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Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3060 6GB $1699 Delivered @ Dell eBay


The Dell G15 5515 is on sale - seems like a decent price for this build.

AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H 8-core/16-thread Mobile Processor
Operating System
Windows 11 Home English
Video Card
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 6GB GDDR6
16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Hard Drive
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 120Hz 250 nits WVA Anti- Glare LED Backlit Narrow Border Display
1Y In-Home Hardware Service
US English Orange Qwerty Backlit Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and G-Key
Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) and Bluetooth
AC Adapter
240 Watt AC Adapter
6-Cell Battery, 86WHr (Integrated)
Power Cord
Power Cord (ANZ)
Phantom Grey with speckles

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  • +12

    crap screen

    • +1

      Worse than the one on the Nitros?

      I reckon the Nitro is great.

      • +1

        Nitros are the best.

        Never understood people buying them for video/photo colour fidelity

      • The Nitro is good now. I feel like it got a bad name from the older versions of the Nitros which were really poorly built.

        They used to spend most of their budget on CPU and GPU… And that's it. Everything else was very crappy (build quality, keyboard and even RAM - 8GB was common - weird in a gaming laptop)

      • +1

        yes, worse than the one in Nitro I recommended earlier (3060 Nitro with i5)

        I liked my Nitro 5, but I sold it on, as I keep going between 17" and 15" laptops and I found a good deal on Razer Blade 17 Pro and swayed back to 17"

        first world problems haha

    • +1

      But it's a ryzen man. Gets people on OzB really excited!

      • yeah I totally get that. sadly I haven't had experience with ryzen based gaming laptops yet

        I know that 6 core intel doesn't have troubles feeding 3060 (4 core i5 wasn't too big a bottle neck either, depends on the game), so advantage of having ryzen is only in productivity loads, but I can't imagine average Joe noticing a difference.. unless you're editing videos? but then you'd need something with a better screen, so what the hell

        • Most people better off with the i7. I'm taking the higher clock when pairing with the rtx 3060.

        • I know I didn't need the 5600H, but it's still exciting having a Zen3 that's better than my desktop 2600.

    • I got the much cheaper $980 3050 version with same screen, it wasn't as bad as OzB said it would be. But I also would expect a bit better at this price.

    • +8

      That was the far less powerful 3050 version

  • Tossing up this vs the same spec Legion Pro.

    Only thing holding me back from the Legion is the "Ships in 8 weeks" estimate. Anyone know if Lenovo are accurate on their estimates?

    • +2

      I got a Legion 5 Pro 3070 a month or so ago. It was 8 weeks shipping estimate but I got it in three weeks.

      The build quality and screen on the Legion are best in class. Best laptop I've owned. :)

      • Oh wow, I'm surprised about the shipping time you mentioned. I just purchased an ideapad slim 5 pro with upgraded specs, and the shipping time is 7 or 8 weeks I think it said. I was hesitant to purchase because much preferably I want it before Dec 28 so I can take it overseas with me, but bought it anyway. I hope the shipping is much faster than expected.

    • +1

      Whats the best price you can get on the L5P?

      If its not within say 400$ of the G15, I would recommend sticking with the G15.

      The performance of the two machines are more or less identical. Both have single sided 8gb stick ram and would benefit from upgrade into doublesided (which would mostly likely be 16gb sticks since theres little doubled sided 8gb ram left). The G15 didnt originally ship with a mux switch but have since gotten it through a bios update. It's also 130w full powered 3060m just like the l5p. With the only difference come to the screen, which is objectively better on the l5p with the 2k165hz. However, if its not within $400 like I said. You could just spend the extra money for a gaming monitor-regular prices for a 2k165hz monitor would be around $500, but given its christmas time you can wait out a sale. And it will be a better experience in the end.

      • G15 is not 140W TGP though… Its 100W

        • Eh mate first of all its a 3060m so the maximum nvidia designed for it is 130w and 140w is for the 3070m only. Also I can reassure you the g15 is 130w since I have had hands on experience it for configuring the machine for my friend.

          You must have confused this g15 with some other machines.

          • @Brrrrt: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Zephyrus-G15-GA503QM....

            There are no slim laptops with 3000 series GPUs that can go over 110W at the moment.

            All of the ones with 130-140 are thicker ones such as L5P and AWR* series.

            I upgrade my laptop every year so I have been paying attention to these even though i eventually settled for an Aero15XC which has 3070 105W but thats with Dynamic Boost which aren't always met…

            • @4iedemon: You sent a link to the ROG Zephyrus G15- I think you have it confused with this one, the DELL G15.
              think thats it

              • +2

                @contro3ler: You are correct, i have mistaken the discussion!

