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Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones $179 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Lowest price so far for brand new stock that hasn't involved coupons for Afterpay/LatitudePay/PayDayLoansDisguisedAsSomethingHip. So you can combine with your discount gift cards, cashbacks, whatever without issue.

Notably get another $20 off if you still have the AMEX offer from Black Friday.

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  • +22

    Review, Big, fall out of ear easily, call quality is absolutely horrendous.

    Decent sound and ANC

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      I actually used Bose ear tips on them, never fell again and sound also did not degraded

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        Got a link or any more information on those tips? It's a perpetual project for me to research better ways to keep these otherwise decent earphones in my ear.

        • +1

          I bought some Comply tips for mine, and they stay in perfectly. I bought mine from their US site directly.

          • @V003: Are you sure they fit? Looks vastly different to the little stalk that the sonys have

            • @f23lda: If I remember correctly what I did was:

              1. put smallest ear tip on buds(the ones that come with the earbuds)
              2. push the buds in the Bose ear tips(with the small tips), its a struggle at beginning but easy to do later on.

              Remember to take off the Bose ear tips every time you done with your music session. you cant put it back in the case to charge the buds

              • @V003: Nice, thanks, will try

                • @f23lda: BTW I use the same trick on creative outlier v3. God I bought the earbuds after hearing other saying it's a really good 'fit', it's not a good fit. God bless the bose for coming with this design. You can try out the same thing on other earbuds.

    • -6

      fall out of ear easily

      only if you don't choose the right sized tip from the set they come with. there's 3 sizes to choose from, and the default is mid.

      • +8

        Nah, not only if you don't choose the right sized tip. There are plenty of people who just simply do not have the right shaped ear canal for the bundled tips to stay in. Luck of the draw.

        I have to buy expensive aftermarket comply tips which to their credit, do stay in - but as mentioned, they are quite expensive and degrade after a while. Lately I've been experimenting with using clear silicon ones from another company which do at least last longer but do not isolate quite as well as foam.

        • Yeah I think /i tried a couple of different tips. Some other ones fit better in my ear but then it doesn't fit in the stupid case.

      • +1

        I've tried the included ones and for me they all randomly start sliding out sometimes

    • +1

      Noise cancelling only works for me if I apply pressure to push them in more and keep my fingers there. Tried so many tips, none improved things.

      It's an expensive game to keep buying these things until you find a set that fits/works.

      • +2

        Have tried the 75t? They fit my ear when everything else failed

    • What about big casing, 0 protection against water/dust.

    • And UGLY design

  • +1

    What's the best in ear headphones for call quality?

    • +3

      Not these! There is a "crackle" - that is constant - paired with a Samsung Galaxy 9. Other headphones or buds, no problem, but these are rubbish. I bought them for work but almost never use them. 2 months out or warranty and the right one is dead, JB sent a warranty claim back to Sony even though they are out of warranty due to the fact it is only by 2 months. I would NOT recommend them for phone calls.

      If I get them back or replaced, I am giving them to my son as he will use them more.

    • Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

    • 1more Comfomuds pro or Elevoc clear

      • I've tried them for voice calling a few times and they were excellent. Maybe you need to upgrade the firmware?

    • +1

      I doubt it's the best but I've recently gotten a pair of Galaxy Buds Plus and I've been quite satisfied with how they handle calls. Even when I've only got one in people can still hear me when I'm working in the supermarket.

      Haven't heard it from the other side of the microphone but I used to get a lot of complaints using my old earbuds or phone mic so that's my experience

    • Jabra 75t

    • Jabra ones

    • Jabra 75T . Amazing for sound and call quality and Battery Life.. worth every cent..

      • Might mind to add that yes the Jabra 75T's are worth the money and work great BUT the second they go bad support it quite useless.

        Spent 4 weeks back on forth on call and email after the side earbud died.

        If the problem is fixable by yourself they do have a quick, but possibly too simple, online tool.

  • +5

    I recently bought the xm4 and have mixed feelings.

    • the sound quality is great, as you'd expect for sony
    • The fit is OK (not nearly as comfortable and snug as my samsung earbuds). I wouldn't feel confident going for a jog with these. YMMV.
    • The ANC is out of this world (even better than my bose QC 35ii)
    • They have a very nifty feature that when you start talking, it pauses the music and pumps the ambient noise so you can have a conversation without pressing pause or removing the earbuds
    • When on calls, for some reason, they deactivate ANC and pump in ambient noise - so it can be very hard to hear the person you're talking to. Interestingly I think they can cancel ambient noise for the recipient of the call. Recently I took a call on a loud bus, and the people I was talking to didn't notice anything apparently.

