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HP ProDesk 600 Small Form Factor Desktop PC $1,153 (RRP $1,470) + Delivery @ CompuCoast


Great price for HP's most popular PC. Best price on Google. Delivered in 1-2 days to metro areas.

Intel i5-10500 processor
Windows 10 Professional
DVD Writer
Keyboard and Mouse
3-Year Warranty

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  • -3

    Yeah, good luck with the deal.


    This is what you are competing with, drop the price to 900 then you might have a chance since you have a pro license. Then again, is a pro license worth a 1650 super?

    • +3

      Completely different form factor and the Dell deal is no longer available.

      • Its SFF vs Desktop, its not like its USFF vs Desktop, if you can't hide it behind the screen, does it even matter how big it is exactly?

        The Dell already came back once, and they will usually hit a similar price point when the comes around again.

        Besides, you are only saving 30 bucks with this "deal", no exactly the 300 as proclaimed by the rep.


    • Lord no, I've never had anything but trouble with Dell's.

  • +2

    How is this their most popular PC? I've literally never seen this in an office setting.

    • +2

      If you're buying a new HP desktop from an MSP or whoever then this is the standard affordable option from distributors/HP. The EliteDesks are the same and you can't get ProDesk/EliteDesk G2's and G3's brand new so easy. Though plenty of those still in offices.

    • +4

      Then you haven't been in many offices. HP ProDesk 600 are the standard HP business machine and have been for several years now. Literally 80% of the offices I visit have them in some FF or another.

      • yeah my thoughts exactly

        when i was working with govt. state rail defence i saw heaps of z series workstations but it doesnt mean theyre everywhere

        heaps and heaps of hp elites and what not at the asx200 level companies

    • See a whole lot of business refurbs every generation with old ones $200 to $400 of the same line (variants)

  • +2

    Very overpriced for such mild specs imo, even for a prebuilt

  • +3

    Terrible value.

  • Has it got a 3060 in it?

  • +4

    These are pretty robust run-of-the-mill workstations for office environments. We run them with 16GB RAM and they're pretty much bulletproof. Everything from the HP6300 range and up has had very very limited failure rates for us over the years, PSU's are about the only thing that dies on them in my experience.

  • +4

    These PCs used to be the go to for large corporates as they were (don't know if they still are) extremely reliable office workhorses.
    These days, you can get a very small drop in reliability for a lot less money, so I think for most home uses or even small office users, this does not represent the same value as it used to.

    • they were never reliable, their appeal was next day on-site warranty.

  • -1

    Can we get a picture of the case open? Can I just slap a gpu in there, and if so, what is the max length?

    • Hahah. No. Maybe a GT710 lol.

      • :( ty

        • GTX 1050 Ti would be fine. Typically these have a 180W platinum rated PSU.

  • Not worth 1150. You can spend 1000 to get an i7 10th gen intel nuc with 16g RAM and 1t SSD for about 1000

    • +6

      How's the next day onsite warranty on a nuc?

      These are for business/enterprise, not enthusiasts.

      • +1

        Yes business/entererprise machine. Ozbargainers not the right site sell this

        • +2

          Once they're on eBay in a few years as ex-corporate they'll be perfect. I'm swimming in 4th gen HP desktops.

    • +1

      I get where you're coming from, but aren't NUC waaaay less versatile, even compared to this?

  • +1

    I saw the 10500 and was wondering if I could gut to make a cheap-ish everything-maxed 1080p machine. Then the price and value gutted me

  • pretty overpriced.

    could build better for the $$$

    and 8GB of ram.

    big pass

    • +1

      Techfast could build even better for the $$

      How expedient is the business-type warranty support

  • Intel NUC are everywhere now in the workplace. Considering they only need to last 3 years or so they make much better sense than these HP which are overpriced. Perhaps in the old days but corporates are smarter now. Probably why they are spruiking OzB for sales?

    • I've been removing NUCs from the corporate sector for a long time. I think because less savvy MSPs are providing the lower TDP models with less power.

      Though if you're in an RDS or Citrix environment they're suitable.

  • +1

    It's actually about wholesale cost for me so this is a great price for the model.

    Sure as others have mentioned, for the average ozbargainer they won't see value in the NBD warranty and can spend that difference on an i7 or eneloops.

  • Static Ice shows two resellers with cheaper prices sorry. SFF is being left behind by the Desktop Mini these days too.

  • My main office computer for more than 7 years now. Has rarely been turned off. This machine will never die :(. Extremely reliable workhorse.

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