50% off Decor Products incl. Vent and Seal Glass Containers ($0 C&C) @ Big W


50% off a range of these food storage containers at Big W.

I’m a big fan of these containers. Good to store meal preps in, and sliced vegetables and fruits last a while since they’re airtight.

I’d recommend the oblong shaped containers over the circular ones to maximize the amount of space used in the fridge.

Updated link and title as all Decor products are 50% off, credit to Dominus.

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    These are good for anything refrigerated / room temperature…. but otherwise tempered glass containers FTW

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      can you heat in them?
      all my red decor microwave stuff is knackered after repeated use

      • The website says oven and microwave safe

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        Can definitely reheat in them. We've been using these to freeze reheat etc and they haven't missed a beat.

        Also have the old red decor ones, which we have since replaced with these.

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        I microwave in them pretty regularly and they’re holding up fine. The lids get a bit warped as a result of the steam/heat generated but it’s not really a problem.

        They’re definitely heavier than the plastic containers in case that’s a concern.

        I’ve never microwaved from frozen in them though, usually defrost in the fridge overnight then microwave.

  • I got 3 set of seal glass containers for $9.99 at aldi which is absolutely fantastic and bulid is good until and unless you drop it they can be reused for a long time.

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    same price at Amazon for people who have prime and don't want to go to BigW

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      Seems more expensive at Amazon? The 600ml is $5.50 ($4.50 at big W) and 1L is $7 ($5.50 at big W). And no sign of the 1.5L.

      Almost the same price to just pay shipping at big W.

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    OP this may be a better link for the deal post - filtered on Decor brand and clearance, skips the random crap with decor/decoration in the name. Actually seems like almost all the Decor range is 50% so lots of good options! https://www.bigw.com.au/search?text=Decor+vent+and+seal&filt...

    • Thanks for that, edited the title and link.

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    Too late missed out

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    If you're keen for a real bargain, price match with Spotlight, then use TAKE40 via this deal, currently says it's expired, but just recieved the email that it was extended for two days (until Tuesday).

    $60 for 20 containers - 10 x 600ml Oblong @ $4.50, 10 x 1L Oblong @ $5.50, Total $100, TAKE40 = $60 = $3 per container.

    • Didn't even realise they price matched lol

  • How do these compare to the Pyrex ones?

  • Thanks! Just ordered 15 containers. And there's a Sistema juice jug also half price

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