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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Mystic White) $124 (RRP $249) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Galaxy Buds Live

Amazon has both the Black and the White (Expired) Buds for $123 with free delivery. (@Obake)

from Jbhifi

Make a style statement and change the way you experience sound with Galaxy Buds Live. Designed to fit perfectly into your ears and deliver studio quality sound wherever you go, the ergonomic design makes these next generation Buds so comfortable you might even forget you’re wearing them.

Key Features

Iconic design
Galaxy Buds Live were created with your ears in mind. The unique and ergonomic design features no ear tips for a stylish new look. The inspired charging case keeps your Buds ready to go.

Secure and comfortable fit
Enjoy spacious, wireless freedom and ultimate comfort, whatever your activity.* Galaxy Buds Live are designed to fit securely in your ear, ready for wherever your day takes you.

Impressive sound
Escape into pure sound. Galaxy Buds Live create a controlled sound experience with 3 mics for enhanced voice calls and improved bass tone for your favourite music.

Active Noise Cancelling
Shut out distractions. Galaxy Buds Live with Active Noise Cancelling are designed to block out unwanted noise so you stay fully immersed in your music, podcasts and calls.#

Easy pairing
Open the Buds Live case to easily pair with your compatible device. Galaxy Buds Live are the perfect audio companion for your tablet, phone or smartwatch.*

Works with Android and iOS
Galaxy Buds Live are compatible with all your Galaxy and non-Galaxy devices. They can even work seamlessly with Android and iOS devices.**

Access Spotify
Enjoy instant music with minimum effort. It’s easy to access your Spotify playlist with a simple tap and hold gesture on your Galaxy Buds Live.***

With Active noise cancelling + Always on Mic turned on 16 hours playtime from case, total playtime 6 hours, talk time 22 hours. With Active noise cancelling + Always on Mic turned off 20.5 hours playtime from case, total playtime 7.5 hours, talk time 28 hours.

*Requires Bluetooth and mobile connection.
**Galaxy Buds Live require a compatible device (Android 5.0 or higher) for initial setup, ongoing maintenance and download of apps. Minimum of 1.5GB RAM and internet connection required. Mobile charges may apply.
***Internet connection required to access Spotify. Subscription and data charges may apply.

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  • +2

    Price is actually $124, Save $125.

    • Kogan showing as $114 not sure Au version

      • +5

        I think Kogan has imports for pretty much all electronics

  • +4

    Thanks! I checked amazon just-in-case and they have em $1 cheaper ($123, 3rd part seller). Other colours are cheaper too on amazon.

    Black - $124
    white - $122.55


  • +4

    extra $20 off if you have the amex credit deal or price beat at OW = $117.8

    • whats the Amex deal? I recently got amex card but don't see any deals yet on the account

    • +1

      Got the OW price beat for 117.8. Thanks!

  • +8

    Incredible value. Tried many cheap brands over the years, these trump them all as an all rounder. Obviously not inner ear buds.

    • +2

      "Obviously not inner ear buds"

      …which I love. Cannot stand inner ear buds personally.

      I've had the black ones for about a year and they have been awesome.

  • +2

    I really like these as they don't go into my ear canal. They're also a big upgrade in battery from my og pixel wireless.

    Only down side is you do need to readjust in your ear sometimes. U should also expect worse quality sound than something going into your inner ear - but changing the sound settings in the app is a big improvement from the standard (dynamic and noise cancelation on)

  • +4

    I love these because they are good for longer durations, in ear usually have wings to hold them and they tend to start hurting.

    • Also love to wear them in bed connected to my TV as missus sleeps.

      • I dare you to watch porn in bed with her sleeping

        • +14

          Wait, what else would he be using them for :-).

        • We watch porn together without the headphones.

          • @abs898: Can anyone DIY just in front of your partner because they rejected to have "fun" with you?

            • @ntt: been there done that just for the "fun"

    • Yep I am not finding anything else out there with the ergonomics of the beans (I'm totally sold). Picked up a set as a spare lol as the current ones are > 18 months old and have a few nasty dings from drops

  • +1

    Have a pair of these, love them. Only gripe is microphone isnt too great in noisy environments.

    • Hmm I bought the pixel buds A unopened (price matched Telstra) for $129. I do use for calls quite a bit, sounds like the pixel a microphone would be quite a bit better than these?

      • I've used both and it's basically the same

        • Which buds did you prefer?

          • +1

            @custom: Buds live may not fit for smaller ears. Just keep that in mind.

  • +2

    How does this compare to 2021 AirPods (3rd generation) which does not have active noise cancelation and is much expensive

    • +1

      Yes, would be good to know from someone who had AirPods and these, which they prefer. 👍🏻

    • +2

      The ANC on these are negligible. Basically removes like 20% of noise. It's not actual ANC

      That being said, I've tried both and I personally preferred the buds live's tuning and sound. It's also much cheaper and there's really no feature discrepancy between the two. I don't see any particular reason why airpods 3 would be considered better.

  • +7

    Be careful. The white pair left in stock is ‘used. Like new’

    • bought the whites, didn't seem used (literally no scratches, wear/tear), but the battery was empty upon unboxing, which I was expecting at least some battery (I'm guessing this could be what they mean?)

  • +1

    Thanks bought on Amazon (black). Will cost $103 after Amex cashback

  • How is the fit? Does it fall off when jogging?

    • +1

      Depends on your ear.
      For me, I find the fit to be secure

  • +1

    Tried galaxy buds, pixel buds and original icon x buds. These are the most comfortable buds to wear for a run.

