[VIC] Bauhn 65" 4K UHD Smart TV with Netflix $499 @ ALDI


Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Dedicated Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube button

This product is only available in stores in Victoria. ALDI apologises for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

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  • +1

    probably good with a google tv or NVidia shield attached

    • +10

      apart from the picture quality, motion blur and below average sound…

      • +5

        And patchy white screen.

        • +1

          And when it looks like there is a line in the middle which makes it look like two panels…

    • Will be a good buy if it lasts more than 18 months

      • Why wouldnt it

        • +3

          Buy one and see
          Its not exactly a premium brand.
          They are made to a price hence use inferior parts
          Aldi used to give 2 years warranty on their TVs but now its only 12 months
          So you go figure that out

          • +1

            @Amayzingone: I have had 5 aldi tvs of different size and not one issue

            so what is this issue you seem to have with them?

            • +1

              @asa79: Quite simply no local support
              Aldi wants nothing to do with them once their 30 day return period is up.

              Why you pay is what you get
              Its as simple as that.
              I had an Aldi TV.
              It was working fine till I decided to unplug it and move to to another room.
              That was it. Would not turn on again.

              Dont assume you are getting Samsung quality in an Aldi product.
              Just as many others have clearly pointed out.

              Its a cheap price and a cheap product.
              Good value for the money but not good quality

              • @Amayzingone: https://bauhn.com.au/
                Contact Us
                If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear it.

                For the fastest response please send us an email
                If your query is related to a Bauhn product you have purchased please call our after sales support on 1300 00 2534 or email the manufacture support center located in your user manual or warranty certificate.

                • @asa79: OUr remote stopped working.

  • +28

    Great value but just be warned, 4k at 65 foot might look garbage. 5mm large pixels!

    • +21
      • +3

        Note the difference between 65' (65 foot) and 65" (65 inches)

        • +7

          Ummm, hence my 'tee hee'.
          Yet, some goose still downvoted me.

          • @chrism238: Ah well duck ducks gotta goose sometimes…

            In my opinion your comment was good 👍

          • -3

            @chrism238: Looks like the universe has fixed the votes. From first read it did seem like you were wooshed, but that's the beauty of the internet.

        • Is ' vs '' an ISO thing or a general rule
          thinking it the latter

          • @Gusper: Not sure if it’s defined by the ISO, but it’s no more of a general rule than cm or m being the abbreviation for centimetre or meter

      • that's like the cinema size TV yo

    • +6

      Fixed LOL

    • -1

      Another x-spurt that has no idea.
      My god where you you get this rubbish from?

      • I'm guessing you didn't get the subtlety of feet vs inches?

  • It does have HDR, no idea of the range though.

    • +1

      Probably it’s garbage

  • +1

    Any good. Mum needs a new cheap TV.

    • +3

      Yes, but the smart part will be crap. If she needs a smart TV add a cheap ebay Android TV based media player if you want cheap.

      Keep the packaging and if she does not like it return it within 60 days of buying it.

      • Thank you

      • Is there a standard 60 day return policy at ALDI? I'm also looking for my parents

        • Google ALDI return policy and read up.

        • +4

          I hope you find them.

  • Not bad value RDY4ME

  • Is Bauhn better quality than other "cheap" brands like Soniq and Ffalcon from the good guys ?

    • +6

      Short answer is no, but possibly. Every time they advertise a TV it's probable its made of different components to the last one in their weekly deals so you never really know before hand.

    • +2

      Ffalcon TVs are often 50Hz, so these would be better than those. This uses an identical remote to the Linsar TV at $495 recently from TGG, and other than the branding, is likely identical in other aspects too.

      • Is the Bauhn 100hz???

        • It doesn't give much info in the ad, but it is likely 60Hz.

          • @Skylex: I seriously doubt they will use a 60Hz panel for 4K resolution, but I could be wrong.

            • @luminair:

              I seriously doubt they will use a 60Hz panel for 4K resolution, but I could be wrong.

              If it's the same TV in the link that @Marcel provided, then it's 60Hz.


              Refresh rate 60Hz

            • @luminair: I'm not sure what your serious doubt stems from, or what you think being 4K has to do with it, but almost all new TVs are both 4K and 60Hz.

              This TV uses the same remote and feet as the Linsar model that went for $495 recently, and is likely the exact same TV, with different branding. Also, all other Bauhn TVs are 60Hz.

    • +2

      You can get Hisense at that price - I did from JB HIFI earlier this year (2020 58S5) and saw the new 2021 models of my TV at Costco last week going for about $500 or less. Spec-wise, Hisense beats Ffalcon and similar brands. For your mother, it has all the basic functions, live TV, apps, etc. working quite well.

      That said, for 500 odd dollars, we're basically talking IKEA furniture here. If it lasts a good couple of years, not a bad purchase.

      • Hisense has been great for us other than mediocre picture quality and lack of a Disney+ app (bought a Chromecast to fix that)

      • Missed the Costco one

    • +1

      Not really. We have bought two Bauhn TV in the last couple of years and ended up returning both within a few months (2 different models ). The ‘smart tv’ part was laggy and slow and sound was crappy which I expected prior purchasing, however both units started having screen issues after a short while. And the image quality was visibly worse than our Hisense tv at similar price range too. Also the way Aldi stocks those tv makes it almost impossible to swap to a new one under warranty.
      It’s really not bad for the price when it lasts, but I’d personally stay away from this brand. We’ve had Soniq, TCL and Kogan cheap tvs before and none of them had big issues.

