparison to money in the bank. I just think that people on OzBargain are financially savvy people who would embrace the usage of a BNPL as a tool to save money on their expenses. Rather than overextending themselves financially.

          • @strongzero: Yep. My CC has a $40k credit limit. Average monthly balance is $1-2k.

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              @itsfree: Yeah, afterpay is max 2k I believe. So peanuts in comparison. The big difference is the ease in approval & loose lending criteria that gives access to a line of credit that (for some) can be mismanaged.

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      I used AP the other day to get $30 off a set of headphones. Was a no brainer and I've never used the service before. Made the purchase and paid off AP straight away.

      I buy most things on my CC and pay it off in full monthly.

      Having said that I have 'money in the bank'. If I was having to do maths at the end of the month to make sure I'd everything covered then for sure I'd not be using these services.

      • In some respects, I think afterpay is better than a CC as there are no interest rates and the terms of payment are longer than a CC. However, on the flip side, this gives a false sense of financial security.

  • Does anyone know what happened with Aldi rechargeable batteries, as they no longer sell them?

    • Looks like even they realised they are utter shite lol

  • This is a 1 time use code, and I've already used it on my account. However, for some reason it still keeps showing up on eligible items.

    If I try to use the code, it says I have already redeemed it.

    Anyone know how to fix this issue? It is really annoying to see "pay only…" but actually it won't work at all.

    Plus it blocks other codes that I actually CAN use from showing up. Even if discount is less than $10.

    • Are you logged out?

      • I'm definitely logged in.

        I think it is because I made the original purchase with 'AFTERPAY10' when I was logged out and now it doesnt sync properly with codes.

        • That's definitely it.

  • The guy from digiDirect Melbourne would be pissed off again at another deal from OzBargain, the last time the guy was ranting at me why people would post deals at the site (asking who has the time ) this was the AirTags deal

    • Wait, their store is involved in a promotion either internally or externally and they receive sales. The guy was unhappy about this?

      • Think he just not happy with how OzBargain operates in general , he was like why would some post something for someone else to grab

        • People trying to save money? Mental.

    • That's so weird. He dishes it out for people posting deals on OzBargain. Then he posts on Ozbargain?

  • Does anyone know if these works for solar panel garden lights? Im looking to replace those batteries.

    • They work for my Solar powered garden lights.

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    Cheers OP, grabbed a pack

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