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WD Black SN750 SE 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD WDS100T1B0E $158 + Free Shipping @ MomoJuju


WD Black SN750 SE 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD
Model: WDS100T1B0E
Sequential Read Speeds: 3,600MB/s
Sequential Write Speeds: 2,830MB/s
Random Read 4KB: 525,000 IOPS - Random Write 4KB: 640,000 IOPS
Interface: PCIe Gen4 - Endurance: 600TBW
5 Years Limited Warranty

FREE Shipping

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  • This or Samsung Evo Plus 970? Both are the same price

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      This is gen4, I believe the 970 is gen3

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        correct, this is made to be compatible with the PS5.
        Speed is unchanged though

    • Was going to ask same thing but I think 970 has better longevity in terms of the types of chips used.

      I could be very wrong though.

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      This SSD (SN750 SE) supports PCIe gen 4 (but uses the cheapest available PCIe gen 4 controller). However, that controller only supports 4 channels, instead of 8 (most top rank SSDs use controllers supporting 8 channel read/write) so it behaves more like a PCIe gen 3 NVMe SSDs, hence priced at that level.

      Anyway, the main reason to get this is for PS5 (if you are on a tight budget). PS5 basically only checks whether the SSD supports PCIe gen 4. SN750 SE is below the 5000MB/s sequential read mark (so it is not recommended), but PS5 allows you to proceed with it.

      If you are not getting it for PS5, then 970 Evo Plus or the original SN750 (non-SE) version are both better SSDs. SN750 SE is meant to reduce cost, so WD picked the cheapest possible PCIe gen 4 controller and priced the SSD at PCIe gen 3 SSD price point. This SSD relies on PCIe gen 4's wider bandwidth per lane to compensate using a controller supporting only 4 channels, instead of 8 (but essentially leaving half of the available PCIe gen 4 x4 max bandwidth unused).

      • Forgot to mention, SN750 SE is DRAMless. That might be the reason WD had to source a 3rd party PCIe gen 4 controller (coz. most 3rd party PCIe gen 3 controllers would struggle to beat WD Blue's dynamic turbo read/write and SN750 (non-SE) controller requires DRAM).

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    This… technically works fine with a PS5 > https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-the-w...

  • So I'm guessing this would work in my primary M.2 Slot on a B560 board? My Crucial MX500 1TB only works in the secondary slot. I'm guessing because it's not really a PCI device.

    • I am running the original SN750 in the primary slot.

    • So how is your SATA drive connected to M.2?

      • A B560 board normally supports only one NVMe PCIe m.2 SSD (direct to the CPU). Motherboard maker can wire a m.2 slot to one of the SATA3 ports supported by the chipset (B560) instead of a traditional SATA3 port.

        • Yep this is right. I had to remove a drive from Sata port 1 as the m.2 slot took that channel.

          The crucial doesn't work in the CPU slot which is unfortunate because I'd love to have the thermal heatsink on it to help keep it cool. It runs over 50c normally.

  • Next thing We find out WD stops giving Warrenty on physicals drives
    Dont buy WD,
    I have warned you rest is upto you

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      So Sandisk is out too (since WD owns Sandisk).

      Hm… so PS5, Series S and Series X are out as well right? Since WD supplies the flash NAND chips for all 3.

      • PS5, Series S and Series X are out as well

        I dont believe so, it depends on the service from manufacturer of these. I personally have had excellent experience from Microsoft. I am pretty sure if something was to go wrong within the warranty period of Xbox, Microsoft will definitely give a fruitful resolution.
        How i am saying this ?
        I had bought a used xbox one X from eBay a few years ago(surprisingly still had like 5 yrs warranty remaining on it, and bottom of it had like white out marking or scratch something like that), complained to Microsoft that Xbox puts out not saturated colors on my Kogan TV,
        without much questions asked (none by human) I simply shipped my Xbox to Microsoft for free, they sent me a replacement Xbox (without any scratches or anything, and it pretty much looked Brand new, but ofcourse it was not Brand new, It had a LAST SERVICED Date of like less than a year). I still had same problems that colors not being saturated enough on TV, But it was my Kogan TV too old too crappy out of date HDMI port etc, Not the XBOX.

        On PS5 I can't say because I never had a sony product before, but if anyone had they'll be able to share the details

        • So your gripe is WD's warranty service. Interesting, my experience with WD HDD warranty is mixed (subpar to be honest). However, there was an OZBer indicated that he got good experience and didn't need to post the HDD to Singapore.

          I do wonder what WD's warranty is like for SSDs.

          Without scratches on the refurbished units, well WD sent me one too. It's the inside that counts.

    • I would never buy Seagate, so Toshiba it is then

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