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Samsung Z Flip3 $500 off + $500 Trade-in Bonus - 128GB $499, 256GB $599 @ Samsung



Samsung Z Flip3
128GB (RRP 1499$) - 999$
256GB (RRP 1599$) - 1099$

so Samsung decided to update their site today with this promo to match their amazon store and what JB-Hifi has going on.
if you have something you can attempt the trade-in, this is effectively the best deal so far for the z flip3

effectively bringing this down to all-time low if with the trade-in bonus to 499$

If you have the loyalty $100 and sign-up $50 Vouchers, now is the time to use them for further discounts.
EDIT: seems like codes currently disabled as few members reported

*additional note if it comes up as 1499$/1599$, refresh the page.

Good luck happy purchasing.

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    • I still haven't gotten an email about it either. Checked spam and everything. You?

      • Yeah, same with me, no comms

  • How's everyone going with their phones. Like it or not?

  • Anyone changed their mind on a 256gb model let me know :( missed out on the one day i didn't check ozb :(((

    • -1

      Many missed out on the hour they didn't check ozb

  • Haven't received mine yet, is it true that these phones don't include a charger?
    If true, that's incredible disappointing considering these are flagship phones!
    How's that even legal?

    • +1

      Ask apple

      • Woow I have no idea this was thing!

  • Is everyone sending their phone for trade-in?

    • I have not even received my email to send the phone

    • I valued my iPhone 11 Pro for trade in and I think its pretty laughable what Samsung offered so off to ebay it goes. I'm sure what I'll get will pretty much pay off about 90% of what I owe Samsung for this 😃

  • just fyi that you can still purchase the samsung care+ for 50% off even if you already have your device.
    forgot to add that while ordering, but saw you can still purchase through samsung members app.

    • Where did you see that in the samsung members app? I just had a look and didn't see anything, although looking on my old phone still. So the Samsung Care+ would be $125?

      • in the "Get help" tab. yes, it's still $124.5 and you need to do it using your new phone.

        note that after you purchase, you will receive additional instruction from samsung to activate. check you junk/spam as mine was sent there.

        • Thanks for that

    • I'm thinking about getting the Samsung Care+. Is it worth it (particularly for 50% off). I know my missus will drop her Flip; and it looks like it's more prone to breakage than normal Galaxy series.

  • lol the charger arrives first today but the phone could be tomorrow.
    (bought the charger together with the phone, samsung 25w for $16 not bad using newsletter code)

  • Did anyone order the Lavender? It says PRE-ORDER Ships from: 23 Dec 2021 for me. :(

    • me lav.
      estimate delivery tomorrow 14/12

      • What time did you order? I ordered around 2:30pm on the 8th and I'm in QLD.Pretty sure it was the same ETA for store pickup and delivery. :(

        • 6pm sydney 8th

    • Me too :(

      • Order time and location?

        • 8pm Melbourne
          I sent an email to cystomer service last week to see if its possible for delivery any earlier but no response…

          • +1

            @RIPwallet: I chatted with them online and they just said they don't have it in their warehouse …

  • got my order confirmation around 9pm on the 8th, but decided to pick it up from a store… bad decision as its still stuck in "Preparing Dispatch"

  • +2

    I ordered on Wednesday night.
    Received the phone on Friday afternoon and have been using it over the weekend (Phantom Black 256gb).
    Its a really fun fun phone. I like the camera options - especially since I can use the main camera for wide angle selfies (instead of selfie cam). Only gets warm once in a while, but been a pleasure to use otherwise.
    I've started looking into optimisations and found a few tweaks (e.g. Max Hz) to set screen to 96hz (instead of 120hz) to preserve battery etc. I'll see how it goes next few days.
    I came from using the Pixel phones since the OG and am trading in the P5. I still haven't received the email to send in my trade in phone, but I guess it would be soon?
    I still am amazed at the engineering behind this thing. It's been a pleasure to use so far.

    • @sphinxy

      that 96hz, using the apk from xda frorum, right?

