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[Pre Order] PRISM+ XQ340 PRO (34" Curved, 165hz, 1ms, 3 Years Warranty) $599 + Delivery @ Prism+


Saw this deal on an Facebook ad and it surprisingly seemed very good….. anyone have any experience with this brand? 3 year warranty too.

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    We had a mate buy one. Without calibration tools, to my eyes it looks and functions exactly the same as the Xiaomi 34".

    Nothing particularly special or standout about the monitor. Can tell it's a budget ultrawide at first glance, but not terrible.

    • Awesome! I have a Xiaomi in order for $450.

      Thought if the quantum dot display + 165hz + 3 year warranty was worth extra, but I’ll probably say it’s not atm.

      If I didn’t get the xiaomi for the good price, I would consider it I guess.

      How you finding the xiaomi?

    • +3

      I've calibrated one during a review was able to hit all advertised marks.

      Out the box though was way off, however does look quite vibrant and more media consumption skewed.

      I've put my grading profile in the description links but that's unique to the panel I have

  • -3

    Cheaper to get a Dell with the same specs. Why would someone bother?

    • +1

      165hz does not equal 144hz.

      • +1

        Can't tell the difference in game

        • +12

          You've obviously never played minesweeper at 165hz

        • -2

          That sucks for you then.

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    not really in the game of buying brands ive never heard of who market exlusively on facebook

    • Waiting for the Hardware Unboxed review…. they will need to buy one I guess as I do not believe they will provide one for review

    • Seems legit from this review.


  • The warranty terms seems to have improved at least

  • Wrong listing value. I just chat with rep. value of this model is $599 not $549. There is no $50 voucher applied for this purchase.

    • Edited! I swear I put $599 originally but a mod may have changed. Maybe not Allgood hahah!

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