                With that being said L5P 3060 can be had around around $1900 if you have access to Lenovo Edu store: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/legion-laptop...

                L5P still has better build quality, nicer screen (16" qhd) and also USB-C PD so you can carry it around for work without having to lug around a power brick…

                I will now return to my corner…

                • @4iedemon: I had the USB-C PD work the first day I had the machine on a 100w HP dock. There was an update to the BIOS and it hasn't worked since. If you have the laptop can you tell me what settings you have on the machine when using the USB-C and I will try and replicate it.

                  Lenovo won't fix or replace my machine either as they say USB-C power for the device isn't supported, even though the manual says otherwise.

                  I have checked with a USB-C multimeter and it isn't pulling charge via that port.

        • It's 115w

    • +1

      I ordered the Legion pro on Black Friday and already got the shipping notification. Dell G15 are known to have thermal issues plus screen was a deal breaker.

    • +5

      What made it unreliable?

      • It would turn itself off or restart for no apparent reason. It could be just sitting idle or in the middle of a game, it didn't matter it would just do it all of a sudden. Made working on spreadsheets a nightmare…

        It took them over a month to sort it out so JB just gave me a refund.

  • You want higher refresh rate screens with these. The 120Hz stutter apparently. And 250 nits.

    • Pretty sure stutter isn't related to the screen refresh rate. More likely the CPU and/or GPU thermal throttling.

      • +1

        They could just add easily be describing smearing due to the awful response times.

  • +1

    bought this about same price 6 months ago, very good performance for same price level, only complain is the plastic shell is a bit cheap compare to the intel model. and the screen is really cheap too

  • Heckin' chonk

    Anyone have any recommendations for gaming/office portable hybrid laptop? Need it to be reasonably portable and decent battery life (7 hours) and maybe a bit of gaming here and there (Doom, Hitman etc.)

    I'm thinking of getting the IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro 16" which has a 5800H, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD, RTX 3050 and 120Hz 2.5k IPS screen for $1600, 2kg weight.

    Just wondering if there are any models I might have missed? Don't want the Legion and a dedicated gaming laptop cause they are too chonky. The Acer Nitro is fat and has a shit battery life.

    • +1

      I would recommend the Razer Blade 14 - They're a little pricey currently on Ebay for around 2700 but they're amazingly compact in terms of pure Performance and portability. Comes with a 3070, R9 5900X, 16gb Ram and 1tb SSD. Unfortunately the Ram is not upgradable which i find is the only downside.

      • I would have loved that one but yeah a bit too pricey.

        There is also the Thinkbook 16p Gen2, which has almost the same specs as mine but 60Hz screen, RTX 3060, upgradeable ram but it is $500 more and has slightly worse battery life. Gotta figure if its worth the extra $500

        • +1

          Have you considered the flow x13? Its $2279 with the 5% coupon with ebay plus right now. Super portable 13 inch dimension, can be folded like a surface. Comes with 120hz touchscreen, 5900hs, 3050, 16gb soldered ram, 512gb ssd, fingerprint, wifi 6 and a stylus.

    • I wonder if your battery problems could be solved by a high quality/wattage power bank that can charge your laptop when you need extended use without power? Some laptops allow charging via USB-C. This could turn one of the cheaper laptops into a viable option? Hopefully this helps :)

  • -3

    Totally crap

  • What about Alienware M15 R6 for $200 more?

    • Is the downside the Gen i5 11400H against the Ryzen 7 5800H?

    • +1

      The 5800h is quite a bit better than the 11400h since its a 8c16t chip v 6c12t. However, from a pure gaming perspective, you wouldnt actully see any clear difference at least not with current gen games. Its only if you are running heavy workloads/have other programs in the background while gaming would the extra threads actually matter. The screen on the alienware, on the other hand, is better since its a 98%(?)srgb 165hz screen with whatever stuff the g15 have with that 120hz screen. Battery life goes to the 5800h even though it got 2 extra cores since they draw very little power at low usage. And with the alienware you can choose to upgrade a pcie 4.0 nvme drive since its intel you do get one slot of pciex4 and one pciex3 slot vs both nvme slots being pciex3 on the amd)

      These differences aside, both laptops are functionally the same, with essentially the same mobo, ports and cooling systems. However, the g15 is actually a bit better at cooling since the exterior designs are more 'open' thus allowing better airflow.

      Of course, alienware does have that extra rgb and brand name and subsequently resale value. In the end its up to you.

  • +1

    Boyfriend picked one of these up from JB (about $100 more expensive) and honestly I love it, solid build quality and the keyboard is nice. The screen is what you'd expect in a cheaper gaming laptop for a 120hz display but its not awful or bad to look at by any means.

