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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus $599 ($500 off + $300 Trade-In Bonus and $100+$50 Vouchers) @ Samsung


Not sure if it's a mistake, but only the S21 Plus is currently $500 off RRP on the Samsung website. This can be stacked with the trade in bonus of $300, and the usual vouchers ($150 or $250).

Price for the 128gb S21 Plus:

- $500 sale
- $300 trade in bonus
- $100 EDS code
- $50 newsletter voucher
= $599 after discounts

This assumes you are not returning the phone you are using for trade in. This works out to be the same as this popular deal.

Alternatively, if you have a CDS loyalty voucher, you can use that in place of the EDS and get an extra $100 off. The vouchers are supposed to expire in 30 days (newsletter) and 7 days (EDS, CDS), but I have had months old ones work fine at checkout.

More detail on discounts

Sale Price - $500 off RRP discount
This is the current sale price. You don't have to do anything to get this discount.

Trade In - $300 bonus discount
You have to apply to do a trade-in to obtain this discount. That means downloading the trade-in app on an eligible phone, entering credit card details and getting the trade-in number to enter at checkout. You do not have to actually send it in when time comes. Based on previous experiences, you will not have to pay back the $300 discount (or any administration / penalty fees), but will have to repay the trade-in value of your phone.

Newsletter Signup - $50 MA code
Sign up for the Samsung newsletter via the banner at the bottom of the page. You can email [email protected] to get a manually generated code if you never get the email.

Chat Code - $100 EDS code
Request via green circle chat icon that appears at the bottom right of the page. Mention you want to upgrade your Samsung phone and could they help lower the price since your phone has a trade-in value of $0 because it's broken.

Loyalty Voucher - $200 CDS
Note that you either use this or the EDS code, as they reportedly no longer stack.
Request via email to [email protected]. Provide photos of a broken S20 series Samsung phone, including front with IMEI showing on screen and back. Give them a week to respond, though it's supposed to be a response within 48 hours.

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  • +5

    Man! All these crazy discounts! It's starting to remind me of the NordVPN (and other questionable provider) shop back discounts!

    • From what it seems like, the best deals are actually July onwards after the financial year with some bonus like a case thrown in free. Then from Aug to Nov the extra difference maybe being $100 or so. Definitely makes it not worth while haggling with the store sales reps selling their 50% off coupons for $200-$300 at the start of each model release, esp if you have an old phone to trade in.

    • I bought it in April for $1200 on Amazon without any discounts. The screen died a few days ago btw.

  • +2

    Next year (less than 2 months to go), S22 incoming FYI…

    • +41

      Next next year (less than 14 months to go), S23 incoming FYI…

      • +3

        Next next next year (less than 26 months to go), s24 incoming FYI

    • +11

      🤦‍♀️ Never upgrade because you're always waiting for the next upgrade then 🙄🙄

      • wait 2 months and you get an additional 12 months of software/security patches. makes sense as an "ozbargainer"

        • +7

          Wait 2 months and pay 3 times the price for that luxury. Doesn’t sound very “ozbargainer” to me.

          • @Slo20: how do you know there wont be cost effective options and trade ups?

            • +1

              @Silent-zai: Unlikely at release date so if you holding out for those your 2 month wait gets a little longer.

            • @Silent-zai: there will be trade in bonuses but not $500 off any time soon.

    • +38

      Trade in "bonus" is not the same as trade in "value", u muppet

      • +1

        lol… username checks out spot on

  • jeez thats a good price. how does the s21+ compare to a P30 Pro, particularly camera performance?

    Might be a good way to replace the Mrs phone with a cracked back on the cheap.

    • +2

      S21+ is way better

    • +1

      I have p30 pro and got a s21 plus. Definitely p30 pro camera performs way better than s21 plus.

      • +1

        Thanks for this - wanted to know the same thing and still really like the camera on my P30 Pro

    • +2

      photo - P30 pro might still hold
      video - S21+ way better

  • better experience Z3 Fold at $1149 256GB instead :). anyway, Samsung keeps on changing their pricing, it is $500 trade in bonus with series s21 including s21+ which was also priced at $1049 aka you could have had it for $549 without $50 + $100/200 OR just $300-400 with them

  • if this was the Ultra I would be all over it….wait, it is for the Ultra. The Plus only has $300 off and s21 has the $500 off as well

    • +1

      S21 and Ultra at full rrp, not much of a deal

  • +4

    The trade in bonus was $500 for a period yesterday, it was $1549 -$500 RRP discount -$500 trade in bonus - $200 CDS code - $50 marketing code MA1 = $299 - any trade in. That was the super secret deal no-one posted !

    • +1

      everyone knows about it, just so busy with getting discount codes for Z3 Fold lol

    • +3

      wow, might have jumped on that if I had known. I would rather get the Ultra though. Will wait for that to drop more

    • +7

      Yesterday it was listed as up to $500 trade in bonus but it was only $300 trade in bonus for the s21+ during checkout. $500 trade in bonus was just for the s21 and ultra, at least when I was looking into it anyway.

  • +1

    Can you get trade-in value for a Samsung S8?

    • +1

      yes $5….any trade in is better than nothing as the bonus is what you want

      • +3

        Yes it's better for old phones that qualify not relatively newer phones with higher value.

