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12-Month Free Access to Chris Hemsworth's Centr App for AMEX Australia Card Members Valued at $120


American Express Australia

  1. Centr: By Chris Hemsworth – Membership benefit for Amex Card Members Offer Terms and Conditions


This benefit is available to American Express Card Members with active consumer, small business, or corporate Cards issued in Australia by American Express Australia Limited.

Receive 12 months complimentary membership of Centr: By Chris Hemsworth health and fitness App. To redeem this offer, you must subscribe to Centr using an eligible American Express Card via the following link: https://centr.com/join?partner=amex. You must enter your card details as per the Centr app subscription process, although your card will not be charged if you are eligible for the offer. Limit of one complimentary subscription per card, and one time per Card Member during the offer period.

Auto-Renewal & Cancellation

Your Centr App subscription will default to automatically renew at the conclusion of the complimentary membership period, and your American Express card will be charged at the standard rates published by Centr. If you do not wish to renew, you must cancel your Centr subscription no later than 24 hours before the end of your subscription period.

Existing Centr Members

If you already have a Centr subscription, you will be eligible to redeem this offer upon the expiration of your current Centr membership plan between 15 February 2021 and 14 February 2022.

You will need to cancel your existing subscription on the same platform you originally purchased it (centr.com, iOS app or Android app). You will still be able to access Centr after you have set your status to cancel, until the expiration of your subscription. After the expiration of your existing subscription, log into your account via the centr.com website (offer not available via app subscriptions), when logging in with an expired subscription, you will land on the subscription purchase page, if you have an existing credit card entered, remove it, then enter your eligible American Express card. Once we detect an eligible American Express card has been entered, you will be presented with the 12 month complimentary offer to accept.

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  • +8

    yeh.. definitely worth $120 /s

  • +9
    • +2

      yeah it's really just a long-running deal

  • lol

  • +13

    If you're on steroids and you're promoting a "fitness" app or programme or whatever you're a conman. No one is going to blow up the way Hemsworth did unless they spinning bicycles from the get go.

    • -1

      Lots of people do steroids but not a lot of people look as good as hemmy.

      • -2

        He looks good?

        • +2

          Yea he does.

        • Yeah he's jacked af and has a pretty face

      • +11

        And he wouldn't look as good as he does WITHOUT the steroids, so the guys point stands.

        It's like someone selling their 'Earn a million dollars like I did" course when they inherited 500k. It's deceptive.

      • yeah because of genes

        • +1

          It does mention his team, so maybe that includes his suppliers, or maybe it's a personification for the roids themselves and you get turn in the mail…🤣

    • Did you know he also advertises for TAG heuer watches?

  • +1

    It’s long standing deal. It’s good.

    Now to find a way to renew for free.

  • +8

    Valued at $120

    I value it at around $1.20, and that's stretching it…

    • +1

      you reckon the price is pumped up?

  • how much did they pay him to make him their brother

  • +1

    Have been using this through lockdown till now and have gone through 3 full programs. Gets a little repetitive with some workouts but overall a great app and a no brainer for AMEX holders.

    • Nice to hear from someone using it. Would you pay the full fee on renewal?

    • Second this - have been using it since Sept last year (paid the full $120 then and got another year free with amex this time around).

      It can be repetitive within a single program and you do need to pay attention to your form (as with any other exercise) but it's a good way to add variety and try different types of exercise that I wouldn't otherwise and the programs are designed well enough that you don't really need to think too much about your plan.

      I tried free equivalents in the past and they didn't really give me the confidence that they were planned out and the UI of this feels much better.

      Now that I'm back in the gym I've been using some of the other programs which include equipment and that's been nice to mix it up from the big 3.

  • I've registered since the get-go but just haven't gotten the time. The promo disappeared once I've registered but has now reappeared and nudging me heavily. I don't know if this means I can claim another one.

    Also, cause the building muscles goal program that I am after REQUIRES many types of equipment that only the gym offers, you then have to pay for the gym.

  • Make sure you cancel the subscription after you signup or you will get stung for the full amount on the next billing period.
    and yes they will be pricks about it

  • +1

    Still not worth it

  • I have been using this app for over a year and a half and would pay to keep using it. There is so much variety on there. Obviously it's better if U have someone check you are doing the exercises properly, but once U know and you are self motivated it's an amazing resource.

  • +8

    Does this include the cocktail of tren and whatever else Chris is on as well?

    • +1


  • Is this deal still worthy?

  • -1

    He won the genetic lottery and is probably on tren.
    You won't look like him by paying for this app.

    • +2

      What about looking like Thor from the start of end game

      • That's more achievable for most people, but probably not using this app :)

        • +8

          You need the Uber Eats app for that

    • Yeah but what is his personality like? He seems a bit mello..

  • Not the Centr of attraction apparently!!

  • +3

    Eat clen tren hard

  • I signed up last time and my year expires soon. My experience is good: I have found the advanced workouts to be excellent with limited time and new children to care for. The Rulk workouts are particularly good IMO.

  • +1

    Be very careful with this. I had a previous “free” trial.
    Couldn’t cancel early in the trial as I’d lose access.
    Was charged 1 day before trial expired.

    Had to have my credit card cancelled (bank requirement) and chargeback initiated.

  • +1

    As if the guy needs any more money.

  • Really bad application… that’s all

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