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[VIC] Unleaded U98 Fuel $1.534/L @ 7-Eleven, Dandenong 3175


Don't think much explanation is needed - choppers ready?

37.9848° S, 145.2140° E

PS use up any old ones first maybe.

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  • any discount sushi?

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      It's cheap for a reason

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    @diazepam @cwongtech here we go…….

  • Can't wait for this to be expired by the time I finish work in 4 hours and can actually lock it in…

    • Why not lock in now?

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        I use an old iPhone and that tools program to lock these in as my main device is an android without root :(

        • Ah damn that sucks.

  • Edit: no idea what link to use, so guidance on this would be appreciated.

    You can find the store in the Store Locator page and that shows the available price
    You can use this link, I uploaded a screenshot for you

    • Thanks for that. Someone also helped edit the OP so thanks!

      But…that means they added the feature back to the API? I thought they removed it. (I acknowledge I have not been keeping up to date with this.)

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        Store Locator?

        Yeah that was a stupid "feature" to leave out after they rebuilt the app from the ground up

        It's been there for a while and you can use it to check:
        - Current Prices in real-time
        - Availability of fuel offerings at a specific store (not every store has E10 or U95 for example)

        • Yeah, I checked after you posted…I'm just checking my memory isn't playing tricks on me since I'm sure that wasn't there in the new version in the initial time it was forced onto users.

          Does that mean the master is going back to the old ways, or are we still using the newer methods? Or…is it all unknown?

  • Choppers armed and ready

    • Hey could you please help? Please DM me if you could. Thanks

  • If you don't know how to fly a chopper, read here first.

    Don't ask for anyone to lock a price in for you, use the classifieds instead.

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    Chopper is grounded at home. Arrgghhh….

  • i saw petrol for $2.10 this morning .. puke

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    get to da choppa!

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    Where's the sub-130.0 sheesh

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    Got it. Thanks op!

  • Thanks OP. Filled up today already but I'll keep it for later!

  • Thanks OP

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    Chopper loaded and fly over complete…

    where is the resident dobber to let 7-11 know….:)

  • Left my rooted android phone at home and I do actually need to fill up probably today or tomorrow (50KM range left)… Is there any android emulator that works nowadays?

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      Left my rooted android phone at home

      If you can PM me with what you did to set up your chopper (prove that you actually set it up), then I will assist as a once-off.

      Is there any android emulator that works nowadays?

      Not yet, but there's comments that the Windows 11 android sub-system looks promising

      Why are people leaving their choppers at home? (esp android ones) Should be in your car..

      • I find for some reason my chopper only flys on home wifi. When I am using a wireless hotspot it doesn't work. I assumed that the hotspot device was passing along location info or something like that.

        • I find for some reason my chopper only flys on home wifi. When I am using a wireless hotspot it doesn't work. I assumed that the hotspot device was passing along location info or something like that.

          Weird, all my choppers have VPNs on them, so I don't think the IP is the issue..

          Update to my comment: thedirtywest definitely is a stranded chopper pilot (their setup sequence PM'd to me is correct)
          Rendering assistance.

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            @cwongtech: Hey mate could you please help? My computer has ran out of battery and it takes forever to charge and get it running, and it has been really unlucky for me. Please message me 0466289634. Cheers

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              Hey mate could you please help?

              I can, but I won't

              My computer has ran out of battery and it takes forever to charge and get it running, and it has been really unlucky for me. Please message me 0466289634. Cheers

              You described the incorrect process (NOX method died over 12 months ago), which confirms you actually don't have a working chopper.

              • @cwongtech: Well my friend has one called AiSi and it still plugs to iphones alright. Doesn't work for my Android. It still mocks the location through Baidu and then I can do the lock through an old iphone. I can show you a picture of me locking the E10 at 99c last week if you want me to show.

                • @Franky3816: So you have an iPhone?

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                    @cwongtech: My old iphone and computer is at home, thats why I cant access. Please message me on my phone as I am approaching my limit.

      • I haven't looked at the method myself, as I've been busy. However, for those who that want to know I'm 70% this is it.

        • Yeah, I'm just quizzing people on the process before actually helping them

  • nice ~~~locked

  • Ka-Ching!

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    Karen has just entered the building

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      Yes I see the resident dobber has commented.

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    for all of the people who think 7-11 hates Ozbargain and our helicopters.
    I got insider info that they actually don't care about that much, and the locking system has actually benefitted 7-11 in the long term at working out demand.

    If they want to use our data for their data analytics and customer profiling, then i think they should pay for it, which is why our helicopters are required. :)

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      I got insider info that they actually don't care about that much, and the locking system has actually benefitted 7-11 in the long term at working out demand.

      I for one would have never touched 7/11 stations if it weren't for the fuel lock app

      • +3

        Exactly. Same here actually.
        How many of us Ozbargainers would not have fueled at 7/11 if it wasn't for the fuel lock app?

