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4 x Xiaomi Aqara E1 Smart Window Door Zigbee 3.0 Sensors US$39.99 (~A$56.27) Delivered @ Banggood


This is Aqara's latest generation E1 series door and window sensors.

The updated sensors utilise Zigbee 3.0. With Zigbee 3.0, the company claim you benefit from better security, increased compatibility, a more stable Zigbee network, and the same low power consumption you get with Zigbee devices, which will see the battery life for both products reach at least 2 years and possibly more. As with the original sensors, they will work with Xioami’s own ecosystem via the Mi Home app, as well as HomeKit of course.


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  • Has anyone else got these to work with cornbee 2 sticks?

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      No, but it works a treat with my Conbee II.

      • how did you get it to work?

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          I won’t lie.. you might need to try a few times, but this is common of most battery powered devices.
          It’ll eventually show up and works.

        • Set Conbee 2 for discover (I use the PhosCon Web App). Reset for 6 seconds (or until double flashing on LED) Then activate the sensor by opening/closing the contact.

        • I got it to work after updating the firmware, before it would "detect" and say it's complete but it wasn't

    • not working on my cornbee. But haven't tried much besides attempting to pair it. I'm on 2.12.6, and gather I need the next version but am being told 'version is up to date'. I'm new to HA, so not sure how to push it through.

      • I have 2 of the new ones and only the old ones pair

        • yeah i ordered from an advert that I thought was old one, but the new version arrived…

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    These work great with my HA system.. i use a CC2531 with Zigbee2MQTT to communicate with the.

  • Just posting my experience of these sensors. FYI, I orderd 6 Aqara door and window sensors.

    When I received the Aqara sensors, I tried to adopt one in HA. It didn't work, as these were not supported. The error being thrown was;

    Device Zigbee model 'lumi.magnet.acn001' and manufacturer name 'LUMI' is NOT supported.

    So these door sensors had been sitting on my desk for a few weeks. I finally got a chance to adopt them again yesterday, as Zigbee2MQTT added support for these in recent update. Turns out I can only get 4 out 6 (66.67% success) working correctly. There is a bit of information on GitHub and a hack as well.

    I am currently wondering whether I should RMA the 2 sensors or go for the hack to try my luck.

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    The code is expired.

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