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Keychron Q1 QMK Custom Hot-Swap Barebone Mech Keyboard Black $189 (Was $229) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


The Keychron Q1 QMK Custom Hot-Swap Barebone Mech Keyboard Black is a 75% sized keyboard that features a gasket-mounted hot-swappable design, sound-absorbing foam, Gateron screw-in PCB stablisers, hot-swappable PCB that supports 5-pin switches, south-facing RGB LEDs, USB-C interface, Keychron badge that can be replaced with a switch/key, Windows and macOS mode switch, all on a CNC aluminium body, is compatible with QMK and VIA software, and includes a premium coiled cable.

Similarly, the blue and grey versions are on discounts as well for similar price of 189 dollars.

Lots of great reviews on this products as a great entry level mechanical keyboard into the enthusiast keyboard scene. From what I can read, it's great if you mod it with holee mods, change of foam and lubing of switches and what not. Otherwise, it will be pingy from the metal contacts of the keyboard.

If you are not as keen to mod, I heard that the gmmk pro would probably be a better pick of the two in terms of stock version. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666957

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  • +5

    Where's that rotary knob version though lol. Keychron seem to now be like ….."what knob version?"

    Good deal although shipping puts it above the 199 gmmk with free shipping.

    • Yeah I wish they would release the knob version already to compete with gmmk pro better. Just the aesthetic of the knob and functionality are just nice to have

      • If you're bothered, the PCB in the Q1 has capacity for a rotary encoder (at least my pre-order board did). You could install your own encoder and program it yourself if you wanted.

        I know it's not really practical especially when comparing against the GMMK Pro, but absolutely doable.

    • +1

      Well my GMMK Pro from the other deal has been sitting at 'Ready for processing' status since Monday, so paying for shipping that actually ships might be worth it…

      • Oh mine is on the way now and I bought it on 26th Nov. But yeah it does seem to be taking a while..

      • Bought mine on the 26th and got it on the 2nd dec, so pretty quick tbh - I’m in regional vic too

        • My shipping got updated this arvo. So now it's in Brissie, seems like tracking has missed a couple of steps.

    • +2

      Apparently the holes for the encoder are already there, you just need to solder in your own encoder: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/pikv31...

      Going to try to help my friend with that when his Q1 arrives, will report back if it works

    • The Q2 will have one

      Though the Q1 is a 75% keyboard and Q2 a 65%

      • i find 68% to be the sweet spot, includes the delete key and arrow keys just to make the slimmed down experience just that much better.

    • the knob is pretty useless. you won't be using it much. trust me i have the gmmk pro and Q1. i got a custom badge for my Q1 and enjoy that more then a knob i barely use. it does look good, but i like function better. i will be typing on the keys more then using the knob. the typing experience with the Q1 is far superior because it actually flexes and a joy to type with.

      • I'll be using it for volume control, which is no way useless. I'm getting sick of Fn + F11/12 to adjust volume on my current set of speakers. Ideally yes, that would not be done on the keyboard, but hey, if it's an option, I'll take it.

        • Rotary knobs can also click as well. GMMK Pro has the click defaulted to mute, but I changed it to a printscreen key.

      • +1

        i got a custom badge for my Q1 and enjoy that more then a knob i barely use.

        Non-functional badge vs customisable knob

        but i like function better.

        Does not compute…

        • They have interesting looking knobs as well. i kinda liked the look of this one.


        • -1

          ahhhh, gotta love the toxic people digging for comments 2 weeks old on an expired deal to start talking rubbage. lol

          seems like you're having difficulty with english, let me break it down for you. function keys are at the top. they are labeled F1 - F12. I like using the keys over the knob. i use my pinky to adjust my volume without having to take my fingers of the home rows. the knob you have to take your hand off the home rows making it less efficient. if you don't know how to type properly, disregard, you fingers are all over the place anyways, lol. i have both and use both, but i am never grabbing for the knob. i prefer my Q1 over my gmmk pro because the Q1 is a gasket mount that actually flexes and gives a great typing experience. gmmk pro feels like your driving in a car with no shock absorbers, unpleasant. gmmk pro has a knob, and that is all it has going for it. you can also get a knob for the Q1, making the gmmk pro pointless to buy because the only advantage it has is the knob.

