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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte 2.5" 120GB SATA Internal SSD Solid Drive $19.95 Delivered @ PCByte eBay


Per PcByte Website:

  • Gigabyte 2.5" 120GB SATA Internal SSD 500MB/s GP-GSTFS31120GNTD
  • SKU: 3650612602991
  • Sequential Read speed : up to 500 MB/s
  • Sequential Write speed : up to 380 MB/s
  • Interface: SATA 6.0Gb/s
  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch internal SSD
  • TRIM & S.M.A.R.T supported

Cheap SSD for upgrades on legacy laptops/desktops. Yes. BX500 are better with 540 MB/s Read, 500 MB/s Write but those are normal $30 even on sale.

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  • u can get a BX500 240GB for $45

  • +7

    how do people feel about 120gb sata 2.5 ff in 2021?

    • +19

      They're shit. Windows takes too much of it and any computer running one will inevitably run out of space pretty quickly. 256GB is minimum these days I find.

    • +1

      Good to renew a PS3 - put one in a year ago and made load times amazing on games like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Gran Turismo 6 (all renowned for long load times)

      • +3

        120gb is a bit small even for a ps3

        i think i had gt5/6 and a smattering of others and my 160gb was done

        • +2

          Yer you would want bigger in PS3

          At least 256-500

          I was always thinking of doing this upgrade but never got around too it….maybe one day

        • Depends on the games you play I guess, I've found most PS3 games I play take up only a few gb each (the above titles were the exception for me)

          • -1

            @rtsanarchist: the exceptions are the good ones lol

            • @tonyjzx: Agreed those ones are good

              What about the Ratchet and Clank series? All 10 games (4 PS2 HD remakes as well as the 6 PS3 games) take up very little space (yes I know most people aren't fans of the later PS3 games)

      • Best to exploit your PS3 and download a ton of games. 128GB SSD won't hold many games, those blu-ray discs hold a lot of data.

    • +2

      Okay if their under $20 each

    • +7

      I use these with a usb adapter for some portable devices because similarly priced thumb drives are way too slow and there isn't any point paying for more than 100gb storage in my usages

    • Only use is a cheap solution to breath some life into an old desktop or laptop. Even then, you’d want to res-use the old drive for extra storage.

    • +20

      in 2010 i spent 200 bitcoins on a 120GB SSD

      • +22

        Impatience… if only you waited you could be sitting on 96PB of SSDs.

      • +2

        love this comment you rock Bitcoin would be where it is right now without people like you 🤟

      • ayylmao

      • +6

        Ouch! That is 16 million dollars !!

      • -3

        In 2016 I paid $320 for a 500gb Samsung 960 EVO.

    • +3

      Not ideal to go for 120GB SATA SSDs nowadays (mostly because $/GB ratio is bad). However, if you still have them (I still have some from 5+ years ago), there still have some uses:

      • Try out a new operating system (both Mac OS or Windows).
      • Construct an old OS environment to test certain application with certain OS, browser combination.
      • As an alternative to USB flash disk. This still beats Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB USB flash drive.
      • Use with a low power linux device (i.e. Raspberry Pi) as it beats any SD/microSD card.

      Info about this SSD (someone opened it in one of the youTube videos):

      • Controller: PS3111-S11 (aka Phison S11 - most likely DRAMless)
      • NAND chips: T18G53AIN (Toshiba 64 layer BiCS3 TLC NAND)

      Only get it if you have some usage for it. For an SSD to use with a PC or laptop long term, you want a larger SSD.

      • As an alternative to USB flash disk. This still beats Sandisk Extreme Pro 120GB USB flash drive.

        Snagged a brand new Kingston A400 480GB SSD for $49 delivered yesterday (from the $25 off OzSale deal) for this use, will be replacing a Sandisk Extreme 64GB flash drive in one of my computers which is insanely slow running Windows 10 off.

