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[Windows] 1 Free Software Per Day until 25 Dec (Security, Video Converter, Photo Editor & More (Total Worth $938) @ Winx DVD


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way~~~Santa Claus is on his way to make 2021 Christmas deliveries. What are on your wish list this year?

In the run up to Christmas, Digiarty is partnering with 19 software developers to host a grand advent calendar campaign, offering 25 top-ranked software programs for free, covering multimedia software, system toolkit, backup software, image editor and other useful tools (total worth $938). That is really a super gift pack! Grab the chance to add the tools to your arsenal. They might come in handy some day :p

How to get:

  • Input a valid email address to get all the useful software programs for free.
  • One product giveaway each day till December 25th. 1000 free copies daily. First come, first served!
  • Install and register the software before the specified date

Below is the giveaway product list FYI:

01/12 - Coolmuster Android Assistant
02/12 - DoYourData Uninstaller Pro
03/12 - Ashampoo Backup Pro 14
04/12 – WinX MediaTrans V7.6
05/12 – Sticky Password
06/12 - Recmaster
07/12 – Glary Utilities 5
08/12 – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe V5.16.8 (latest version, built on November 30th, 2021)
09/12 – Text Edit Plus
10/12 – CutOut
11/12 - Audials Music 2022 Edition
12/12 - WinX DVD Copy Pro V3.9.6
13/12 – iObit Driver Booster
14/12 – Easy Photo Unblur
15/12 – VPN Unlimited
16/12 – Anti-Spy
17/12 – Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18
18/12 – Adverced Date Time Calculator
19/12 – Wise Data Recovery
20/12 – Auslogics Registry Cleaner
21/12 – Stellar Bitraser File Eraser
22/12 - Fotor
24/12 - Excire
25/12 - AOMEI Data Recovery Assistant for iOS (newly added)

Remember to share it with your friends to get all the gifts as well! Wish OzBargain members a merry Christmas in advance ;-)

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  • +1

    What's the catch? Your other software giveaways have had catches including being "free" but advertising Premium paid upgrades.

    • +12

      Free virus

      • really?

        • +10

          nope… just nagware, asking you to upgrade…

          • +1

            @jv: But it already gives u the license for the free pro version right?

            • +3

              @ozzyoi: Yes, but it doesn't include upgrades.

              So when a new version is released, you get a pop-up each time you launch it.

              Not a big deal for me…

              • @jv: ah okay. Cheers

                • +1

                  @ozzyoi: So, there's the pro version, and then there's the Pro version. After that, there's the PRO PRO version. Beyond that, there's also the FINAL PRO version.

                  • @soupiejr: There will be as many pro added as it goes on, but there won't be the final one I guess.

    • Most of these free softwares usually have to be installed by a certain date. Even though the full version there is usually no option to update to the next release, time limited (eg 1 year), and are usually a one time install with no option to reinstall without buying. Ie if you want to reinstall the OS etc.

      • You can install in an always fresh OS…. e.g. Virtualbox - always same fresh like yesterday XD

  • Cannot see the page on mobile without entering an email address first..

    • NONE of them working. ALL request you to PAY!!!

  • +2

    I am keeping an eye on this:

    15/12 – VPN Unlimited

    • +12

      Free unlimited VPN. What could go wrong?…

      (Answer: You are the product somehow, probably data farming).

    • There was a time I found cheap/free VPNs interesting, but the truth is…

      You're just giving them access to everything you access using their VPN :)

      • +6

        You're just giving them access to everything you access using their VPN

        That applies to every VPN.

  • +3

    how to get hacked 101

  • +1


  • @OP - Why are u giving away this for free?

  • Glary Utilities looks good :)

    • +1

      Already free: https://www.glarysoft.com/

      Doesn't mention Pro version in giveaway.

      • +1

        It says pro on the calendar tile. Maybe they've updated it.

      • Oh lol what…

        I always heard that Glary was useful but just assumed that this was a pro version of it haha.


        • Yep, our partner generously offered Glary Utilities Pro 5 as giveaway in the advent calendar campaign (we've updated the product name already). Enjoy and have a nice day :)

      • +1

        Glary Utilities Pro is also currently free at Shareware-on-Sale for the next 18 hours.

  • +8

    You don't need any of the software listed .There's plenty of good free / open source software out there.

