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Thankyou Hand Sanitiser 300mL $2.69 ($2.42SS), MGUARD 300mL Aloe Vera/Vit E $2.95 (OOS) + Post ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Some decent deals on some 75% Hand Sanitiser for those running low

Option 1. Thankyou Hand Sanitiser for Humanity 300ml $2.99 Min order of 2
About this item
Contains 70% Alcohol
Kills 99.9% Germs
pH Balanced
Not Tested on Animals
Vegan Friendly
Fragrance Free
100% of our profit to the end of extreme poverty

Price dropped 15/12/2021 $2.69 ($2.42SS)

Option 2. MGUARD 300ml Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E $2.95 Out of Stock
About this item
Sold as a professional product
Instant hand sanitiser
An alcohol-based gel (75%) which kills bacteria 99.9% within 30 seconds
No washing or rinsing required
Tested and approved according to TGA methods
Australian Owned and made
Aloe Vera Glycerine moisturiser & Vitamin E
Well packaged 300ml and Easy to use pump bottle

Seems Amazon's new standard restrictions regarding the sale of products containing alcohol to some regional / rural areas, P.O. boxes and 'dry' first nations communities may prevent some members from buying this product. If you live near a Chemist Warehouse, they are selling the Thank You brand for $2.99

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Vegan Friendly

    Does that mean it won't damage vegans?

    • +1

      Price has been dropped so much since last lock down

    • +1

      No it's an oxy moron

      Also, why would we want to gene o cide bacterial?

      We are related

  • +1

    Looking at camelcamelcamel the price hasn't changed at all since September, how is this a deal?

    • +1

      Well, this product is currently $13 at Officeworks and $10 at a bunch of other places.

  • +2

    Not Tested on Animals

    Does it say anything about humans?

    • They are busy testing something else at the moment

    • +1

      People are still animals at the end of the day so I'd hope not or they could get in a lot of trouble for misleading advertising

  • The Thankyou has been $2.99 at chemist warehouse for months and was $2.69 during their Black Friday sales. Still $2.99 for the big bottle and $0.99 for the little ones.

    • +2

      MRRP is $9.99 on our order sheets. it's been on and off sale since its release in August. It's still much cheaper than the current increasing prices of Amazon's competition. Some people may wish to buy at the $2.69 (S&S) which is cheaper than anywhere with free shipping included. The new low will become alot higher when the excess runs out and we are already seeing increases on MRRP for Dettol, Aqium etc

  • Does anyone know if it smells good and doesn't stay icky for too long?

    • +2

      Hey, It's listed as Fragrance Free, so I'm guessing it will just smell of alcohol. Checking the ingredients, it contains Glycerin (and others like polymers), so it will have the slimy, sticky feeling requiring you to rub in until dry. This is good if you get dry hand, but many don't like the feeling of Glycerin.

      • so I'm guessing it will just smell of alcohol.

        Perfect. :)

        Checking the ingredients, it contains Glycerin (and others like polymers), so it will have the slimy, sticky feeling requiring you to rub in until dry.

        I've noticed some feel much ickier than others. Hopefully this is one of the less-icky ones. Just ordered some!

        • Hopefully, you don't mind it. I think it's K-mart has that super sticky one. I don't even use it anymore. I BYO to the shops

          • @Pharmacy: Not sure what Kmart's one is like, but the Anaconda I went to had a really awful one. My hands were icky for at least two minutes. I had to resist wiping my hands on the clothes hanging on the clothes rack as I walked past. :)

            • +1

              @eug: Haha, oh the memories. I went to Anaconda for the first time 2 months back and that was the worst. I forgot all about this. It's wouldn't go away so I wiped it off on a clearance jacket. The product above will be nothing like that. I'm gathering Anaconda's formula only use Alcohol & Glycerol (70/30).

    • +1

      Fast drying with a pleasant smell that isn't too strong.

      • MGUARD will smell better as Thankyou brand as it is Fragrance Free. MGUARD is also likely to be the fastest dying. You may have used in at your local doctors, hospital etc. It's industry grade with a higher alcohol content.

    • It's a potent alcohol smell but isn't icky. I never use it as the smell is way over the top

  • Where is thank you made

    • I found it thank you is made in China. Then I will get some of the mguard

  • +2

    Thank You

  • They were giving this for free at Chemist Warehouse, Turramurra last Thursday. I was not sure if it is across all Chemist Warehouse.

  • +1

    i think i got these for cheap from coles when covid was slowing down. it was $1 a piece, i only bought a few so others can also get the bargain. the thank you sanitiser doesn't smell the best, but it was $1.

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