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Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse Black $169 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Appears to be a fairly popular mouse. I'm running the non-superlight and like it. Cheaper than the Mwave deal if you already have already used Afterpay and don't qualify for the $30 off.

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    Anyone gone from the non superlight to this and care to comment on the experience?

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      Needed to change my mouse pad because it's too light

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      i miss the buttons on the right side. Big time.

      Otherwise, fantastic.

      I've also switched from the soft to hard logitech mouse mat… and the total difference is huge - where before, I had to push with my fingers/hands - it now responds almost to my subconcious urges. I mean, obviously my fingers are moving it, but it's like - oh, I wasn't aware that I was actually signalling that much and that accurate, and a lot of it was just held back by friction!

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      Avid gamer here. Masters Overwatch and Masters in Apex. I play pretty often with my cousin who is immortal 3 valorant and global elite csgo who recently switched to the g pro superlight. I used the g pro wireless for around 6 months and hated it. Its shape just doesnt work for me and my aim was pretty bad with it. My cousin's switch to the superlight wasn't good either, he said he preferred his razer viper mini and dropped it pretty quickly. If its aim you're looking to improve the superlight prbs won't do much. I have a friend who swears by the superlight but he's also silver in overwatch and csgo so take that as you will.

      With that said however, if its just a work mouse you're looking for the superlight will last for days without needing a charge. My g pro wireless is now my laptop mouse and hasn't been charged in a week with pretty frequent use. The batteries on these things are something else (really impressive). I would assume the superlight last for even longer.

      • I'm curious, for gaming what mouse do you personally prefer? I've been looking at the new g303 shroud…

        • I picked up the roccat burst pro one day from ebgames on a sale cause one of my high ranked csgo friend used it and instantly loved it. But every now and then I switch to the g703 depending on the game. I've heard that the g703 shape isn't for everyone though so be careful about that. The roccat burst pro (68 grams) is a really light mouse while the g703 is a bit on the heavier side. My personal recommendation is the roccat burst pro, it seriously impressed me and basically taught me that some of the best mouses aren't necessary from the big brands nor do they require premium prices. If the shape of the g703 feels nice to you then know that I also really like that mouse. I however did get the g703 on a sale ($80) and would likely not pay full price for it but that is only me.

          • @Kevin Le: roccat burst pro is wired :(
            any picks on the wireless ones?

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              @payton: In that case the g703 from logitech. I heard it has double click issues though and once again the shape isn't for everyone. I haven't had any issues with mine in regards to double click (maybe it was solved with the newer models?, not sure). I haven't used the g303 shroud edition but I heard that it actually has marks on the mouse to help players replicate how Shroud holds the mouse. Sounds pretty good to me and I like the extra hand position detail.
              As I was writing this I just realised that the g703 has lightspeed editions/hero editions?, surely the double click issue is fixed on those models but you'll have to check just in case.

              There's also a mouse called the roccat kain 200 aimo thats apperently a better version of the g703 shape with the oh so good wireless feature. Maybe look into that. 703 is like 20 grams? lighter tho.

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        the shape is completely dependent on the person and their mouse grip. i'm faceit level 7 (global in csgo) and i aim much better with gpro wireless than with razer viper ultimate

  • Good price! Was keen to get this last week (other shops) but the delivery time and fees were crazy. Got the Aerox 3 instead from JB.

  • Time to go price match :D

    • From who may I ask?

      I tried JB HI FI and they said they're going to have to add delivery as well and I was like… wait that kinda defeats the point no?

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        I just called the number on their website and asked for a price match for me. They sent me a basket with the discounted price that I used to pickup and then I used the discounted gift cards to get another $4.5 off.

        • Dang I guess you got the nice staff haha they just showed me this

          ""The competitor price must be verified by JB Hi-Fi. Online price comparisons must include any delivery costs.""

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    Excellent mouse. Swapped switches to Kailh GM 2.0 and they feel/sound quite nice.

  • $146 on Aliexpress unless I'm mistaken.

    This mouse is fantastic BTW, wasn't expecting a large difference over G903 but it's feels markedly better.

    • I couldn't find the G PRO X Superlight for that price, cheapest was ~$200 +tax. G PRO here for $142.62+

  • Dang delivery $9.90 good deal thoo.

  • Got the Logitech g pro wireless along with the powerplay mousepad and cannot fault either, next is to get a Logitech keyboard 👍

  • OOS now dam it

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