    Unfortunately I can't return them as they don't accept returns for earbuds, which is frustrating. I would've probably switched them for the bose if I could have.

    TLDR - do NOT purchase if you intend to use this for calls.

    • +1

      Sounds like point 4 is accidentally activating for point 5?

      • nah that's not it. I tested it. The moment I commence a call (ie when I ring someone else, the phone is dialling, and I haven't started talking), the ANC reduces and pipes in ambient noise. So the device recognises when I'm on a call activates this 'feature'.

        The pause-to-talk feature pumps in much much more ambient noise - so clearly a conscious choice has been made to allow some ambient noise in

        • Yes, hate this, as far as I understand it's so that you can hear your own voice creepily played back to you through its ambient mics.

        • +2

          I'm in the other camp. I have a few TWS sets which leave ANC on during calls.
          Means I can't hear myself speak which is just weird/uncomfortable.

        • you can adjust ambient noise to focus on voice in the App

    • Which store did you buy them from? JB usually accept returns given its a few weeks from purchase from my experience

      • JB. Maybe I'll ask - thanks

    • I have XM4 and don't have this problem.

      you must have activated ambient sound by accident, so during a call, touch the left earbud to re-activate noise cancellation and you should be good to go.

      I love mine!

  • I want mx4

  • My thoughts on these as a 16 month owner:

    Great for listening to things. ANC is very good.

    Horrible for phone calls - the mic is intended for noise cancellation, not voice pick up.

  • +1

    Love it how OP opens up with BNPL deals being grouped with loan shark culture but proceeds to end with an AMEX deal.

    • +2

      Hah, fair call!

      There's a lot that can be said about BNPL and credit cards. There are also many arguments that can be made in favour of responsible BNPL (use it to free up cash for investing, to pick up an emergency appliance replacement, etc).

      I'm personally not a fan of BNPL as it "normalises" being in debt for completely unnecessary amounts. It used to be that financing was just for big purchases like houses, cars and other things you might not have the cash for within the next year or so… now you can be paying off that $100 t-shirt in four easy payments, right at the checkout, when you could've just waited till your next paycheck to avoid going into debt.

      I know you can do the same with credit cards, but there are strong disincentives to do so (credit checks, late fees, interest charges). And I can pay my CC off every month in full while still earning points and benefiting from cashback offers, whilst paying off BNPL early gives you… nothing.

      • If you look at it objectively, let's look at Zip pay:

        • Credit checks
        • Rewards you per dollar spent which directly reduces your debt and not encourage further spending (ie useless giftcards)
        • Options to set frequency of payment or pay off the balance immediately at any time
        • Disincentives not to pay off the balance due to monthly fees.
        • Low borrowing capacity only $1000/$2000 which discourages over spending before paying off your debt.

        The average age of Zip Pay is the 30+ age group, which means the people aren't using Zip because they lack money they are using it as a flexible payment method. If anything there are strong studies to say people want easier and more secure methods of check out for online stores and that's exactly what's cited as a reason people use Zip pay.

        There might be some BNPL companies which are more reckless but at the same time there are some credit cards, banks, investment institutions which are borderline criminal. The industry shouldn't be shunned just because of a few players and naturally the worst will be weeded out as the industry matures.

  • +2

    do yourself a favour and get Jabra 75t instead

    fantastic sound quality. very solid ANC. call quality is superb!

    also compact, and stay in the ear whatever happens

    Sony's are soooo uncomfortable, and feel like they are about to fall out all the time

    • +1

      Not really comparable in sound quality.
      The 65t have a fairly excellent frequency response though.

      • um let's put it this way, among TWS noise cancelling earbuds that are usable, because they stay in the ear, you won't find anything close to 75t in sound quality

        Sony's don't even fit into that category because they are huge and clumsy which is why I returned mine

        also as a musician I didn't actually notice better sound quality from Sony's so there's that.

      • agreed that 75t is not comparable in sound quality. I returned mine after comparing XM3 with 75t.

        I now own both XM3 and XM4, kept my AirPod Pro because of convenience when going out and about to have hands free access to Siri.

  • Strange experience using these. Noise cancelling is disturbingly good. Sound is great though.

  • I have one and it’s annoying to use with an iPhone and yes it doesn’t stay in your ears

    • +2

      You’re meant to use two..

  • It's the same price in Amazon currently.

    I must have big earholes coz they fit fine for me…

  • I jog while wearing mine. Better fit than the Jabra 75t. I give them a little twist while putting them in and they stay in just fine. They lock in behind both little triangle bits in your ear. Ears are pretty weird and come in all shapes and sizes so your milage may vary.

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