        I may be selling the computer soon too, so it'd be good to have a decent size SSD installed for a potential buyer.

      • i use them as a cache drive (amd storeMI and intel has an equivalent) for hard drives
        it makes a little difference, might as well use them for something otherwise small ssd's are not much use

    • It's fine, especially sub 20 bucks.

    • They're slower than 500GB or larger.

      This is handy for IODD.

    • I have like five of them and use it for bootdrive to test systems, or install different version of Linux distributions.

      I wouldn't use it for anything else though.

    • Really only useful to upgrade an old machine which would otherwise be binned. Can keep an old machine usable for web browser duty.

    • 120GB is a great size for a Linux server (Not that I am recommending this particular drive), Using about 20GB with my current install (enough room for swap on the drive as well). Having a small partition also makes complete backup easy

      That said I usually buy the biggest drive for price available at the time, as I tend to reuse the drives in other applications in the future.

    • MOSTLY useless. It all depends what you need to use it for.

      I had a simple small office machine that doesn't store much on it as it's mostly used for cloud based work.
      It does great for that because its low power, fast, and silent.

      But if you need to start storing a whole bunch of programs you wont go far.

      Also not a bad solution for anybody that wants to dedicate it to a VM or two.

      Anybody that wants to use it to store any sort of media or games, don't bother, after factoring in the OS you're not going to go far.

  • +1

    Great to replace an SD card in a raspberry pi that will boot from usb. Makes a world of difference.

    • How do you migrate? Is there a tool you can use?

      • Clonezilla.

        • I wasn’t sure if you needed to change something on the image itself to get it to work. If it’s a simple image then that’s easy

      • Use the inbuilt as card clone software. You need a pi that supports USB boot otherwise you need to mess with the Kernel I have a pi 400 so works from the packet.

  • -2

    Doesnt get to $20, says need to be an ebay plus member, that correct? want 2 of them…… but says its $60…..

    • +1

      Yeah you need plus member for the discount.

    • +4

      It says eBay Plus in the title?

  • Thanks, HDD in my old laptop died, just need something to format so I can sell.

  • Awesome! Perfect for my self-built NAS!

  • Would this be considered cheap alternative for a mining rig, as opposed to running something like NiceHash OS on a USB stick?

    • +1

      Perfect for HiveOS or the like, i picked some up for this.

  • -1

    Ordered for my mining rigs, thanks OP!

  • What can you do with 120GB on a PC?
    My Raspberry Pi has its 128G MicroSD.

    • +1

      You can run Windows 11 on your PC, Hackintosh on your PC, or linux on your PC (with an external enclosure).

      Not saying doing that as a main setup, but being able to dual boot to test out something can be handy.

  • I have some low capacity SSD from 2010 till now. They still work so I haven't disposed of them. If you have the need for low cap SSD for secondary devices then buy this. Otherwise, just go with the bigger capacity for the main computer. Bigger size also last longer and seem to perform better, given the same series model.

    • Have a 120 gig plextor from 2012 to this day, checkers say its healthy as ever despite being the main download and boot drive for all these years. But I got scared and replaced it. Sometimes it gets to the point where you really don't want it to be the main drive anymore.

      But despite that, perhaps it could have gone another decade, these small drives are tough.

  • +1

    hmm, seems I am the only one thinks this is a good deal?
    It is a good deal if you want a badass home automation system in a NUC or something similar.

  • Thanks. Bought one to upgrade my NAS OS drive from a USB thumb drive.

  • Umart has this for $31 ($38 including delivery) if anyone is still looking.


    • For eBay Plus its still $28.45 with code PLUSDEC via this link.

      • Ah nice nice sorry didn't think it was in stock anymore

  • Just got this today

    350 MB per second writes in a usb enclosure I got for $10 on ebay!

    People don't realise that cheap thumb drives in comparision only do about 35-50 MB per second writes and take forever to transfer a file

    This is a much better option than thumb drives!

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