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Sony Alpha 7 IV Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) $3599.10 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Original Coupon Deal

The Sony A7 IV just came out so I'm glad to see that it was included in the JB Hi-Fi Wicked Wednesday sale. Not cheap by any margin but a decent price if you're set on getting one and just waiting for it to drop. Better if you've got discounted gift cards you're waiting to use.

They're not in stock but the current expected delivery on my order confirmation is showing as the 21st of December.

The item isn't searchable on their site for some reason but is accessible via google.

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    Price match sony store and get 10% cashback from shopback

    • Do Sony price match with vouchers? Great deal if so!

      • +1

        Yeah they do. I just got them to price match something else from JB a while ago

        • Officially they don't. Maybe it can slip through sometimes.

          From the T&Cs of the price match section https://store.sony.com.au/interchangeablelenscamera-a7/ILCE7...

          Cashback, credit card/payment method rebates and coupon offers (eg: cashback or reduced price requiring a coupon or electronic codewords);

          • +2

            @eecan: I tried out of curiosity and it got approved already! Happy to keep my JB order as I had gift cards but this is the real deal if they approve you.

            • @devilious: Hi OP
              May I ask, what link you sent them to match the price. I want to try as well.

            • @devilious: woould sony pricematched-item be tracked by cashback tho? as it wont be like added into cart as normal.

            • @devilious: Hi devilious, I am trying for them to pricematch it. any chance that you can screenshot your pricematch approval request?

  • -3

    those lens prices are kinda rip off.

    • You can get 3rd party lenses that fit (e.g. Tamron, tokina, Samyang, Sigma etc.). You can also use adapters to use lenses from other manufacturers like Canon or Nikon, or even manual lenses from the likes of Minolta and Pentax.

      • Most manufacturers price that way for equivalent range.
        There’s plenty of good third party lenses even rokinon/samyang does AF. now and their 35 and 85 primes are nothing to sneeze at

    • +3

      Compared to equivalent Z mount or RF mount ones? You sure?

  • @buy2much

    • Why, when I can get the A7r IV for under $3200? LOL

      • do you really need 60mp tho?lol have you tried 70-200f2.8 MII? Much better than MI?

  • Lol.. already on special from the original $4199 RRP a week after it’s released.

    • So what they teach in Marketing 101 about pricing things more expensive with no sales so people think it's higher quality is true hey!

      • Well for this camera it's pretty much true. Essentially nothing else with this range of features, especially the insane resolution and pixel shift resolution it packs.

        • +1

          are you thinking of the Riv? This is just for the iv, 30mp and not 60!

    • its 2500USD on BH, and generially the rule of thumb is it will be that price when on sale in aus for 2500ish AUD, in probably 3 years lol

    • +1

      Even better, RRP was actually $4299 at launch.

  • Argh. Is good deal since it just came out. I pre-ordered from Sony and think I paid 3.9k with cash back

  • An even better price if you consider AUD is at its whole-year low at the moment.

  • Do you have to buy lens with the camera to get the deal?

    • No

  • better off to buy a7 iii for less than half price

    • Find me an A7 III now for less than half $3599…
      Lowest recently was $1859 after $300 cashback.

      • +2

        Don’t forget 10% cashback from cashrewards/shopback

        i paid $2159.2 (price match camerapro) - $300 (sony cashback) - $196.1 (CR/SB ) = $1663

        • Doesn't camerapro have a higher price now?

        • The cheapest I got it down is for around $1700 after price matching with georges $2289 - 10% off - 300 cashback - 5% suncorp rewards in JB

  • +1

    listing has been removed from jb hifi :(

    • “Oh JB, you’ve done it again”

  • What are the laws around doing sitewide sale and removing product listings rather than adding to exclusions?

  • +1

    I advise calling a store to check the system and find physical stock in other stores.

    Camera SKU is 555066

    Picked up the last one at a Melbourne cbd store.

    Paid just above $3k due to the $3600 gift cards I purchased from Coles 15% off sale.

    That is the true ozbargain spirit.

  • I tried op’s price match suggestion for fun and surprisingly, Sony approved. May be leave it in my basket until their next promotion, if there’s a cash back for it LOL…

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