  • +2

    this software is all top tier dog shit

    except for WinX converter

    i have used my free copy to transcribe fhd video to 576p whatever to better for onto my phone as it only has 256gb total

    • +1

      Handbrake is free and very well supported

    • Just use Handbrake. It's awesome.

  • +5

    Literally never heard of a single one of these, they all sound like unnecessary spyware.

    Remember, when something is free, you are the product.

  • These all sound awful.

  • The WinX stuff is fine, often quite powerful software. It's been around for a long while now. It'll nag you now and then to upgrade to a paid version, but it'll also work for years.

    Everyone knows that registry optimisers and driver updaters are an excellent way to brick your machine, however.

    Most of the rest of it there are decent freeware solutions for.

    • winx nags you once at the end of the convert and you can just click "X"

      its also reasonably speedy if you have a 4 core or better ecu + gpu

  • For all you iOS users, don’t miss WinX MediaTrans on the 4th.

  • +1

    Sticky Password Free is free all the time. I wonder what this deal will be.

    • Sorry, it should be Sticky Password Premium (1-year license) offered as giveaway. The page has been updated accordingly. Thanks for the kind reminder :)

    • Use Bitwarden. It's free, open source and does more than Sticky.

      • But no offline option for bitwarden? sticky has this

  • Hopefully they won't run out of stock before I get mine.

  • Registry Cleaners? Seriously? They have been proven to do nothing!

    Additionally most of this software is absolute junk.

  • Anyone know what time in Australia the day ticks over? It's still showing the 3rd on the website, but it's after 7pm on the 4th here.

    • +1

      It's showing the 4th right now. WinX Mediatrans.

      • Yes thanks. I noticed it about 9pm EST

  • +2

    It’s only a 3 month trial version of WinX MediaTrans today. What happened to the lifetime versions, Monicaty? This is does not fit the description of “free software” that you “might need one day”.

    • Was it claimed to be a lifetime version?.

      • +1

        Every similar promo for the same WinX software in past has been a “lifetime giveaway”, in my experience.

        • I've had a key from earlier on in the year from a WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe giveaway before which only lasted a few months before it could no longer be reactivated. One of the giveaway but "activate before a certain date". So definitely not all giveaways are "lifetime" even the WinX ones.

    • +1

      And I was going to delete my last WinX MediaTrans with lifetime licence to install this version…luckily I didn’t! 3mths licence isn’t worth the download effort.

    • I never read lifetime but I agree the post is very misleading. No one expects "Free copies" to mean free for only 3 months. It's really just a trial version

      • +1

        Yeah it's basically just a 3 month trial.

        • The giveaway offer covers licenses for lifetime use, 12-month use, 6-month use or 3-month use …by courtesy of our partners
          The license of Recmaster avaiable for free today will be valid for one year. You could take it if needed :)

  • I'm confused. As the web site states Glary Utilities Pro 5 lifetime license giveaway. But i just instantly received an email from Glarysoft Team with the same license code as i just got from the web site which states license validity from 07/12/2021 to 07/12/2022. That's a 1 year license, not lifetime.

    I think some one has made a mistake by listing lifetime license giveaway. It's not a Glary Utilities Pro 5 lifetime license at all but actually a 1 year license.

    Glarysoft doesn't even seem to have a lifetime license listed on their web site for Glary Utilities Pro. It's just a 1 year license.

    • …and the disappointment and misinformation continues on with this "bargain". Trial versions of software isn't "worth" any money.

  • +1

    And today is WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. Where the license code is a 3 month trial license. It shows up in the program as a trial license. And it only lasts 3 months from activation. How disappointing.

    That $39.95 now free thing on the web site is misrepresentative. As the 3 month license on the WinX own online store is $29.95. But the 12 month license is $39.95.

    But since this is a promotional trial license then it really has no value.

    So some of these program giveaways are nothing more than say a 3 month promo trial license.

  • Yep I was initially pretty happy to have a look at these but unfortunately very disappointed. I DO think it's false bargains in this case and misleading.

  • +1


    I'm glad to tell you that AOMEI just joined our campaign and provided their iPhone recovery tool - AOMEI Data Recovery Assistant for iOS (1-year license) as giveaway. The product will be available for free on December 25th as a Christmas gift to everyone. Hope you will like it :)

  • Cheers WinX

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