        Famous Quote: There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

        If they REALLY wanted to catch out helicopter users, it actually isn't that hard with all the data they have, their team just implemented the easiest option of using native code calls from the OS which handles GPS Spoofers.

        7-11 just did the maths, catch them all = lose $x vs, lets lose a little but still get them to shop with us so we still make some money off them! Even at $1.534 7-11 still makes a profit…..

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          TBH I believe only less than 10% of those fuel locks would have been using a chopper
          but many more are using the standard fuel lock app which is what it designed for
          it is just like shell / ampol to provide some sort of discounts or incentives for people to purchase fuels from their stations

          If they remove the entire fuel lock offer
          they are just losing the major incentive to fuel in their station
          (not much people really cares about Velocity points if thats the only benefit)

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      I got insider info about court case

      • +9

        wanna post the court case then? :) as all court cases are public knowledge, very interested to see.

      • bahahaha. Yeah, sure you did. What are they going to do?

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        Yeah. They’ll sue you for being a paltry salty pathetic excuse of a person. Just because you think you’ve been dealt a shit hand in life doesn’t mean you should externally project your extreme bitterness onto everyone else. I’ve refrained from saying everything else I wanted to.

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        After I saw one of your comments in a previous 7-Eleven deal (from which I can see the OzBargain community overwhelmingly loves your contributions), I had a look at the 7-Eleven Fuel Price Lock terms and conditions, and it does not specifically require you and your device to be in the physical location your device is reporting, so helicopter pilots should be okay from that perspective.

        Whether helicopter pilots are “obtaining a financial advantage by deception” would have to be something tested by a court (and unfortunately the court of OzBargain does not count), but I doubt 7-Eleven would go to the extent of taking helicopter pilots to court, because 7-Eleven will likely only be losing ~$15-$25 per customer per fuel lock, so costly, lengthy legal action may not be worth it. It would also likely destroy a lot of goodwill towards 7-Eleven (both on and off OzBargain).

        Think about this as well:

        • It would cost development time and money to patch out the current workarounds.

        • People will likely find another workaround (given enough time and dedication), so 7-Eleven would really be playing an endless game of whack-a-mole.

        • The only way to ultimately shut down helicopter pilots is to shut down the 7-Eleven Fuel Lock system, which would hurt people who genuinely use the Fuel Lock system and would take away what I think is the only unique selling proposition 7-Eleven offers in Australia in terms of fuel.

        • 7-Eleven is getting free advertising on OzBargain, which is handy, since OzBargain is generally restrictive on the fuel deals you can post on this website.

        • You have a bunch of helicopter pilots who may otherwise purchase fuel (or other products) elsewhere.

        • You have a bunch of helicopter pilots who would get involved in other 7-Eleven offers.

        • 7-Eleven can shift premium grades of fuel (particularly 98 octane petrol) across Australia faster than they may otherwise shift.

        Before you ask, I am not a helicopter pilot, as I infrequently drive these days, plus I also spend a fair bit of time each year in parts of Australia where there isn’t a 7-Eleven fuel station for many kilometres, so it is not worth the hassle for me… I’m just an interested bystander!

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          I think he is just salty because he cant seem to work out how to get an helicopter for himself and ends up hating all the people who have one!

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          Yes, a few years ago a Hollywood studio tried to get money from Australian who downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club but the court considered that speculative invoicing was not appropriate and the most the studio could get was the price similar to a DVD of the movie. 7 eleven should know about it and the most it can get is the difference between what you should have paid at your local station and the locked-in price. But, the onus on 7 eleven is huge as they need to provide a lot of evidences (your actual location or whether you committed fraud and so on) and the cost is much much higher than what they can potential get.

          • @vchung916: Good point! I forgot that if 7-Eleven took Fuel Lock users to court, there’s a good chance some of them were never helicopter pilots, plus it would be a nightmare proving actual location vs reported location.

            I agree that the juice would not be worth the squeeze.

    • true - I really want to see the data of fuel revenue between major stores pre 7/11 fuel lock app and now…for me (and extended family,) anyway, 99% of all fuel purchases has been via 7/11, only case in the last 5 years when I didn't is when we traveled from Melb-Sydney, and needed to refuel midway.

  • But I can get u91 5c cheaper ATM, is it worth it for. My 2010 civic, wouldn't really make much difference

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      For 5c get u98, it will give you more mileage

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        Hmmmm, I also don't own a helicopter, so would have to drive 18 km out of my way to get it

        • Well in that case, you need to invest in an old Android phone if you want to do it portably or old iPhone if you want to do it from home only

          • @Toffcuz: If an iPhone can be jaibroken then it is also a portable option. That relies on having the appropriate version of iOS though.

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    Just found out my account got blocked doing this! Would not recommend…

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