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[QLD] Free 2022 Calendar Delivered @ Worksafe QLD


It's back again. If you are a Queensland resident, use the form to order your farm safety Calendar for 2022.

If you are a Queensland resident, use the form below to order your free Farm safety calendar 2022. Your calendar may take up to two months to be delivered due to order volumes and delivery timeframes. Calendars are not for resale.

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  • Thanks op. Got one.

  • Thanks OP
    In years past the form used to ask how many Calendar you required , not now .

  • People still use physical calendars?

    Any deals on phone books?

    • Phone books are always free, so no deal to be had there :)

    • +1

      And people still use physical money too future boy. Imagine that.

      But seriously, this is going on the fridge so I know which kid washed or dried the dishes. Will save on all the fights about who did what, and when.

    • +1

      Well yes.

      It's useful to note down important dates, bill due dates, appointments, and for shift workers, so that other people in the family know your work schedule.

      • You can have shared digital calendars…

  • +1

    The thumbnail, shows the car is left hand drive?!

    Driver ain't looking at the road ahead either… how is that "worksafe"…

    • It’s a UTV? All the ones I’ve driven have been lefthand drive.

  • +1

    Great educational art for my sons bedroom! Thanks OPl

  • Work safe. Home safe. :)

  • Page not found….

  • Mine was delivered today

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