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Schnitzza $10 (Was $15) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Pizza Hut


After trapesing through multiple google maps listings for pizza hut's "virtual hunt" I ended up finding up the location of their pub-styled "Schnitzza Hut": Belfield

I wasn't able to link directly to the deal as you need to enter the coupon.

This coupon only lasts till the 15th and I'm unsure if the schnitzza's will go away themselves as well.


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  • +3

    Looks amazing, will try it for $10

  • +5

    I tried it just a few days ago and it was really good

    • worth 10 bucks?

      • +1

        Yeah, its pretty good. But seems to have mixed reviews.

        BTW, to get it for $7.50, cashrewards was giving 25% back, but now its only 5%.

        • Just grabbed 2
          Smaller than expected
          Am sad my 20 bucks gone to this
          LOL but hey limited time only!
          7.50 each would've been v sweet indeed

          • @capslock janitor: Did you use cash rewards to get $1 back?

            How was the taste?

            • @Crownanchor: Yes I used CR cashback but rate was only 1.4% as a returning customer.
              Also ordered their 2for1 pizza Tuesday deal. Final CR tracking only like 50c

              Tatsewise the schitz pizza weren't bad at all :)

  • +2

    Wow looks good, hope it stays.

  • +9

    Is that like a giant chicken nugget with toppings?

    • +1

      I imagine so. For that price and size it wouldn't be a chicken breast.

      • +1

        Yeah it's 100% subway chicken for sure

        • +2

          As in a chicken run over by a train in the subway, scraped off the tracks, and coated in breadcrumbs.

    • +1

      Lol yeah, that's a way to put it as well. I'm thinking a mini pub topped parmi

  • +14

    I'm both disgusted and delighted. Can't wait to try.

  • +7

    This thing is ready to give me a hefty medical bill and I'm all for it

  • -1

    so is this only at belfield or any pizza hut?

    • +1

      Just tried the code at my local shop and it worked

  • +6

    Ordered 3 for $30 delivered at 2:00pm Qld.

  • +1

    Recommendation on the topping?

  • +1

    Speed-run your meat consumption while you can I guess. 😬

  • +2

    looks like it also gives free shipping which is nice

  • Sat dinner sorted, thanks!

    Ordered one each of the first three. Marghareta is for plebs.

    • +1

      Not bad. I got through 2 for dinner. Third will be air fryer lunch tomorrow.

      They're a chicken schnitzel, between Coles and a pub, closer to Coles because it's mince, topped with Pizza Hut pizza toppings.

      Hawaiian was pretty good. Had the mushroom one also, was good but not as good.

      These are what you'd expect. Not going to blow your socks off but a decent feed @ $7.50/$10 each. Not for sharing due to size (small dinner plate).

  • I will try at 10 thanks. I still think I should go for a topped parmi at the pub though

  • +2

    Someone measure how big it is. Diameter.

    I know its base is schnitzel instead of dough, which I assume is more expensive. However, from the picture, they look similar in size to the 'personal pan' pizzas?

    • diameter plz?

    • They're oval shape
      7. 5inch longway
      6.5inch shortway

      So roughly 7 inches

  • +1

    It's the same size as the smaller pan pizzas and its gross, it's very bland, had one slice and threw it. Thought it was a rip off for 15, still is for 10 dollars

  • +5

    Also use cashrewards to get an extra $2.50 back.

  • For $7.50 each after cashback I'll give it a try. I notice they are about 1/3 the calories of the pizzas so certainly wouldn't pay any more than that.

    Also I see pizza hut pizzas are now up to $25, that's comparable with prices for proper woodfired pizza joints!

  • anyone know if the cashback has a cap?

  • Can we pat the Kangaroo?

  • Wonder if this will stack with Tuesday BOGOF?

    • I assume it does not (even without the coupon).

      BOGOF is for pizzas. This is not a pizza.

  • +2

    Just tried this. For $7.50 it was a decent (albeit low quality) meal for one. For $15 RRP, it's about 10% as good as going to a pub and getting an actual parma on a pub special.

    • What do you mean by 'low quality'.

      Bad ingredients, or that it is junk food?

      I am interested what the schnitzel is like. I assume they would not make it in store with fresh chicken, eggwash and breadcrumbs. I assume it comes in already done (and possibly frozen).

      • +3

        It's that not-really-chicken-chicken you get in things like supermarket chicken nuggets. Basically a personal-pizza shaped chicken nugget with pizza toppings on top.

        • Thanks for the helpful review. Going to give it a miss haha.

        • Seems strange that they make their doughs fresh (or maybe it was a Domonios ad that I recall it from, not a Pizzahut) but then they would have these premade things.

          But I guess they do need to be premade to make for a consistent base.

          Would be really good if they were made fresh. Good idea to cook at home.

  • Kostanitza

  • 25% CB on CR for Pizza Hut not capped either (if someone wants to post it as I cannot be assed)

  • Website is broken doesnt let you choose your toping

  • +3

    People eat this crap?

  • +1

    Minimum order is $24.90 for me

  • +3

    I done the code, cashrewards and free delivery and even then I still feel this was a big waste of money. This has to be the worst creation and worst tasting pizza I ever had. Ate one piece of 3 different ones and I couldnt bear eating another.

    • +1

      Agreed. Not sure how anyone can honestly say that it's decent, let alone good.

      I was expecting them to be small but I was still shocked when it didn't even cover half the area of the tiny box it comes in. Not that that even matters after you taste it and realise you won't be finishing it anyway lol

  • My local only allowed the code to be applied to one of my 2 pizza's, left the other at $15.
    Given the above shocking reviews I'm sorta glad because I didn't order at that price.

  • Thanks OP! Found it's free delivery by using this code too! can't wait for my Sunday meal.

  • code doesnt work anymore, says voucher not found

    • Its still working, are you doing something wrong? Does your store not support this deal? Are you entering the code in Dominos app/website?

      • doesnt work for me either

        • tried 3 stores until it worked on the 4th funnily enough

  • Is it low carb?

  • +1

    Not good at all. Bunch of soggy crumbs with a smidge of chicken sausage meat in the middle. Processed to the MAX!!!

    • come to say this
      barely worth the $10 voucher price

  • -2





    • Probably should turn off your CapsLock, too. Writing in all capitals is considered shouting.

  • The original naming was "Spewtzza", but marketing decided it best not be aptly named

  • apparently still showing up available

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