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24 Bottles of Mekine 500ml 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel $8.38 + $15.50 Postage ($0.99 a Bottle) @ oz_outlets eBay


Seems like a decent price for brandless 75% alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Works out at $0.99 a bottle. I've seen these in food outlets on my travels and they smell okay and have more of a watery / alcohol feel, rather than slimy / sticky (Likely low Polysorbate, therefore may dry your hands out with excessive use). Would suit someone that has a business or high use

From Description
Volume: Whole Box 24 x 500ml
Product features:
No need for soap or water, our quick drying formulations are designed to leave your hands feeling clean, fresh without any nasty smells.
Kills 99.9% of bacteria preventing the spread of virus and bacteria
No sticky residue with our hand sanitizer gel

Free 30-day returns and discounts on both product and postage for multi-buys

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  • @Pharmacy

    Kills 99.9% of bacteria preventing the spread of virus

    How exactly does killing bacteria prevent the spread of a virus?

    • +1

      JV, Long time no comment. I put the From Description in bold just for you mate. Feel free to contact the eBay seller

  • First I thought it’s for drinking…

  • Stock for next lockdown……
    Don’t forget stock up on toilet paper….

    • Hold off on TP. I need to buy my TP shares on Monday ;)

  • +1

    Big drink up this weekend boys, come thru

  • 12L for $25 or there abouts. Not bad.
    I "water them down" (strengthen them, but make them thinner) with ethanol anyway.

    Should last a while.

    • Not sure how that would be cost effective since at 75% there would be 9Ltrs of Ethanol already in the product and I cannot see anywhere that could produce it at such a low cost (Consumer grade, not fuel grade). Just never use methanol and if you "increase the strength" be very wary of using a lighter etc afterwards. We still get burns cases frequently, but methanol poising incidents have calmed down (It can absorb through skin).

      • +1

        Luckily, methanol is hard to get. There's none in diggers methylated spirits for example, its only ethanol.

        • Wasn't aware there was a shortage. Maybe that why A&E figures for self-poisoning went down and I just gave credit to the community being alittle smarter

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            @Pharmacy: No, it was removed years back (2003?), with a very politically correct message about how "some groups" wouldnt stop drinking it.

            Its 'banned' for sale in consumer stores (can still be ordered) in both AU and NZ.

            • @MasterScythe: I purchased some not that long ago. I'm aware to sale to the public is the "denatured" format (either mix another alcohol or vomiting agent or Bitterant) and I have seen it referred to as just "Alcohol" on bottle and then methanol in the SDS. Either way hoping we don't see many more people use it as hand sanitiser.

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