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Free Wall Bracket, Life Support Chart and Prep Kit with Any Heartsine or Lifepak Defibrillator Purchase @ DDI Safety


Don't play roulette with your staff or customers lives! Get one of our high-yield investment Defibrillators!

For the month of December we are giving away a free wall bracket, life support chart, and prep kit with all of our Heartsine and Lifepak Defibrillators. We've also shaved $20 off the price of our Heartsine Defibs. No coupon codes required. Unfortunately, this offer doesn't apply to our Defibtech Lifeline models, but PM me if you are keen on a Defibtech Defib and I should be able to organise a great deal for you.

Two Defibs you could consider:
The Heartsine 500p has sensors that determine the quality of your CPR. It will give live feedback, telling you to "push harder or push faster." https://ddisafety.com.au/product/heartsine-pad500p/ $1860

or a great entry level defib is the fully automatic Heartsine 360P https://ddisafety.com.au/product/heartsine-pad360p/ $1500

Hope you enjoy, just waiting for the defib puns in the comments now…..

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    Got my heart racing on this one..

  • Upvoted not because of the free bracket, or even https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11461862/redir but the price seems good.

    • Thanks Deme, it's a tough market, but we always try our best to keep our prices as sharp as possible!

  • Does the Heartsine 500p come in automatic too?

    • +1

      Hey haz, the Hearsine 500p only comes as a semi-automatic.

      Just a bit of info:
      When someone's heart needs to be shocked: Semi-automatic defibrillators verbally warn you to stand clear and then ask you to press the shock button to shock the patient. Automatic Defibrillators verbally warn you to stand clear and then automatically apply the shock.

      So there is not a big difference in the tool, it just comes down to personal preference, some people prefer the control of a physical button.

  • +1

    WiFi defibrillator

    Imagine dying because the routers down lmao.

    • +1

      Fitting username :-) Mabye if you purchase one of these you can change it to Jenny Life.
      The Wifi features are for maintenance alerts, they send a message if batteries or pads need changing which is especially helpful for big companies.

  • How are you supposed to use these when your clinically dead? If it comes with a portable carry pack I might wear it all the time. Could be handy when I'm at the KFC drivethru.

    • Now there is a good market!

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