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KidKraft Cedar Summit Hilltop Play Center $1599.99 @ Costco, In-Warehouse Only (Membership Required)


Found this deal while browsing for an outdoor kids playground. Costco have the KidKraft Cedar Summit Hilltop Play Center reduced to $1,600 from $2,3000 as part of their In-Warehouse Savings. Seems like the only store that does not have it in stock is the Aurburn store. Quick search online shows that it is a decent price for what you get compared to other sets from other retailers.

Here is a direct link to the item at Costco:

The item number is: 1373562
Run a search for "1373562" through the browser after you click the "View Savings" link on this In-Warehouse Savings page: https://www.costco.com.au/warehouse-savings. You will see the actual add "Cedar Summit".

Costco Description:
It's five-alarm fun with the Hilltop Playset from KidKraft. The cool fireman's pole provides another level of activity to this three-story fort. Spend some time make-believing in the lower-level playhouse. A BBQ grill with food and utensils gets the creative juices flowing. Climb the rock wall ladder up to the next level and try a game of tic-tac-toe with a friend. From this level, there are two slide options—a twisty tube slide or double straight slide for racing. Ascend to the crow's nest and feel the breeze while you navigate play with the moveable telescope. Back on the ground, get those legs moving with two belt swings and a trapeze swing for acrobatic moves. Bring excitement to the backyard terrain with the KidKraft Hilltop Playset.

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  • +2

    Also doubles as a “dog house”

  • do you need building permit for this? it's much bigger than a she'd I suppose

    • Depends on your local council/state regs. I was only allowed to go to 3m without a permit. This is nearly half a meter over that.

  • +1

    I'm guessing this would take two people a full weekend to put together if they get all the steps right

    • -1

      May be one day. I sold a similar one and they took it apart in like four hours.

      • +1

        Lol taking things apart is 10 times easier

    • Insrtructions say that it will take two people 20 hours to build

    • I bought a smaller 2 story one many years ago and it took two of us a couple of weekends to build. There were 6 boxes for it, the instruction book was half a centimeter thick and there were so many different types of nuts, bolts and screws that it took a lot of double checking to get it right.

  • +1

    It’s full price for me $2399

  • Never quite understood the demand for an expensive set. Cheap one for home or go to the local park

    • +2

      youre not rich enough to understand

      if you have a 3 storey place in vaucluse you would

    • +2

      If you got massive backyard + money, it's easy to understand in covid era.

  • Can someone please tell me how I can buy this for $1599? I’m logged in Costco and it’s showing as $2300. Is this in store only?

    • Follow the instructions:

      "The item number is: 1373562
      Run a search for "1373562" through the browser after you click the "View Savings" link on this In-Warehouse Savings page: https://www.costco.com.au/warehouse-savings. You will see the actual add "Cedar Summit".

      • Followed the instructions and it is still showing as $2,299.99 for me

        • Scroll down and click on "view savings" it's directly above where you put in your email address to get email offers. It opens a new page in a new tab. It's 10 items from the bottom of the page.

          Works on all 6 devices I have and I'm not logged into Costco on any of them.

        • $1599 is an in store price. $2300 is the delivered price.

      • Yeah I can see the cheaper price but that’s in store, I’m guessing the cheap price is store only? Can’t get it online?

  • 23000 to 1599?
    Is this wish?

    • +1

      I think it's specsavers..

  • +1

    Just sharing, I never dreamed of having this when I was a kid

  • +2

    Thanks op!

    Purchased a few to flip on the hot property market. Starting Guide $2M.

    Please DM me to register your interest or to book a private inspection.

  • Reckon it would still be stable if I left the swing part off the side and only used the tower section?

    • +1

      Building it now and yea I believe it would be it’s very sturdy

      • awesome, thanks

  • Had been looking at this one for a while and picked one up this afternoon.

    Nice to snag the discount. Almost bought it a few nights ago but the online store wouldn't allow delivery. Glad now.

  • Anyone know if they will honour this price a few days after the expiry? Do you normally call the store to see if they have stock before? I'm a mere 4 hours one way from Costco, but in true ozb fashion, I'm prepared to save $600.

  • +1

    Building this now, they say it takes 20
    Hours for 3 people to build. I’m building it alone. Very time consuming but the instructions are awesome and easy thanks to the use of the BILT app. Highly recommend this playground and for $1599 it’s a steal

  • +1

    Can't believe I missed this! :-(

    Have an unimmunisable, likely immuno-compromised toddler and she adores going to the park which we've had to abandon for now. I'll sell a kidney if I have to to get her back outside having fun again.

    This price was GOOD!

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