  • +1

    I scored one of these off ebay last year for $1400, not too bad but has some issues with overheating and screen appeared to have some bleeding fairly quickly (realised a week after warranty expired).

    • edit: just realised not the same laptop - mines a G5 15 SE with Ryzen 7 4800H

  • +7

    A lot of people here are real screen snobs for being on a bargain site. I've got this model, and sure, the screen is nothing to write home about, but it's perfectly adequate. If you really NEEEEED a higher quality screen, then take the money you saved over literally any other 5800H / RTX 3060 laptop available, and buy an external monitor. You'll still come out in front.

    The real value here is that the AMD based Dell laptops have much higher TDP for the graphics card than the Intel equivalent, and effectively run at full power. With the proper CPU and enough RAM, it allows this laptop to actually game the way you'd expect something with a 3060 to perform. This model also has a larger battery than the cheaper models, so it's actually usable without the power cord for more than really short bursts.

    • +3

      As a fellow owner, I just want to point out this laptop is a HUGE pain to upgrade the SSD storage. (edit: by yourself I mean)

      You have to order specific mounting and heatshield brackets, which you can't even get from the Dell online website parts store. You have to call Dell support and talk to some person in Malaysia to order it and it's expensive as (profanity).

      The alternative was to order parts from ebay. Part names are specifically 26x1y for the heat shield mount and 0x8my9 for the bracket mount.

      Dell can go (profanity) itself.

      • This is to add a second NVME drive?

        • Yep. The second slot doesn’t come with them.

          The first slot has the 512gb pre installed. However, this only has the mount and heat shield for a 2230 ssd. No heat shield for a 2280 ssd.

      • Found this out as well and I'm going to get mine from Amazon/eBay out of principle, never had a paid unlock for an m.2 slot before.

  • Christmas just around the corner 👍😁

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRjyxh9AG1w

    The 120hz screen is the real let down on this otherwise very tidy machine.

  • Gone are the good ol days BC when a decent gaming laptop was ~1100 - 1200

    • These give almost desktop level performance though. That would be a $3k + laptop back in old days

      • Was talking before Covid. The equivalent of a 3K laptop back then would be 4.5K now.

    • +1

      What kind of days are you referring to? My first time buying a gaming laptop was in 2016, a 7700hq +1050ti laptop was around 2k wherever I looked-Lenovo, dell, acer and I have to go over to metabox to get a 7700hq+1060 laptop for 2 grand. This is without any special upgrades and just the very basic machines with a 60hz screen and 16gb ram mind you. I mean granted I was new to this and didnt waited for a sale. But I dont see how even with a sale it would be that cheap to get a 'decent' gaming laptop. 1060 wasnt exactly a high end card neither.

      • Before Covid… You probably got ripped off.. bought roughly same time but waited for a good deal. Got a decent 15" Lenovo Legion for < 1.2K. Still works like a horse.

  • Have one and the screen isn't great but rest of the package is
    If serious about gaming use an external screen via USBC and enjoy

  • 12 gen laptop cpu will come next year Feb, much better performance with similar price. Holddddd

    • Not really


      The 5800h still outperforms in single core, and the opportunity to use more than 8 cores on a laptop are pretty limited.

      • Just a hot tip mate, engineering sample chips are always much slower than what the final product will be. And the benchmark can not be tested. In addition, the 11800h is already outperforming the 5800h in single core. What makes you think the 12700h will be anything but worse?

  • +2

    I don’t get the “save the extra money and buy a monitor” argument. This isn’t how I want to use a mobile machine. I have my desktop for that.
    If your already spending this much why not spend an extra few hundred to get something really good with a nice screen. To me this makes more sense to return more joy over the long term.

    • Depends on usage
      Mine connected to 2 4k monitors and rarely left the desk
      Screen not a concern when all its used for is Netflix on the couch now and again

      And yes in the current climate the specs of this vs an equivalent desktop are still worth it

    • 'already spending this much' - this is REALLY cheap for a gaming laptop. If you were looking in the $3k price bracket, I'd agree with you, but this is as cheap as it gets for real performance.

  • Got the L5P a few weeks ago. I only have buyers remorse as I missed out on getting the 3070 version with 32GB ram for $400 more :\

    The HDR screen on this bad boy is the best bit. Forza5 looks amazing …

    Anyways this is a sweet deal for a 3060 laptop with a great CPU and I'd always buy Dell over Acer just because of warranty


  • I got the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro in a previous deal (~$2000) with the same CPU and GPU. Bit of a screen snob coming from an XPS 15 and this Legion is ripper. Games incredibly well and is only something like 10% slower than my desktop GTX1080. Can't go wrong with this combo tbh, thoroughly impressed

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