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120W Garage Light LED Ceiling Light $30.16 Delivered @ Jornarshar-AU via Amazon AU


Garage Light,120W Ultra Bright Garage LED Ceiling Light, 12000LM - 6500K E26/E27 Deformable Garage Light with Adjustable Multi-Position Panels, LED Light for Garage, Workshop, Warehouse

Ultra Bright Garage Light
High quality LED chip adoption, total 120W,up to 12,000 lumens. 1.5 times brightness than 80W triple glow LED garage light. It provides 6500K and CRI> 80, which helps you get a more comfortable and clearer vision, and reduce visual fatigue. It is the choice of replacing old three-leaf garage light!
Long Life And Energy Saving
The LED workshop light is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material and hollow-out design, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistant, which is good for heat dissipation and stability, and helps extend the life of the light, its lifetime is over 55,000 hours, but also save up to 85% energy.
360° Illumination&Wide Application
This garage light is deformable, which means you can move the panel up to 90° or move down from 0° to 25°. It ensures 360° area can be fully illuminated and different environment requirements can be met. Therefore it can cover every corner of an area that cannot be covered by a regular light bulb.
Easy Installation
No tool needed for installation, our led adjustable garage light can use any E26/E27 . The only thing you should do is screwing it in when you install the light. It is easy to install, everyone could install the light easily. Please make sure the switch is turned off before installation!
Wide Usage
The garage light can be quickly installed without using any tools. So this 120W four-leaf light can be used anywhere starting from your garage, warehouse, basements, high shed factories, workshops, exhibition halls, sports hall, mining, utility room, shops, basement, logistics centers, toll stations, supermarkets, parking lot, gym, bay, laundry room, closet, and many more.

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    Amazing !!!
    Does it rotate your car too?


    (Normally $41.89)

    • LOL
      Comparing the size of the light with the car in that picture, this light will be huge one:)

    • +1

      This will be perfect for your shopping centres jv

  • Has SAA?

  • +1

    anyone can recommend a good garage light with motion sensor?

    • +2


      I have this and can highly recommend. Customer service is also good

      Update: only issue I faced was with setting the light to constantly stay on following their given instructions. After I reached out to their support, they promptly assisted me with that and gave different set of instructions which worked.

      • How long can you get it to stay on after the motion has stopped, and can u manually over ride it to stay on all the time ? Cheers

        • I have not measured but descriptoon says roughly 30-60sec.

          Yes, you can manually override it.

      • Thank you.

      • Thanks got 2

      • Do you have to keep the light switch on for the motion sensor?

        • Yes

  • +2

    As with all these lights, the wattage is generally the "incandescent equivalent", not actual power consumption/output. I have a few and that has held true for all of them. That said, tripling to quadrupling the brightness of the ones I have would be outrageously bright but I wish they would just call it what it is. This probably is a 25-30W bulb.

    • Isn’t 30w is quite bright in led equivalent ?

      Meaning it’s equivalent to say 120w of a traditional incandescent?

      • Yes, it is almost certainly a 30W bulb that is equivalent to a 120W incandescent in brightness. It has become the standard for these types of unbranded lights to list wattage in this way but it is very unhelpful. For instance I bought a "150W" bulb but I don't actually have a light fitting rated to 150W so I was concerned. Turns out it only draws 30W of power so it is used in a lamp rated to 40W with no problems at all.

        Definitely bright and plenty for most garages though.

        • It's 12000LM

          A normal 10W bulb gives you ~1000LM so it adds up to 120w.

          • +2

            @Bob12356: yeah nah … in the same way that there are magical AA's that can store 500000000000mAh?

    • +1

      probably not helping the marketing.. I wouldn't want to use 120W light fitting. Should advertise actual wattage.

  • -1

    Ugly AF

    • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I don’t mind it

    • +1

      I'm also in the market for a statement garage lighting within $35 limit.

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    Hi Rep, how does yours differ to what you can buy on Aliexpress for less = USD$9.85 + $2.64 del + GST $13.74 (~AU$19.50)

    This doesn't appear to be a bargain, more like normal price & just using Ozbargain for free advertising.

    • +1

      ouch… There goes the Reps hope of selling a few. /s

  • Old mans a electrician & he was super skeptical about these lights before I got one to try. Was blown away after he put it up, I was too.
    Double bay garage now looks like its lit with flood lamps. The lumens wouldn't be far off unlike cheap torches which stretch the truth alot.
    120W is exactly efficient however.

    As noted above these light can be had for pretty cheap if you shop around & lengthy post times. For one off they are that good price is negligible in the long run, this is ozbargain however…

  • I've got 2 downlights in my garage, any suggestions on something similar I can use the same spots?

  • will this be fit for B22 as well?

  • Does this meet Australian Standards in case it burns anything down?

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