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Vittoria Premium Mountain Coffee Ground / Bean 1kg $16 (Was $36.50) @ Woolworths


Seems like a good deal for a strong blend ground or coffee bean bag. Also the Italian Blend which is abit lighter strength is only $14 for 1kg for ground. Ends Tuesday 7th.

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    Are you sure it’s clearance? It’s a catalogue special and the catalogue says it ends tomorrow.

    • Ya your right adjusted the post. Should end tomorrow.

  • Being a nubie, can someone please give reviews on the brand and this particular blend?

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      I think the brand is good if you can get it on sale. This is a dark roast has a smokey chocolatey strong flavour & smell to it. If you like lighter I think the italian blend is good, I wouldve went italian but they sold out. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/search/products?searchTer...

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      I've had it before when I ran out of local roaster beans. I guess it's pretty good for supermarkets beans. 1kg is a lot though.

      • It comes as 4 x 250g vac-packed bags, So keeps relatively fresh. Its my go-to to refill pods. I rate it.

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    i remember way back when Coles (maybe Woolies did too?) used to have a free grinder for shoppers to use in the coffee aisle…

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      It'd be stale by the time u get home…

    • That was before the beans were in vacuum-sealed bags, I guess.
      Nowadays, burr grinders for home are cheap. Just get one. Then every cup will be as aromatic as when you first opened the pack. (Well, for much longer than pre-ground)

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    I read these posts now just for the 'stale coffee' guy. Never missing.

    • The point never gets stale.

  • This is actually my favorite coffee, and I drink 4 a day…..

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