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Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Camera + Bonus Z 28mm F/2.8 Lens $1485 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price for a late model full frame + pancake lens combo. I don't think you can get any full frame equivalent cheaper.
Ideal light weight walkabout full frame set up, 28mm is good for general purpose street and landscape photography. 28mm with F2.8 would let you take decent wide angle photos indoor too (low light). The lens itself was released recently, street price around $400 on its own.

You can save another ~$50 by using discounted Amazon gift cards from RedeemYourGiftCard (3.5% off) or the likes.

DP Review gave the Z5 the Gold Award and said it is the best value stills-oriented full-framer.

P.S. The bonus lens offer applies to the Z6 II and Z7 II as well, from other Nikon authorised stores too.

Purchase any new Nikon Z 5, Z 6II or Z 7II body or kit from Amazon AU between 02.12.21 and until 23.12.21 and receive a bonus NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 lens via online redemption.

How to Redeem

Step 1. Purchase a qualifying product from Amazon AU during the promotional period.
Step 2. Register your purchase by creating a free MyNikonLife account and registering your products serial number.
Step 3. Once validated, your bonus reward/s will be sent to your nominated address provided in your MyNikonLife account.
Visit here for more info & terms and conditions:

For those interested in specs:

24MP full-frame CMOS sensor (not BSI)
Hybrid AF system with 273 phase-detect points covering 90% of the frame
4.5 fps continuous shooting with AF
5-axis in-body image stabilization
3.69M-dot OLED viewfinder
Dual UHS-II SD cards
4K/30p video capture (with 1.7x crop)
1080/60p video capture (no crop)
Headphone and microphone ports
Dust and moisture sealed

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I find with these camera the battery are so so. You really need to buy extra batteries when travelling

    • +10

      Travelling to me still seems like a distant pipe dream…

    • +4

      Usb-c charging

    • +6

      The Nikon Z 5 can be powered via USB-C connection and the battery can even be charged during a shot. Hence suitable for long shoots, such as interviews or long-running time-lapse recordings (astro etc).

  • That seems like an excellent deal for a very capable full-frame camera and lens combo, if that's what you're after

  • Reviews suggest issues with AF, despite firmware updates.

  • I know the Sony A7's are much better, but how much better?

    • Depends on your use case & which a7's.

      But an assumption you're referring to the a7iii which would be the closest comparison. Then the a7iii is better in some areas.

      Similar in others.

    • +1

      Mixed bag. The new a7iv blows most of the competition away except for FPS. The Sony lens range is significantly more mature than Canon and Nikon and there's more third party lenses (eg Tamron, Sigma).

      • the a7iii already does 10fps which is pretty good for any pro/consumer level stuff.

        • I'm talking the a7iv. Still 10fps for compressed raws at the increased 33MP resolution. Going higher might tempt too many away from the a1 and a9.

          I think the Canon r5/r6 can get up to 20fps. It is a minor thing compared to everything else that the Sony excels at.

    • +1

      All of the current mirrorless ff offerings are pretty good feature wise. One thing to note though is that Sony has a larger lens catalogue and also seems to be cheaper (heaps of deals throughout the year, plenty of well reviewed 3rd party lenses) compared to the other offerings.

  • This or Sony A7iii? Price very similar

    • +4

      Of course a7 iii

    • Zz6 mark2 is the equal to a7iii

      • In terms of video, the Z6II is a couple of steps above the A7III.

        In terms of photography they're probably up to par with each other

        • A7iii IQ for stills is much same. Z6 evf much better, face/eye tracking much better, video much much better. Build/UI much better.

          A7iii is obviously cheaper and probably a bit better for sports tracking focus.

        • Image quality the Z5 is on par with both of them, it's mostly just the action AF where the Z5 struggles. If you are looking for a landscape / portrait camera in controlled conditions then the Z5 is probably fine.

      • Jimothy is right that Z6 II (or the original Z6) is the market competitor to the a7 iii. The Z5 is Nikon's entry level full framer.

        • What is Sony's entry level FF?

          • @stickymoo: Sony do not design an entry level range like Canon with RP and Nikon with Z5. Instead they sell their older models at entry level price range. I.e. A7 and A7 II are still being sold.

    • +5

      Where can you get a7iii for this price?

      • Price match from CameraPro

      • Btw, sony fe 24-70 f2.8 GM is 16XX as well.

        • Mark II coming very soon most likely. Sigma 24-70 DG DN is better value on sale.

          • @Dubious speculation: I was thinking the same, mk2 might pop up soon, but the price of Sony fe 24-70 2.8 GM is so attractive… around half price compared to Nikon/Canon high end 24-70 f2.8, very close to sigma art.

            Edit: I thought Sigma 24-70 is around 1400-1500, but couldn’t find this price range anymore.

    • +3

      This or Sony A7iii? Price very similar

      A7 iii is definitely not in this price bracket. Even the ancient Sony A7 ii costs more than this Z5… before taking the bonus Z lens into account LOL.
      Here's an A7 ii vs Z5 comparison for giggles https://cameradecision.com/compare/Nikon-Z5-vs-Sony-Alpha-A7...

