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Acer 28" Nitro Freesync Monitor 4K Black VG280K $347 @ Officeworks


It has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160.
It has a 60 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time for smooth, lag-free visuals.
It has 100 x 100 VESA mounting so you can place the monitor on a stand or mount it on the wall.
The 5 - 25° tilt adjustment allows you to optimise your viewing angle.
It has Acer Flicker-less, BlueLightShield and ComfyView display so you can view without strain over long durations.
Connect this monitor to your laptop or desktop computer using the DisplayPort and HDMI ports.
A 3 year warranty is included.

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  • Great price for a 4K monitor! Shame that I just bought the AOC 24" just a couple weeks ago.

    • AOC are a budget brand right? How does it compare with Acer? I’m still stuck 20 years ago when Acer were the to-be-avoided cheap brand.

      • +6

        Acer is considered a budget brand too.

      • Yes they are a budget brand but their monitors rate highly in the low-mid range price. 144hz, full HD at under $300

  • if this was only 144hz

  • +4

    Officeworks places this in the gaming monitor category. In my opinion a 60hz monitor is not for PC gaming. It needs to be at minimum 144hz at 1080p.

    This is only good for 60hz media.

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      4k 60 could use for ps5. ( Not many support 120 hz yet)

      • This is good for PS5? I'm using my 65" tv, but thinking of more of a gaming monitor 28-32"

        • -2

          PS5 can push 120hz at 4K. You will be stuck at 60hz with this monitor. It will be like playing on a PS4 Pro.

          So i would say that it's not good for a PS5.

    • +5

      60 is still likely the most used refresh rate for PC gaming. Also, it's a gaming monitor according to Acer.


      • +3

        They can call it all they like. It doesn't make it a real gaming monitor.

        True gaming PC monitors are 144 or 165hz at 1080p.

        • +10

          I'd call it a gaming monitor. 1ms response time and freesync makes it one.

          • +3

            @juxjux: What's the point in freesync if the monitor can only do 60hz. Freesync was designed more for refresh rates higher than 60hz to stop screen tearing at high refresh rates. Freesync on a 60hz monitor is a gimmick. Also just because it states 1ms doesn't mean it's for gaming.

            There's a reason why other brands don't call their 60hz monitors as a gaming PC monitor. Serious and real gaming PC monitors start at 144hz and above.

            If it's a 60hz monitor then it might as well be a bog standard office monitor.

            • +2

              @hollykryten: Exactly, It doesn’t have any redeeming features to call it a gaming monitor.
              I wouldn’t want this for a PS5. Once they start using FidelityFX (which they will) a lot of games will start pushing 120fps at upscale 4K.
              I’d sooner play 1080p 120hz than be stuck at 60hz 4K, not because I’m a mad at gaming , just I’ve opened Pandora’s box feeling how smooth 144hz+ is. One cannot go back from that

          • @juxjux: I agree not every one play fps on these monitors

          • +1

            @juxjux: The 1ms response time is just a marketing gimmick/lie, in truth even 390hz monitors can barely hit 3ms g2g. Although of course most OZB are actually clueless in regards to tech and eat up this garbage all the time lol. This 60hz monitor will likely come in around 15-20ms response time.

            Freesync is just an ordinary standard at this point, even general office monitors come with it since it's royalty free. It's also useless at 60hz since freesync/gsync is made more for higher refresh rates.

            IDK who would even upvote such a dumb take. This is not a gaming monitor by any stretch of imagination of any sort besides the dumb monitor feet/design.

        • +1

          Do you only listen to real music as well?

      • +6

        I still game at 60hz. Yes I know there is a difference, but I'm old enough that my own reaction times are of much greater concern.
        Not worth the cash yet for big monitors IMO. especially as it would mean an upgrade of my GPU too.

        • -9

          Well if your GPU can't do more than 60fps in a game like Counter Stike Global Offensive or other esports titles then it must be weak as.

          I game on my 165hz monitor and i can definitely tell the difference in gameplay smoothness on games which can use the full framerate. But my GPU is able to do it.

          • @hollykryten: He probably doesn't play a lot of esports games.

            I have a 6900 XT and often don't get that much more then 60 fps, with the graphics cranked up at 4K. If I played a lot of CSGO and was very competitive then a high refresh monitor would be a no brainer.

        • +1

          I’m old enough to still remember when 256 colours was awesome. On a PAL TV at 25Hz refresh. It’s all relative.

          • @GeneralSkunk: It's funny because a lot of people would prefer the motion on a 50hz CRT over a high refresh LCD.

        • +3

          60 to 145 for just normal desktop makes a huge difference, especially with smoothness. Games also make a huge difference (though I don't play much three days).

          145 to 165 or 200+ doesn't make a difference IMHO.

          • +2

            @joshx: Refresh rate makes a huge difference not only in games but also everyday use, once you try it you can't go back…
            Even when you scroll excel sheets at work, or websites, it just feels so much better.
            When it comes to games, some of them actually don't seem to have a lot of difference, or like Genshin Impact for example don't support it(or do they now?)
            I have transitioned 3 years ago and it was worth every dollar, that's why I'm now waiting for 4k 144hz to go down in price next year hopefully…
            I just can't imagine switching back to 60hz even if it's 4k, over my current 144Hz QHD.
            I've pushed this idea to a lot of my friends and they all thank me for it lol…

            • +2

              @Filayq: Yeah that’s interesting. Could convert me too. I just really enjoy my 4K at the moment, crisp fonts and graphics. I’m also an engineer so design work is much better. Looking forward to 4K 100+ Hz. Think I’ll wait until then.

    • Anything with Freesync can help improve gaming experience… I know this as i moved from non-Freesync monitor to a 60hz Freesync monitor and could see the difference before eventually moved to 144hz.

      Gaming is not all about the Hz but also response times, input lags, or other lesser features such as gaming colour profiles, custom crosshairs, etc

      Nitro series is also Acer's gaming lineup so its not incorrect for OW to put this under gaming…

    • Just wondering what games require 144hz nowadays? I haven't played PC games for a long while, but I am thinking to get a windows machine again and play AoE4 non competitively. Last time I got into gaming heavily was SWTOR and Dota 2 and they seemed fine on 60hz

      • Most FPS games that people will play competitively are best played with a high refresh rate. Not required, but recommended.

        Personally never performed worse on a 60Hz than a 144Hz in FPS games I've played though.

        • Yea they should be renamed to FPS monitors instead ;)

    • Psshhhttt used to game all the time with 60Hz growing up!

  • +2

    Cs1.6 players here?played hundred hours on my lg Flatron 17'' crt back in 2002

    • +2

      I'm 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6

      I had the 17 inch studioworks monitor


      I miss the old CS bugs like silent plant, skywalk and boost

      • +4

        sony trinitron FTW

    • Played CS from 0.7 beta back in 1999/2000. Then got hooked into the other mods like Day of defeat and natural selection

  • Comparing for Office use, I think the Dell S2721QS is still a better buy IMHO when on special deal prices rather than this

    + 350 cd/ms
    + 2 x HDMI
    + lighter than Acer probably
    + slimmer profile
    - 1" smaller
    - 4ms response time
    - 1W lesser speaker output


    • I got the 32” been pretty good

    • Handy website.
      Both monitors have 2x HDMI, though.

      Also Dell just shipped me a cracked screen and buggered up the return process, so meh.

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