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Soniq Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Combo $9.99 (Was $69) + $12 Shipping (Free VIC Pickup) @ Soniq AU


Looks like a pretty good deal

Copied from the website:

Model: CWK200
SONIQ Comfort Wireless Keyboard Deskit with Mouse Combo CWK200. Your basic essentials to suit all your computing needs! The SONIQ Comfort Deskset Combo provides you with all the comfort and ergonomic design you could want from a wireless keyboard and adds a slick portable mouse to match. With it's Retro round-keycap design and 13 multi-media keys there's not much more you can ask for. As easy as plug and play you'll find a great time using it in your business, office or home.

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  • +4

    With free shipping, it would be a great deal

  • $12.00 shipping to Sydney !

  • +3

    shipping costs kills the deal

  • It’s $12 shipping per item…No thanks

  • +3

    Shipping is more than the item which isn't great, free click and collect in Victoria, 3195 if that helps anyone

  • +2

    The shipping cost is $12 per unit, so there's no combined shipping fee if you're buying multiple units. Tried 7 units and it comes to $153.93.

    • Lol

  • +1

    Wait.. aren’t they paying US to use this…thing?

  • C&C is not an option either as they're only open Mon- Fri unless u happen to live close by to pick up at lunchtime

  • What a great excuse to walk to Victoria. F $12 shipping

    I gain more from the excercise

  • I got one of them during the warehouse sale. Very impressed with the keyboard. Did not think a $10 keyboard can be this good. Regretting that I did not get another

    • Hey mate, does it use a compact receiver or a full size one? Additionally, what sort of batteries do they use?

      • +1

        Reciver is a micro. For keyboard it comes with 2 AAA batteries. the mouse is a single AA. But I am not using the mouse anyway

        • Excellent, thanks. One last Q, is the mice full size or one of those compact mouse?

  • Was $69

    Never actually sells for that price. Regular price has been $39 for a couple years if not longer. They just slap that $69 on there so that customers feel like they are getting a bargain.

    • $9.99 is still less than the usual $39 so bargain!

      I bought 5 … Kris Kringle here i come… Haha

      Pickup is down the road from me… So perfect

  • +1

    Is this mechanical?

    • +1

      Probably not. More than likely rubber domes.

      • It feels like a mechanical. But do not think so. The keys are plastic

  • It is better to put $25 with free postage

    • +2

      You'd rather pay $3.01 more for the illusion of free shipping? Time to hand in your Ozbargain license.

  • Great wireless gaming keyboard/Mouse combo

  • Bought 1, miss going to be happy with the colourful layout.

  • -1

    Ugliest keyboard I've ever seen. You can't pay me to own it. ;-)

  • ok so ordered x2 and got this…. charged per item for shipping… um FAIL

    2 $19.98
    Sub Total $19.98
    Shipping Cost $24.00
    Total (Inc. GST) $43.98
    GST $4.00

    • I guess you should have read above smithy … the fourth comment in this post mentions the 'per item' shipping charge.

      • ha… true my man thx for the heads up…..

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