  • Does the Q1 utilise standard sized keycaps? Pretty sure that the GMMK Pro uses non-standard sizing for some keys.

    • Yes I would say it's non standard Keycap sizes. But most aliexpress keycaps seem to cater for it. The right shift is 1.75u so make sure you have that one correct and you should more or less be safe.

      • +1

        I think it's a fairly common arrangement that 75% keyboard uses. 3 x 1u modifiers + 1.75u right shift keys. It'd be far less annoying to get keycaps for compared to say, macro keys that some gaming keyboards have :P

        • Good ole days of razor macro blackwidow.. Still have one with me till this day

    • when looking for keycaps, look for 84 or 96 keys set…

    • Smaller right shift, and 3 - 1u on the bottom right. Everything else is the same. It’s easy to find keycaps for it, I have like 5 sets of keycaps already 😂
      It depends if you like fake keycaps “clones” or the real keycaps you won’t see for a 1+ years

  • +3

    I have got this, extremely pingy and hollow from factory, definitely needs modding. I have removed the stock foam and put a 1.5mm thick sheet of neoprene rubber in the bottom and it's so much better

    • Did you find the modding experience time consuming? Also I have heard that they added an extra layer of foam now from all the feedback of the youtubers but that might reduce the bouncy feeling of the keychron q1.

      • +1

        It’s not hard to change and I find it therapeutic, lol. Its a fun hobby. I only used the 1 foam on the bottom and removed the thicker foam. With the extra foam it does flex, but that is if you press a little harder.

    • If you only have one stock foam u got the first batch. They added extra foam in there to reduce pingy after feedback but it drastically reduced flex tho.

      • +1

        Even with the extra foam it's quite pingy. Nowhere near as bad as the promo versions, but it's noticeable. Modding it isn't difficult and I personally found it quite fun to do.

    • +2

      Check out the break mod too. Seems to be what everyone's doing putting a little bit of tape around the edges to take the ping out

  • Does anyone know where you can test the whole Keychron variety?

    • Yeah you can at

      • lol ………. yes? .. go on

        • sure. you can try them all at the

          • +1

            @belongsinforums: I found it funny, so I voted you back up.

            • +1

              @hamwhisperer: serious answer: afaik there's no retail place to try them all. that gives you two good options: buy the tester kits, or make friends with a nearby enthusiast who is happy to let you try theirs

  • +1

    great board after a few mods it sounds amazing for me, took maybe 2hs to mod being my first.

  • +1

    pretty decent board but I suggest taking out the bottom foams and just do the tape mod for the extra flex.

  • +1

    I literally bought this 2 days ago from PCCASEGEAR. Why does fate do this to me.

    • +1

      Thats why I try to avoid buying at full price.. And still sometimes fate show me that things can get even cheaper. But bright side is you will receive your item earlier?

      • They took a bit to ship it so I have to wait until after the weekend.

    • Do you like it?

      • It feels weird to use for gaming so I removed one of the foams inside of it and it feels much better.
        When it comes to just typing though.. holy heck does it feel amazing.

  • +1

    excellent keyboard, i love mine. i have both he gmmk pro and Q1, and love the typing experience with my Q1. gmmk pro is a "gasket mount" but its not really. its a buzz word. it doesn't flex and ist stiff as concrete.

    • Yeah I heard similar reviews from lots of reddit users and youtubers. Unfortunately, I jumped onto gmmk pro since it was on discount and had free shipping. I guess I will just have to mod if a bit more to get similar sound profile

    • Which keys?

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