      • 16XX vs 14XX, pretty similar to me

        • +3

          On a quick search through ozbargain, the A7iii just body was $1900+

          Definitely not comparable.

            • +4

              @UwYnot: You’re literally proving my point though?
              That’s $1,900 for just the body.
              This deal is $1,500 for a body plus a basic lens.
              Effectively makes the A7iii like 30% more expensive? Probably more tbh, depending on the value of the lens.

              • @Rail Rider95: How is that 1900, read the forum, it was 1699, and it’s even cheaper now because of price drop from CameraPro

              • @Rail Rider95: I know a few professional photographers who are very tempted to swap out the 24-70 f2.8 (one of them has the f4 instead) for the 28 f2.8. It's pretty close to the 24-70 f4 in terms of image quality. Admittedly they don't use the 24-70 a whole lot and for them the smaller lighter lens makes a lot of sense when they'll use it maybe a half dozen times at an event.
                If they were doing real-estate photography then obviously they'd stick with the 24-70 f2.8.

              • @Rail Rider95: Found the 1699 yet?

        • +1

          16XX vs 14XX, pretty similar to me

          You forgot the fact that the Z5 comes with a pancake 28mm F2.8 lens.
          Sony don't have an equivalent FE. The closest that I can find, store prices for 35mm F2.8 are around $1200, 24mm F2.8 around $800, 28mm f/2 around $600.
          So $16XX + 600 lowest scenario, is still very different to $14XX ;-)

          • +1

            @Buy2Much: Not only that, there was a lot of fluffin around to get that price according to the comments on that deal link.

            A great price for the a7iii body tho, when it was available.

      • True that it's not a marginal cost difference between bodies. When taking into account resale value of the lens ($400). A rough $600 price difference to the all-time low a7iii price.

        There's a lot of other factors though and $600 becomes marginal when taking into account all expenses that go along with FF.

        Also making note there's an emphasis on the similar comparison to the a7iii for photo only.

        • +1

          "There's a lot of other factors though and $600 becomes marginal when taking into account all expenses that go along with FF."

          $600 is literally 40% of the price. Sure if you are looking at a Z5 plus a 24-70 f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 yeah okay $600 is a drop in the bucket, but I don't think too many Z5 buyers are going to go that route — definitely not initially all in one go.

          • @Shermanpk: **In saying that 1k for a good FF body that was released in late 2020 is amazing and will be better than nearly everything else, in all categories, in that price range.

            Resale value will remain high @ this price point too.

          • @Shermanpk: Yep, I'd think that Z5 buyers would go straight for the Nikon Z 24-200mm VR lenses. The F2.8 zoom and telezoom lenses are more likely bought by Z6 and Z7 II buyers…

    • Personal preference but I don’t like Sony’s colours very much at all.

  • +1

    I have the Z5; excellent camera - this deal is a steal.

  • A7iii is king

  • It looks like a good deal. But have Nikon caught up to Sony and Canon on their mirrorless AF speed and accuracy?

    • Not olympus?

      • Not FF so along with Fuji, not in the convo since we are looking at a deal for an FF camera and lens.

    • +1

      Yes. But not on the Z5. Most Ive seen describe it as acceptable. If you are asking it to shoot a professional game of basketball forget about it, but portraits and landscapes it'll have no problem with.

      • Agreed

  • Can I assume my len from another Nikon DSLR crop are not compatible?

    • +2

      You will need the Nikon FTZ adapter.

      • Is there a non-nikon adapter that's relatively good value for money/quality?

        • +1

          There are cheap ones like Urth but they are just manual adapter, no electrical contacts so no AF or lens info being passed back to the body. Aperture, autofocus, AE metering and image stabilization – must be adjusted manually. Exposure settings need to be set manually too.

  • Good price for a full frame mirrorless

  • What does everyone think about Nikon dslr vs mirrorless full frame?

    I do have a few old manual focus lenses that should work with either with adapters. Tempted to go full frame in the future but what do people think about the dslr bodies compared to the mirrorless bodies? Dslr lenses should also be quite cheaper compared to the new mount?

    • Mirrorless. Lighter. Wont be compatible with many old sigma/tokina/tamron.

    • Rocking both; not ready to let go of DSLR, latter being more tactile and responsive, plus optical VF.

      Also, fast Z glass is exy as…

  • I know the deal is over, but here's a good comparison against the RP which competes on price. For Sony equivalent price you'd be looking as far back as the A7ii


    • Looks great. But I have to say, having had the 10 frames per second on the Sony a6000, it was hard to give up later on so an a7iii which also has decently fast continuous shooting is fantastic.

      I've been able to capture some very nice moments when taking photos of friends, dogs, kids and people doing sport - e.g. when a person does a board break and you get the moment the board snaps in half.

      • Or get an Olympus E-M1iii and have 60fps shooting with full raw and massive buffer :P

        • Yeah nah, it's hard to justify m43 when FF offers such awesome lowlight performance.

  • Does anyone receive this lens after registering the Camera?

  • Is there any other deals similar to this currently?

  • Is this deal worth getting cus I think I can get it for $1355

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