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Christmas Snowing Barn Lantern Globe Street Lamp Musical Tabletop LED Light Decoration $72.95 Delivered @ Gosuperspecial eBay


Add a lovely festive touch to your home with this magical snowing lantern. Comes in a beautiful red or green colour with a Christmas model design. It has LED lights inside the top which makes the snowing effect look fantastic and realistic. It also plays classic Christmas musics!


Christmas Snowing Barn Lantern - Christmas Tree - $72.95


Christmas Snowing Barn Lantern - Santa - $72.95


Christmas Snowing Globe Lantern - Christmas Santa - $119.00


Christmas Snowing Globe Lantern - Christmas Snowman - $119.00


Christmas Snowing Barn Lantern - Christmas Santa - $169.00


Christmas Snowing Barn Lantern - Christmas Kids - $169.00


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  • -3

    I know it has happened, once or twice in some locations, but the chance of snow at Christmas is pretty low.
    Why do we continue with this 'traditional' imagery?

    • +2

      You could just pretend the snow in the snowglobe is the ash falling out of the sky after a devastating summer bushfire and it'll fit our Australian Christmas biome.

      • -2

        That would certainly be more realistic and relevant.

    • +1

      If you want to make some with red bulldust floating around some roos instead I'll be first to order one mate. Otherwise, embrace the holidays you sad miser.

      • -1

        I'm unaware of where your location (Camp Hill) is, but I'm a long way from red dust, although I do have plenty of kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, etc., nearby.

        Don't worry, I'll enjoy the summer holiday, but won't be spending my money on this sort of stuff.

    • +1

      You must be great fun on Christmas morning.

      • I love Christmas; gathering with family and friends, enjoying their company with good food and a drink or two (I'm pretty fortunate to be able to do that).

        It is only this fake imagery of snow-covered buildings and landscapes that is totally false and completely out of place in this country.

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