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Free 1 Year Extension for NRMA Blue Membership (Save $60) @ MyNRMA


For those who signed up to This deal

Just got an email

It’s nearly a year since you saved at NRMA Parks and Resorts by joining our benefits program, NRMA Blue. That’s just one of many discounts you can access as a Member.

So you can enjoy more chances to save, we’re extending your NRMA Membership free of charge for another year, valued at $60.

Even though you’re not in the swing of it just yet, with another 12 months of unlimited benefits across Australia, you can get your savings really going. Check out some Member favourites below.

There isn’t anything you need to do, your Membership will be renewed automatically.

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  • +40

    You left out the best bit:
    There isn’t anything you need to do, your Membership will be renewed automatically.

    • Thanks. Updated

      • +8

        I like a Deal for the lazy - getting something for doing absolutely nothing!

        Just needed to take up the original free offer as so may did (21713 clicks).

  • Yes, got email as well.

  • +3

    What benefits do you get with your membership?

    • +9

      Lol I never even used mine the past year

    • Might help with discounts if you subscribe to NRMA insurance policies.

    • +4

      4% woolies gc discount, most notably

      • Yes.. have been using this

      • I was getting 5% elsewhere for a while, now sadly back to 4% also

      • +1

        Even better…5% on BigW egiftcards

    • +1

      I get my kids ice cream - Baskin Robbins and Gellatisimo are both buy one get one free.

    • 5c/litre discount at Ampol and free tyre puncture repair at beaurepairs.

  • +1

    Lol rewarding people for signing up to a deal they weren't eligible for! My dog appreciates his extra year of free membership.

  • +4

    Also got the "Even though you’re not in the swing of it just yet" line. It's replaced with how much you've saved if you've actually used the membership haha

    • Yeah I got that line too but I have no recollection of using it LOL.

      Ah, actually maybe it was insurance.

  • Like these freebies. Hopefully unlike last year with Covid restrictions can get some benefit.

  • I have this member but don't know what to use with this free membership

    • +1

      Fuel discount at Ampol

    • +1

      Same 5c fuel discount and sometimes they offer 8c discount and pay with ampol gc from shopback

      • But is that worth paying $60 for a 12mth sub?

        • Well I only get the free membership from January this year and now they have extended another year for free.

          • -4

            @eecchhoo: Oh I didn't realise they are extending another year for free

      • -1

        I have Toyota app which gives me 4c off better than the NRMA 3c discount

      • 7-11 lock last week was a 45c/L discount.

    • +1

      I got discount from Repco. 5% from memory

      • OK thank this is what I don't know

      • Sometimes it's 20pc on a range of items

    • +1

      4% discount on Woolies egift cards.

      • I think many place can buy this

        • +1

          Yes but not everyone has access.

    • They had 5%-10% flight discount for Virgin Australia at one point. Was great!

  • On Bronze what to do?

  • I signed up when it was free last year but I live in another state so I don't think it's worth renewing for $60, especially without roadside service. I don't think 4 cents off a litre is worth $60 a year

    • Read the Deal (Save $60) - Its free again!

      • +1

        Very hard to read properly when you are transiting

        • Or "in another state"!

  • pretty good. they sent me some discounted movie ticket vouchers in email. worth

  • Got this too. Used it on the odd occasion for the discounted Woolies GC's and the Ampol fuel discounts. Handy to have as a freebie

  • +3

    Got the email, ask me to pay $60 to renew

    • +2

      Yeah similar, my membership expired in October, I just got final reminder for renewal, but not entirely free.. mine indicates 50% discount, so $30.. .
      Maybe I should call the number and ask for free extension.

      • Same, that's some BS.

  • +4

    I have lost my OzBargain licence and didn't sign up to the last (expired) deal. Any way I can access this?

  • +3

    Mine expires in Jan 2022. Didn't get an email.

    • +1

      Same here unfortunately. For those who got the email, out of curiosity, when was your membership originally meant to expire?

      • +1

        January 2022 for me.

        • +1

          Jan 2022 too

      • +1

        January. Just got email another year free. Also not in the swing of things (but I've used WW gc x2 and caltex once). Happy to have it for free but wouldn't pay.

        • Thanks for all the replies. Mine's expiring end of Jan too, so I guess I missed the cut

      • +1


    • Free annual memberships should expire Jan 22. Deal was 9/1/21.

      EXP: 8/1/22 - Received the email.

      If expiring later, email may arrive later.

      • I received a letter in the mail asking me to renew for $60. The audacity.

  • +1

    Got the email too, nice early xmas present

  • +2

    Never used it, but still got it

  • I have used my free NRMA membership enough to consider that free is a good deal. I really like their holiday parks and have stayed there in multiple states. Members get 10% off. Also, I don't own a car. NRMA owns Thrifty and I've had good experience with them. I usually find that they give good deals when I book well in advance and plus I get 10-15% on top.

  • I use this mostly at Pizza capers you get 25% off which is really generous for pizza capers

  • +1

    Was thinking to cancel next month because i didn't use much of the benefits. Only purchase woolies gift card once. I guess I don't need to do anything for another year, lol

  • Haven’t got it.

  • +1

    I like the BOGOF gelatissimo ice cream when we eat out

  • Used mine twice last year at Ampol. 8c and 5c discounts.

  • What about the people who haven't received an email? I signed up with that deal but no email thus far

  • Emailed received for renewal but no waived fee, probably because I use it on the regular.

  • +1

    Don't forget the Chargefox NRMA 20% discount!


  • +2

    Got the email as well, but didn't bothered to open until I saw this post.

  • +1

    Looks like more discounted Woolies and Big W for another 12 months.

  • Mine still says expiring 10 jan 2022. Maybe in two days I’ll get it too.

  • +1

    I didn't receive an email but I logged into the website and looked under "My Documents" which had a renewal statement for a $0 fee… yoohoo … one more year free….
    not sure what will I do with it as I haven't used it :)

    • Great tip! I didn't receive an email either, but following your post, I logged into my account and found that I also got a discount for the full $60 renewal amount on my upcoming renewal. Thanks!

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