Free AWS Certification 20 Question Practice Exams (Was $29.70- $58.30) @ AWS Training and Certification


I just passed my AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam, and in preparation decided to use my voucher for a free practice exam, which you normally get upon passing another exam (I got mine after passing my Cloud Practitioner exam). Just before my exam, I decided to pay to do another practice exam and I just received this email:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of an AWS Certification practice exam. AWS is now providing free AWS Certification practice products in AWS Skill Builder ( As a result, we will be refunding your AWS practice exam credit card purchase.

Please visit AWS Skill Builder ( to access the new AWS Certification official practice products. From the course catalog, filter by “Training Category” and select “Exam Preparation”.

Be advised that the refund may take 5 to 10 business days to reflect on your credit card.

Do not reply to this email.
If you have questions regarding your refund, please email [email protected].

These practice exams are really good in giving you an idea as to the kind of questions you'd get in the real exam (I think a couple of them have actually appeared in the real exam) or if you missed out on the Udemy Black Friday specials.

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    Congrats! Thanks for the share.

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    I just passed my AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam

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      Definitely. A big congratulations to OP.

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      JV has a big heart

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        Yes, I remember when I got my "Australian Welding Society" Certification.

        Mum and dad were so proud of me…

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    Congrats mate, I've got 2 I need to sit so that will come handy, cheers.

    • Good luck for your exams!

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    thanks! Got my 50% off exam code and now this practice exam as a supplement.

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    Thanks for this, always found the wording in AWS exams to be extremely open ended, hopefully this helps me

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      Same here! I found that these as well as Stephane Maarek's practice exams on Udemy definitely helped, as they are worded very similar as to what is in the exam (more scenario-based). Neal Davis' exams are useful too, but I found they were more for testing basic concepts as opposed to what you would do in a certain situation.

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        Perfect, congrats on passing your exams mate!

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    Thanks OP. I passed my Cloud Practitioner exam a long time ago and Associate/Professional are long overdue (as per the plan ;)

    • What kind of work do you do now?

  • I’m waiting for Microsoft to do this for the MS900 and MS100 smh

  • It is asking for an access code, does any one know what it is?

  • Is this worth getting this if you already have a computer science bsc degree?

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      yes if you're working in an environment that uses AWS

    • Depends on the kind of work you want to get, but in my experience these and other certs like it are more valued than bachelors for specialist skill sets.

    • Absolutely.

      Depending on what your role and speciality is, I'd suggest at least the cloud practitioner one. Also consider the similar ones from Azure etc.

      They aren't quite in the old Microsoft level of all certifications - no experience wave of applicants uselessness , but it is used a screen for experience in development applicant roles.

  • do you have any relevant cloud experience (and AWS specifically) that employers might be looking for? If so, possibly not.

    If you have experience in cloud products from other companies, doing an AWS certification can show you have a view of their product set at various depths depending on what you're after (i.e. Cloud Practitioner is the foundation certification and going more in-depth in specific areas like networking or security after that)

  • I cannot find any practice exam in that page ( I only find the "Learning Plan" and "Digital Training" sections. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.

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      You should see a Filters button above those sections. Then go Training Category > Exam Preparation.
      But I only see a handful, so maybe I'm also doing it wrong.

  • Hmm…

    The only practice exams I can see are:
    Exam Prep: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
    Exam Prep: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundations

    Which is good, but the deal got me excited and I expected more.

    There's AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets (English), but these are only 20 questions i.e. not a practice exam. They always used to have these as PDFs IIRC.

    OP can you / do you see more practice exams?

    • Once I enrolled from the link in this deal (you have to create a new account), I got these instructions:

      To access the practice question sets:

      Go to
      Click “Redeem Access Code.”
      Enter this code: ***-************
      Follow the prompts to create a BenchPrep account using your first name, last name, and email address.
      Enter BenchPrep’s platform. The platform will launch the set of AWS Certification Practice Question Sets in your language.
      If you see the wrong language, change your language. Select the user profile icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then, select “English.”

      Once I did all that, I got access to the full set of practice exam sets:

      AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Official Practice Question Set (CLF - English)

      AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Official Practice Question Set (DAS - English)

      AWS Certified Database - Specialty Official Practice Question Set (DBS - English)

      AWS Certified Developer - Associate Official Practice Question Set (DVA - English)

      AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Official Practice Question Set (DOP - English)

      AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Official Practice Question Set (MLS - English)

      AWS Certified Security - Specialty Official Practice Question Set (SCS - English)

      AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Official Practice Question Set (SAA - English)

      AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Official Practice Question Set (SAP - English)

      AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Official Practice Question Set (SOA - English)

      The practice exams that you had to pay for previously (or access with the free voucher) were all 20 questions long, and you were given a time limit as well to complete it (typically 30 minutes). They don't actually give you the answers, but e-mail you the score you received and the percentage you got for each section.

      However, some clever Googling helped me find the answers to most of the questions :)

  • Is there one for Microsoft az-900?

    • On the AWS training and ceritification site? Probably not.

      • Sorry just in general

        • +1


          I did a bunch of Udemy mock tests for the AZ-900 and passed it. I tried to find the one I did, but apparently they removed it.

          Keep an eye here, someone always post freebies UDEMY courses or try visiting to see if they post something over there.

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    Very handy to know, passed my CCP last month and will be going for SAA. More practice exams available from reputable sources without $ is great!

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    Thank you! handy for my coming Data Analytics exam!

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      Good luck for your exam!

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    A day late and dollar short for me, just did my Cloud Practioner exam this morning.
    Thankfully passed it but this would have made revision so much easier as I did the course close to 3 months ago.

    • Congratulations on passing your exam!

      When I passed my Cloud Practitioner exam, I never used the AWS Training practice exams. I grabbed a whole heap of practice exams from Udemy, which helped me a lot.

  • For a newbie, anyone care to explain what knowledge experience I need to enrol into these courses? Zero background in programming.

  • A practice exam was up to $58?

    No wonder Bezos is so rich.

  • I’m a risk professional at one of the big 4s. Hoping to move to AWS or a fintech using AWS. No programming background (can understand some SQL). Any clue what would be good from both a CV and skill development perspective?

    • +1

      What's a risk professional? Actuary?
      Why do you want to get into AWS? It's geared towards developers, except if you want to do architecture/sales.
      Do the cloud practitioner course (less than $20 on sale at Udemy or this and see what interests you.

      • Operational Risk
        Understanding risks and controls in the architecture

        I’ll have a look

  • Is there something screwy with the skillbuilder site?

    I can login to my account via -

    From this page I can click on a linked skillbuilder URL.

    Unfortunately it doesn't provide SSO so I'm re-entering my AWS login and it's rejecting the request.

    There is a banner at the top of the AWS Training link:

    "The service may be unavailable during this window. We are working to address the issue as soon as possible."

    But it doesn't specify what service is unavailable.

  • Thanks mate, I am about to take the exam this sharing is really useful.

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