      • Yup. Need to get ADB (which is simple) and run a command, then all easy

  • +5

    I have got 3 phone now. s21 ultra , z flip3, s21+.
    Please don't post more deals on phone :D ;)

  • Got my phone… it's fun to try android after a good 10 years or so. Love the small folded size.

    Anyone figured out how to upgrade to android 12 ? Or even join the beta program? Thanks

    • +1

      You get it when you get it

  • Got my 256GB black today, nice phone. but it will take some time for me to adjust as a 10 year iphone user.

    Also, can anyone recommend me a charger? currently I am charging with my powerbank

    • Any PD capable charger would sufficed.

  • i got my 256GB black too but wanted to give as a xmas present so wont be able to send the missus' trade-in until later - assume u cant extend the 7 days?

  • This phone hot. The top part. Will this go away or permanently hot? Amazed that the quality control team didnt stop this before releasing to market?

    • I think for a small space they fit in, probably that’s the compromise you get. But then again, pixel 6 pro and s21 ultra that I used (both using exynos variant) gets hot too.

    • Compare to s21, I dont think it is abnormally hot?

      • oh ok. yeah sorry i dont have s21 but i many older model than that prviously (and many other brands, huawei nokia lg xiaomi iphone asus etc) - none as hot as this

      • s21 isn't hot. What are you talking about? And I dont think ChiMot is taking the phone to its limits or anything.

  • Still debating if I should keep after reading all the battery issues.

    • well at least the battery is as hot as pie, hotpie~

      • +1

        Will need to change my name to hotflip3

    • i've just turned on power saving (with only the option of CPU running 70% max), and forced 96Hz Screen Refresh mod. hopefully battery life 'll be better.
      i dont game or use heavy intensive stuff but battery life (without the mods) during wired android auto dropped 10% in 1 hour.

      • Cheers for that. Your tempting me now.

        • i think it'll take awhile before android learns user usage similar to the new pixels [usage of at least 1 week]. However there's no denying the issues such as lower battery capacity thus life and some bugs e.g. i can't use the Westpac app properly and android auto is a battery killer.

          • @Tohnio: Shyte. Doesn't sound to promising. O have Android auto. Oh well think I might be sending it back. Thx

  • Shipment still delayed for me (phantom black 256gb).. no ETA….

  • I've received my phone, but I've yet to receive any email asking me to return my old trade in? Anyone else?

    • I received the email on the same day as delivery

      "Thank you for recently completing your Samsung Trade-Up order. We hope you're loving your new Samsung device.

      Once your new phone is successfully set up, you'll need to return your original device within 7 days to avoid a late return charge. It's as easy as:

      1 - Transfer your data to your new phone

      2 - Unlock and disable all passwords and security features on your original device

      3 - Erase any data by performing a factory reset and remove your sim card

      4 - Take your original device and this email into your nearest Australia Post outlet

      5 - Australia Post will take your original device and return it (at no charge) when you show them the eParcel label attached to this email"

      • +3

        I got my email not long after StarTrack delivered mine. And I quickly emailed them to say I changed my mind and won’t be sending the trade-in + also happy for the trade-in credit to be back charged. I got a response the next next day:

        “ Hi,

        Thanks for your query, if you wish to not return your old device you will be charged the full trade-in credit (the amount you got offered for your old device). After this it will no longer be a requirement to return your old device to us. We hope that this information has been helpful.

        Unfortunately, we do not have the exact time frame of when you will be charged, this is an automated process, and the charge should occur after 14 days has passed since you were sent your return label. To make the process as easy as possible please keep the funds available in your account.

        Any bonus credit/vouchers will remain as it is. You may receive some reminder emails about returning your old device which you can ignore if you’re planning to keep that device. Any bonus credit will remain as it is.

        Samsung trade-up team
        [email protected]

        So yeah, definitely email them so you have it in writing (if you plan on not trading in your old phone).