  • Value-to-quality wise?
    This $125 VS airpods pro $300 ? I know its not a fair comparison.

    • I have both, the anc is light years better on pros but the battery life on buds is so good. I have the buds for telecons and use them more than the pros.

    • +5

      These. I have both and the beans are the main set I use, though I use an Android phone.

      The actual answer is more complex:. So first reasons why this isn't a fair comparison.

      • Style of headphone(open vs in-ear)
      • Devices in the ecosystem. Airpods have smart switching so if you have multiple Apple devices.
      • Additional features - spatial audio.
      • Your environment or intended use.

      To compare:

      • Sound quality is similar with the Airpods likely edging out the beans
      • Bass is stronger on the Airpods
      • In ear +ANC outperforms beans for blocking/cancelling noise if that's your aim
      • Beans are easy to wear for a long time(if they fit)
      • Beans work in louder environments and ANC does make a difference, though they're not really suitable for this imo
      • Switching Apple devices is easy
      • You can't beat the different modes on the Airpods ( transparency>sound off)
      • Transparency mode on Airpods is decent for meetings if you want to hear yourself
      • Airpods Case is flatter and easier to carry
      • Beans case is easier to use
      • Both have wireless charging, though beans have USB-C which is better

      Overall the Airpods are more versatile, though you can't beat the beans for value - if they're suitable.

      • +2

        Good summary but I find the apples can get confused or stuck when you switch between multiple apple products eg. A few different macs surprisingly the galaxy's have been better.

      • Thanks for the answer. I have an android phone.
        Quite liked ANC on pros when I borrowed from a friend.
        But just considering this as bang for the bucks?

        • +1

          I'd probably buy these and a different in-ear pair if the budget is Airpods Pro. I'd prefer in-ear if for use on public transport. Beans style for at home, out and about where I want to hear partially. I do use the beans on public transport but they are a compromise.

          I don't think the Airpods are worthwhile for use with mainly an Android device. You can get apps to add features back but this is something I can't be bothered with.

          There's also Sony ANC in-ears or the Jabra 75t which are both popular here.

          I have the 75t as well which i bought for multipoint - connect to Android and MBP at the same time. I'm not a fan of the sound signature.

          I also definitely wouldn't do what I've done and buy multiple pairs. At the end of the day, these products are about convenience with sound quality being further down on the list of considerations. Spending a lot of money on them isn't worthwhile as they will eventually die or degrade with the non removable batteries.

          • @ihfree: How are you finding the 75t for comfort and staying in? I'm deciding between these or The 75T. A little worried these might fall out while cycling

            • +1

              @dragong87: Comfort is as expected for in ears.

              As for staying in, no issues when walking. This depends on fit, earwax etc.

          • @ihfree: Thanks for the detailed answers mate, appreciate it.

  • Buds Plus or Live?

    • +2

      If you like in-ear earbuds with the sound isolation, then go Plus. But if you find it odd when you can't hear your own voice properly when talking on the phone, then go Live.

      Sound quality-wise, the Plus is better than the Live. I use the Live because I don't like not being able to hear my voice when talking and when I wear them to sleep, they just drop out when I turn over and not get jammed deeper into my ear.

  • How are you finding these for calls? Heard some in-call tests for these on yt, apple stuff, and cheapo buds and they all sound pretty crap. I don't think there's anything on the market that sounds not like talking in a tin can.

    • I've been using these for calls mainly and have never received a complaint from anyone… it does get a bit hard to hear the other person if I'm walking on the road with heavy traffic because they do not block outside noise.

      For quieter places, the sound is excellent but be aware that the person next to you may be able to listen to the music you're playing or when talking to someone on the phone…

      I use them in the gym as well and they do not fall out for my ears.

      • This is the one I saw https://youtu.be/Oj-ys1jlvug
        Sounds very tinny. I've seen a review from Apple ones that sounds similar. I have a couple of cheaper ones that also sounds similar. I've used the most expensive Plantronics mono mics.

        Seems like there are no buds that sound like you are talking on the phone normally. No matter the price. The other side can always tell you are either on speakers or on buds.

        • Tiny earbuds on calls are always a compromise. Most of the space is taken up by the driver and battery, what is left for the microphone is sad, and you have the far distance between the buds in your ear and your mouth. I don't think there is anything out there is going to come close to a cheap headset with a boom mic.

        • After trying several buds from different brands from $20 all the way to the airpods pro, I must say these little cheapos (https://www.walkntalk.com.au/products/wireless-mini-earpiece...) beat everything else if your only requirement is call quality.
          The other side NEVER comes to know I am using Bluetooth buds.
          The downside is they have a terribly short battery life of 2-3 hours, but just good enough for calls on the noisiest part of my day - while driving.
          For everything else, I use the buds live.

  • Price matched at JB for 123 both black and white. Used discounted gift cards. 15% off. Effective $209 for both.

    Xmas present sorted.

    • Amazon is showing 129 for me
      How did you price match, may I know?

      • I price match black and then I said I want white too.

        Edit. I brought it when price of black was 123$ it not anymore. Sucks.

  • Thanks OP, not a bad price and wanted something smaller and more portable than my Sony WH-1000XM3s

    • +5

      I would be happy to pay $8 more and get it from a local retailer than Kogan.

  • +2

    rather buds+ for cheaper

  • +1

    Got an email today saying this price until 1st Jan.

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