    • I love my Hisense. Netflix and YouTube comes with it

    • All the Bauhn TVs I have used are faster and more reliable than Ffalcon and Kogan TVs

  • +3

    These are such a lottery dip (i personally won't buy them again), but great for people who don't have any particular requirements and aren't fussy. Audio is typically beyond rubbish though so need a soundbar or bookshelf speakers.

    • +7
      • Lucky dip.
    • Judging by my local Aldi, I often see returned TV's for sale. I guess they were not as good as expected.

      • Do they mark them down? Could it be a rort, buy the TV watch it a few weeks (Free Big TV for a while?). Or even take it back then get buddy to buy it back marked down.

        • +1

          The Aldi mark down is so tiny these days, you won't be able recognize it.

  • +1
    • +1

      Important to note from said manual : no additional apps can be added to this tv.

      • Ah nicely spotted. This is no Android TV

      • -3


        That makes it less a smart TV, and more on the spectrum from quasi to full bananas retarded.

        Edit: but at least it's got Yahoo 😐

        • Ooh. Can I use Yahoo Chat?

          • +3

            @tomsco: Only if the other two people who use it are online at the same time 😉

      • I have a 70" Aldi TV. It runs WebOS and you can install applications on it. I paid $700 for it and didn't expect much for it. However, given the price, it's ok as a 2nd display. The sound is remarkably good for such a cheap TV. I don't need a sound bar.

    • The feet look different.

  • +3

    The last time I checked, ALDI has a 60 day return policy, no questions asked.

  • Would this TV support Disney Plus?

    • Not without a box. No apps can be added.

    • If it’s anything like the last Aldi 65”, trying to run Disney+ in the browser app is painful and borderline impossible. A Hisense A7G however, plays D+ fine in browser, just a bit slow at loading the preview images.

    • Probably not. You would need a cheap ebay media player with Android TV to get Disney Plus, which would be the cheapest option.

    • +1

      Get a Chromecast or FireTv and your problem will be easily solved. We have a top of range Sony Android TV purchased 4-5years ago, now with the updates and stuff it started slowing down and I’ve just given up the smart part on the tv and added a Chromecast TV with remote, works like a dream now.

  • +14

    Friends don't let friends buy Bauhn TVs.

  • +2

    Decent rumpus room TV for the kids if you attach an Apple TV (and bypass all the crappy smart tv rubbish)

    • Private eye health insurance for life.

    • +1

      Or for the true OZ bargain user attach a cheap ebay media player with Android TV.

  • +3

    If its crap Aldi will take it back no issues, other retailers are as easy to return products

    • Other retailers are NOT as easy to return and most will not allow you to return if you don't like it. If its DOA or does not work correctly then you can return it.

      • +4

        think they meant aren't

  • +1

    Great price for a kids room tv. No, this shouldn't be your daily driver lounge room TV, but why should it have to be for $500?

  • +2

    So I got the 60" model from the last deal, it had the smart remote which was awesome and the OS in general was impressive for the price.

    Mine lasted less than an hour, returned it the next day. Given the stuff around in finding stock at Aldi and having to box it back up and return it, ill be avoiding Bauhn. That said, if you want a cheap TV and dont mind the gamble, the TV itself was great for the price

    • I got the 60 as well, and it's been pretty great. I certainly suspect there's an element of risk though - if it craps out after a while I won't be at all surprised.

  • Missed out on the 60" webOS TV in the last Aldi Special buy. Would this be better that that model? It would be used for the kids in the rumpus room.

    Not really concerned with the "Smart" part as they use a PS4 to watch Netflix/Disney+/Youtube etc.

    • +1

      I just checked my local Aldi and they have like 20 of the 60" models in stock. They were completely sold out when it originally came out. Looks like they have a bunch more stock so might be worth checking your local!

      WebOS has more access to apps and gets updated more. UI is probably smoother too..

      • I have the 60" sitting in the box until I move into my new home in a couple weeks

        It's weird that this 65" is priced the same as 60" , Im thinking there is more value in the 60" system and UI and perhaps more value when into the size of the 65" leading to a less functional system and UI 🤔

  • I have the 40" Bauhn TV and I can say the TV image is good but the sound is crap and the remote is even worse. I've had to order replacement remotes because the ones supplied kept dieing. but then again, you get what you pay for.

  • +1

    Tempted but not sure why. I've returned two smaller Bauhn TV's in the past for various crappiness issues. A 65" TV will be difficult to repack and return.

    • +1

      We’ve returned two 65’’ units back to Aldi… yeah lesson learnt the hard way

  • Not to hijack, but what's the best vakue for money 32" right now that already has Google TV OS?

    • probably the Big W ones

    • @YellowKnight the only TV's that have the proper Chromecast with Google TV built into them are Sony and TCL, and its mostly just the high end models

      Find yourself a good non-smart panel and get the CCwGTV separate

      • TIL there's a difference between Android TV and Google TV…..but I don't know what that difference is….

      • What's a good non-smart panel TV for the 32" range then?

        • @YellowKnight I was in the same position as you a few months ago and I struggled to find anything in 1080p, let alone better res.

          I ended up going with a 32" Dell curved 4k display, maybe wait for another special like this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641205

    • I dont think there is any good 32" with android TV, just get a cheap 32" and a google TV

  • +1

    Wouldn’t recommend this brand.
    After 2 years my unit has vertical lines all over the display.

    • Did you return it under warranty?

      • Unfortunately cannot find the receipt

        • If you bought it with your credit card then your statement is sufficient.

  • android or webos?

  • Any thought on an OK screen. I have bookshelf speakers and a NUC with Linux, so really just an ok panel. Not looking to spend heaps. This one be ok or maybe Kogan instead?

    • +1

      This one will be fine for your use. Just don't rely on the Smart OS and it's a P.O.S. Use a Chromecast and you won't have any issues

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