  • +7

    If you have a phone that qualifies for a trade-in, you don't need an S21! Given how much time most of you spend on this forum, your processing requirements aren't very high ;)

    • +1

      Upgrade while the old one still has value.
      Battery has limited life and it's not long until the phone doesn't support the latest OS and is only suitable as a kids toy to smash in a week.

  • Nice deal. I got the Flip 3 for just $100 more but it's 128GB. Still this would of been very tempting. But I got my $100 mentioning I was a loyal Samsung user and owned a few models plus I stated what phone I wanted to buy. Was granted $100 that needed to be used in 7 days.

  • +1

    Is trade in only for samsung phones?

  • do any of these codes have expiry dates?

  • Unable to use the trade up app on my S10.
    Says ineligible for trade up. :/

    • weird….as S10 definitely qualify for a trade in

    • Is your phone rooted?

    • Is it rooted / knox 0x1?

      • No, its not. I have cracks and screen damage. Perhaps that's why.

        • +1

          Well, you don't need to send back the phone, just put it as good condition.

          • -1

            @Richardc: ?? So, if I had an iphone11, and I got an trade in value upto $390. it means I could get upto$390 discount when I buy a samsung phone. but you mean I do not send my iphone 11 to them? then why is the name of promotion "trade in bonus"?

  • I can't see a green circle to start chats….where are they on the website?…is this in the online support page?

    • Should see it now, think they start around 8.30 or something.

  • +1

    The Pixel 6 deal from JBHiFI is a better option

    • But you have to get the plan?

    • Which deal?

    • Not with the broken and buggy fingerprint

  • Does s9 qualify for trade up?

  • Im going to try my luck applying for EDS and CDS codes… are there expiry dates to these codes?


    • +1

      Yes 7 days, I got my CDS code after I made purrchase :(

      • +1

        don't suppose you still have the code available to use?

        • +1

          It's on classified for someone who wants 200$ off ;)

          • @unknownhitler: so if want to max the benefit on a stellar deal, it really comes down to luck, everything has to line up, big discount + current codes…

            I don't suppose one can reapply for codes if it's expired?

            well back to Poco/Redmi land i am.

  • +1

    The website says you can trade in several phones including the S10's etc.
    But when you download the app, it says it's not eligible.

  • +1

    Anyone else getting this error

    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • +4

      Change your username and try again.

    • +1

      if you used the same imei number in the past to get the code you will keep getting that error

  • If only they have dual sim capability….

    • e-sim available

      • My boost prepaid does not have one at the moment, nor does my other prepaid simcard.

  • The trade in value of your phone is rubbish.

    • +3

      You don't actually have to send in your phone, just repay the rubbish value later.

      • If I used a virtual card in the beginning, can they force me to pay

      • But will they bill you only the rubbish value, or the bonus as well?

        • +1

          Based on my previous trade-in experience (bought the S21 earlier this year), it's just the rubbish value. Samsung uses a third party (Asurion?) to collect the phones, that has nothing to do with the bonus Samsung is providing. The trade-up app also clarifies this once you get the trade-in code.

    • +3

      We don't care about the trade in value, we only want the trade in bonus.

      Sad no phone to trade.

      • Can we buy trade in code, given getting a used mobile which is eligible n then selling it back as used takes time n don't know 2hen this deal will be over

        • Can we buy trade in code,

          Not really because you have to provide your details and credit card in the trade up app to get the code.

        • -1

          Doesn't work that way lol, you register cc details when getting the code. If that phone never reaches asurion/Samsung when you trade, then the cc gets charged the discount

  • how to get access to a human chat agent please?

    been trying since yesterday - but just put on hold by bot and not getting connected thru at all

    any specific steps to bypass and get to live agents quick ?

    • +1


    • Go instore.

    • thanks will try now

    • We will connect you to the next available agent as soon as possible.

      Out of luck :(

  • I'm gonna buy the S21+ 5G from here and trade-in via JB Hi-Fi for $700 and receive a $200 trade-in bonus to buy the Google Pixel 6 Pro for a net $400 discount!

    • I dont think you are getting a $200 bonus with p6p, only the p6.

      • +2

        It applies to the entire Pixel 6 series….you can check the first FAQ here

        • I think u have to do the trade in between 12-17/11, to get $200 bonus credit and u have until 19/12 to use it. if you trade in now, no $200 bonus anymore

    • +1

      My math is really shit.
      So we buy the S21 for $600.
      Sell to JB for $700. (profit $100)
      Get a GC for $200. (Profit $200).
      Total Profit ($300) - what am I missing?

    • Did you tried this recently? I am planning to do today.

      • I don't think jB buys phones

  • anyone have a marketing voucher or EDS/CDS voucher i can use? haha.. applied but its taking way too long..

    • +1


    • EDS/CDS voucher

      Very difficult to get one nowaday.

      Try email them they may send you one next day.

  • yep that's basically what I did yesterday

  • +5

    I think the title should say $599 not $596. This is ozbargain, $3 is critical lol!

    • +2

      Lmao, I've fixed it, don't know what I was doing. Thanks!

  • +2

    I'm on the call with Samsung support and they don't even know about EDS codes and keep telling me it must be from non-Australian Samsung.
    What a bunch of clowns!

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