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Honduras or Colombia Lazzio Coffee Beans 1kg $12.99 (Was $14.99), Choceur Peanut & Crunchy Flakes Choc Block 200g $1.99 @ ALDI


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    I like the Brazil single origin but the Colombian one was average at best.

    The roast dates seems to be at anywhere from 3-6weeks earlier so they’re not as fresh as I was hoping. I once got lucky and they were just putting in a fresh shipment on the shelf roasted literally few days earlier but that only happened once. The rest of the time the beans are several weeks old.

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      In the same boat, Brazil was very nice, Columbia wasn't nearly as good, have yet to try the Honduras.

    • Agree on the Brazil, they are our go to. Have been hard to find recently, so the Honduras are our 2nd choice. Wasn't a fan of the Colombian either.

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        Brazil & Peru are run in autumn and winter. Columbia and Honduras are run in spring and summer.

        Don't know why, they should just keep Brazil on shelf all year round. It's clearly the best. The other three are rubbish.

        In spring & summer we get Medium Dark. Not as good as Brazil but is pretty decent

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          Probably due to harvesting seasons and costs.

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      Tried all of them and I prefer the dark roast.

      • Is the dark roast bitter?

    • The normal dark roast is better, and cheaper

  • Is the roast date in the description 3rd May or 5th Mar? The best before date is pretty crazy.

    • Not sure why they print it differently to the best before date but pretty sure the month is in the middle, so it would be 3rd May.

      It's always good when running a business to confuse your customers unnecessarily.

      • Standard for things with shelf lives ..ie coffee, car batteries…the date stamp is back to front. Some companies use letters for numbers as well. Ie A=1, B=2 etc.

    • makes more sense as 3rd of may, since 'best before' is 3rd August (so +15 months exactly).

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      Roast date is in reverse notation (a common date format).

      Today would be 20211203 (2021-12-03).

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    5 Star reviews

    Keep in mind Canstar awards arent very inclusive of all available products.

    That said I regularly use Aldi Lazzio beans.

    • Canstar review is only those sold at supermarkets

  • Best of the supermarket beans IMO if I'm caught out between deals of the rosters here. I only like the one variety though Brazil (I think it was that one, the choc one)

  • Tried the Colombian today for first time.. Before was drinking the Peruvian one but wasn't in stock when I picked up a packet yesterday.

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      Telling us you tried the Colombian is rather pointless without telling us how it compares, don't you think?

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        I wanted to give it a bit more time before I made a decision but this mornings coffee tasted very weak. I don’t like the Colombian coffee flavour. I much prefer the Peruvian one
        I will give the Brazilian one a go next. Hopefully is much better.

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    can you schedule future delivery date? i still have 2 kgs in the freezer from various sales..

    • In the freezer?

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        Best place to keep beans for storage.

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          I had no idea.. Wow thanks

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            @Marcx33: "The best way to store coffee for longer periods is freezing it. Freezing locks the flavours to the coffee beans and it will keep the coffee in same status as it would be a few days after roasting."

            I freeze my coffee all the time. With so many OZB deals being posted all the time, I always make sure I have a pack waiting in my freezer for a constant supply around the year.

            • @vrsac: Pardon the pun, but hotly debated. They all say a cool dry place, but most say to avoid a fridge or freezer. I go with a sealed bag in the fridge.

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                @tunzafun001: It's not hotly debated, it's been tested again and again. Freezing works, putting it in the fridge doesn't.

                • @whapkaplit: I'm all for it. The 'camp' that says to not refrigerate or freeze often cite moisture. Pure stupidity as a reverse cycle box (ie a fridge) is the driest place you will find.

                  Colder = slower reactions + biological activity. No brainer. Colder is better.

                  Coffee snobs say a frozen bean expands and cracks. Could be some wisdom in this and if you grind it frozen…who cares. But if you have a bean to cup machine, or don't use all the beans in your grinder in one hit, then I recon a fridge would be better as you would have more air exposure (surface area) with cracked beans sitting in your grinder.

              • @tunzafun001: Yeah I store in the fridge with one of those big plastic clips on. Use within a month so works ok

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    is the watch market so screwed that we have WatchNerd posting coffee beans deals

  • Agreed, best of the supermarket beans for sure, although Coles Urban Blend or whatever it's called is pretty good.

    I use these beans if I just want a quick cup of coffee on the go, but I use Inglewood and previously Manna for times when I've got time to sit down and enjoy it

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    I'm pretty sure that Aldi single Origin beans are roasted by Veneziano in Victoria.

    But there's been a huge price increase for ra beans, so get in while low prices last.

    The prices for beans will go up once the current batches are exhausted.

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      Yes, they are roasted by Black Bag Roasters, which is a brand of Veneziano.

      (Don't expect them to be to the same standard as beans sold under the premium Veneziano brand…they would be sourced and roasted to a price and taste. But at least you know they have been roasted by a competent roaster.)

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    Why would you buy 6 month old beans from Aldi when there are literally sooooooo many coffee bean deals on at the moment? Some even have express shipping for free so you have fresh supply in 48hrs

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      the photo is old

  • Anyone know if the 500g bags of Ethiopian beans are coming back? They were only on the shelves for a very brief period.

    • I saw them today at Aldi East Vic Park (Western Australia)

    • Yeah, we are coming back into Ethiopian and Nicaragua season. Read the tasting notes for similarity. Ie Brazilian and Nicaraguan both have chocolate / toffee notes. Others are floral / citrus. No idea why you want your coffee to taste like descaler (citric acid), but apparently some do.

  • which of the two would work best for V60 pour over?

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      Go with the Honduras as the Columbian was ok but not great.

      • thanks. the Honduras isn't a dark roast is it by any chance

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          Both are medium roast

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