        • I just have not received any emails from them at all. I wonder if they don't send me an email, I may fall in between the cracks and won't have to pay it? As wouldn't the onus be on Samsung to send me the details as how to do that? Would it not be reasonable to argue: how could I send my phone back if Samsung never sent me instructions on how to do so?

    • I too have not yet received an email.
      I received my phone last Friday - so I am pretty much at day 6 with it. Not sure who to contact? I've checked my spam folder as well and nothing there.

      • I posted this above, but just for notifications sake for you: I just have not received any emails from them at all. I wonder if they don't send me an email, I may fall in between the cracks and won't have to pay it? As wouldn't the onus be on Samsung to send me the details as how to do that? Would it not be reasonable to argue: how could I send my phone back if Samsung never sent me instructions on how to do so?

        • I hear you.
          I'm trying to do the right thing, but you gotta help me!

          • @sphinxy: You gotta help me! I don't know what to do in this situation.

            • @methusala: Sorry, that was directed at Samsung and their email to trade in the phone XD

              • @sphinxy: I'm in the same situation and I actually do want to send my old phone in. I have not received the trade in email and I'm getting no response after sending email to [email protected]

                • @ColourWolf: Can you keep me posted if they respond? I didn't know who I should have reached out to.

                • @ColourWolf: Any response or update?

                  • @methusala: I got a response from them last Friday asking me to check my junk mail. I responded that I already did that and asked them to send the instructions and as I have never received the return instructions. Also asked them to ensure that I do not get charged non return fee. Now I'm just waiting and see what happens.

                    • @ColourWolf: they ever follow up? i still havent gotten an email from them.

                      • @methusala: Still nothing. Checking my credit card daily but no charge so far. Maybe they have forgotten about us?

    • Same, received nothing and it's over a week since receiving and setting up the phone. Emailed their online store address to query this, no response. Not going to follow it up any further unless they try to charge me, at which point can show the evidence of trying to resolve it.

      • they ever get back to you?

  • +1

    The bespoke edition phone I ordered seems like it will take another 5 weeks :(

    • +1

      Jesus thats a long wait. Flip 4 might be out by then

    • I'm in the same boat 😔 my order still showing as"processing"

    • I posted this back on page 6:
      "6 Your Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition requires special production. Once an order has been placed, no changes to the order are permitted, this includes cancelling or changing the device colour of your choice. We will endeavour to deliver your customised phone within 5 - 6 weeks, however there may be delays due to production demand. Customised products are exempt from the 14 day Change of Mind Policy."

  • Just got my Bespoke phone :)

    • that was quick!
      alrdy sounds like an Xmas present

    • did they send an email saying it has been sent?
      or did you just show up?

      • startrack delivered today. i am in WA

        • was there an update via email that it was ready? my last email from them is 10th Dec saying it was being made and could take up to 6 weeks

          • @googoogaga: yeah it was expected jan 2nd week, but got a tracking number via sms 2 days ago.

  • Does anyone know if the 2 year warranty starts from when the phone was purchased, or from when the phone is unboxed and set up?

    • Invoice date.

  • Just confirmed that I have been charged $60 admin fee.

    • So its the value of the phone plus 60 ?

      • Yes.

        • Interesting. They didn't charge this $60 admin fee on top of the phone value previously

    • Did you get any mail from them? is it including the tradein value + admin charge?
      Still waiting for mail from Asurion for any instructions..

      • I haven't been charged yet but they confirmed via mail that a $60 admin fee would be charged.
        Still a great deal though!

      • -1

        I tried to argue this admin fee with Samsung through email. No luck.

        • What can you argue. Clearly states that they have the right to charge it. Either send the phone in or absorb the charge and move on

        • I never got charged the 60 just the trade in value

  • Still waiting on the trade in email. Nothing in junk folder either. But when i checked my samsung account orders, it still says waiting for pickup even though i picked it up from the store already

    • I just checked this too and it says my phone is still preparing for dispatch, even though I've picked it up. Have you let them know yet? Or just gonna wait till they contact you?

      • Just going to wait. Im in no rush to send it back

  • No email here either whatsoever.

  • no email for trade in yet.

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