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[VIC] Bauhn 65" 4K UHD Smart TV with Netflix $499 @ ALDI


Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Dedicated Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube button

This product is only available in stores in Victoria. ALDI apologises for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

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      It will be fine, probably have some light bleed on the edges so not perfect for full dark viewing. However you will see this with any panel at this price point, maybe excluding TCL.

  • Even if it has a crappy OS but still should be good in the rumpus room connected to an Xbox.

    • My son has his Xbox connected to a Bauhn 55" TV from a few years back. Its 4K60 and looks fine to me. He's never complained.

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    Any 65 inch alternatives if I can stretch my budget to $1200? Or should I wait for Boxing day? Thanks.

    • Good question - also interested in the answer! Or a lower cost 75"

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    Seems like I've been lucky, bought a Bauhn 65" from Aldi 2 years ago and haven't had any major issues or noticable artifacting even when gaming, besides a slight vignette. Been plugged into a pc running constantly at 4k 60fps. Coupled with a cheap set of 5.1 speakers it's been incredibly impressive for the price. Totally knew it was a gamble when I got it though.

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    Rather buy a smaller but higher quality tv for the price range.

  • We sold our 2 yr old 55" Hisense 4K for $500 and I would buy that back in a heartbeat over some trash like this. People are about to find out you really get what you pay for when it comes to TVs.

  • How do they make money on this when 5% may end up being returns also

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    Last year, I worked as a cashier in Aldi and these TVs were always returned 2 weeks later. We only had 6 TVs on stock at our store last year in December and about 4 was returned prior Christmas.

    Return reason was dead pixels and really poor sound. If you're purchasing one of TVs, make sure you keep the receipt. Based on my experience s, I'd spend a few hundred more to get Hisense or go for a 55 inch well known model

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      Thanks for the info. What happens to the returned ones?

  • I used an EKO BigW TV at an Air BNB and it was really impressive for similar price range. In choosing among these budget brands any experience with EKO VS the others?

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    There will probably be a pile of these the size of Mount Everest at your local dump in the next few years. 👌🏻

  • I just received the catalogue, and the TV isn't in it.

  • Went into aldi today and they only had the 60" model for $499… anyone else experience the same?

    • I stupidly queued up at the crack of dawn to get one (followed by a stack of other people) only for staff to have no idea about this, and who eventually said "no stock in SA". Complained via the Aldi website who've now updated their website to list this item as "VIC only"… dodgy @_&#?! bastards.

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