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TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System 3 Pack $200 Shipped @ Wireless1


TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh - 3 pack being sold through Wireless1 online. Seems a fair bit cheaper than anyone else at the moment.

It doesn't support Apple Homekit apparently which may be a deal breaker for people wanting to integrate in a smart home setup.

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  • Price in title!

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    Got this during black friday. Easy to set up and strong signal. Don't forget to claim your free security camera from tp-link.

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      not eligible anymore as purchases have to be between 11th October and 30th of November 2021

      • Thanks
        I didn't even know about the promotion. I just received the camera today.

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      and this is why I come to ozbargain….

      thank you xlimit for timely reminder.

    • Thanks for the reminder,
      Purchased on 15th Oct and forgot about this,
      just put in the claim, just in time.

    • Thanks too for this msg. Didn't even know about this.

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    Those one time paper coffee filter is too expensive.

    • They are reusable. Think renewable mate.

  • More like smoke alarms. I got these 3-pack from Good Guys Commercial for $170-something. Works well and I can connect my Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR headset to my PC wirelessly with good signal.

    • any 5ghz wifi with direct line will work well for this

      • Yes. However my NBN modem-router is in the living room, while I'm using my Quest 2 and PCVR in my bedroom, so having a mesh node in my bedroom has improved the WiFi signal.

  • still available with good guys commercial:

    $182 pick up from store or +delivery (to Sydney was $8 for me)

    • Yep, always that price with good guys commercial, least has been for over a year.

  • Thanks OP — was considering an Orbi pack but might jump for this instead.

  • I paid $210 for these from Bunnings a week ago. Really happy with the performance.

  • Thanks OZb! I got these a month ago from TGG commercial for 182 as mentioned above. They are great for the price. There are obviously faster ones out there (I was about to pull the trigger on an ASUS wifi 6 mesh), but saw this posted. I realised I don’t need the extra speed (we just do basic stuff on the computer and watch Netflix and plex) so went for the m5. It’s awesome. No more complaints from the wife and kid about poor wifi coverage / drop outs. If you’re thinking about getting this and don’t have a need for big bandwidth, you can’t go wrong!

  • Does it support separate names for 2.4 and 5GHz SSID. I just bought Nova from a recent deal not realising it doesn't support it so not of much use to me.

    • No it doesn't as far as I've seen

    • My workaround for this was to setup the guest network as a 2.4ghz only ssid for smart plugs etc. Doubles as a way to isolate them from my network.

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        Nice idea. I'm going do this and I can use my broadlink ir blasters again.

  • Oos

    • Back in stock for $269….

  • Picked one up at Officeworks for $190 with Price beat Guarantee.

  • Back in stock now!

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