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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


I just spoke with JB-Hifi today about Telstra 5G plans. In-store, the $500 gift card offer on the $69 plan is back for today only (normally $300).

[edit] I can confirm that the offer is active, just went to the store and did it myself.
They also offer the $99 150gb 24-month plan with $1200 gift card, but that’s no deal from me.

$10 porting credit is still possible according to some comments below such as this and this.

It is possible to sign up this even if you have not ported out of Telstra for more than 30 days according to danlmoore and tryonthis.

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          There is a 1 month cooling off period after porting out from Telstra before you can port back in.

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            @moonpen: There really isn't a 1 month cooling off. From prepaid that is.

            • @Inflow: This time got rejected, so yeah wait one month.

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          The deal os for *NEW customers only. So people try to move (port) their telstra account to another provider(eg. Optus, voda) and then go to JBhifi to sign up for the deal.

          The only issue is that JBhifi normally says you have to be with a different b3twork for at least 1 month before they will consider you as a *NEW customer 🌱

  • I guess this plan doesn't include int calls (USA), hope i am wrong.

    • No international calls. However the Telstra prepaid include them. Go figure.

    • If you want Telstra network with unlimited USA calls the best option is Boost prepaid on the 12 month plans


      $180 for 12 months works out to $15 per month

  • What is the extra $10 credit and how does that get applied? What is Telstra’s criteria for a new contract when porting from Optus? I’m currently out of work due to the situation so would they still give a contract?

    • Thought you could always get 1 phone plan regardless of employment status… subsequent ones required credit check, proof on income etc..?

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        $10-$15 port in credit from telstra chat but you have to be persistent and patient.

        • I asked for $10, just said it was mentioned to me in the store and that I realised shortly after I signed up that telstra's 5g pricing was not very price competitive to optus so wanted to get that applied.

          • @DisabledUser375561: So how does it work? You signed up with JB to get the gift card then bargain the $10 credit with Telstra afterward or do we bargain that with JB in store? I don’t think JB Hi Fi can do that?

            • @ktphan: Bargain with Telstra afterward in the Telstra app using their chat

  • I heard that the 24 Month plan have $1200 Gift card for today as well ?

    • I am not going on a $70/m contract for 24 months.

    • Correct, I was told that too, works out $49/month after GC, so no deal from me.

  • Also you can stack this deal with the $200 Pixel Trade up saga

  • Any mention of the $99 200gb plan with a $30 credit and gift card? I missed that one and was keen to get it if it came back.

    • The deal is long gone, I did ask. Apparently came with $1200 GC!

      • Damn :(

      • +1

        Only $1200 for the 24 month plan. Otherwise the standard $500 for 12 months.

  • Curious (slightly unrelated) - if you choose to port your number across to Telstra, are you able to request a new (replacement) number at some point down the track within the contract period?

  • Any wiki on how to port out from Telstra, to then port back in with a deal like this? My last one from Nov last year expired and looking to get another voucher.

  • Another question, do other providers (Optus, Vodafone) do deals like this? I only really see Telstra!

    • +3

      Yes, but usually not JB. Harvey Norman does Optus.

      • Thanks, will keep an eye out!

  • Not sure, but might be able to be combined with the 5% coupon code from yesterday for phones.

    For example the Pixel 6 would be $500 Credit + $449 cash

  • Same deal at Good Guys today only.

  • Why is today only? Will this be possible on Xmas or New Year?

  • Does anyone have recent experience on changing plans from this JB-Hifi plan to Telstra's month to month plans before the 12 months is up?

    In the past, people were claiming to do so shortly after signing up with no specific early termination fee applying.

    • Have done so before, but I think it was a stuff up on the part of JB's set up when they did my wife's contract. Signed her number up to this deal and looked into the contract details in MyTelstra a couple of months later when they did 150GB for $65/month. It didn't have an end date for her plan in MyTelstra. So I was able to "upgrade" to that plan and broke the JB contract without an ETC fee.

      Other people have claimed they were able to talk to chat to "upgrade" to a Telstra month-to-month plan, but apparently that loophole has been closed off now.

    • They have updated the ETC to also include the gift card, so even if you were able to port out without the standard ETC, you would probably still get slugged for the gift card

  • My old plan ended at the end of September(the old 69-10 a month and gift card promo) am I eligible for this?

    • Yes. I was on the same.

      • Mine was ended on September too but I still use their service without contract. Are we eligible for this? Or do we have to jump to different provider first for 12 months?

        • +1

          Just port to another prepaid sim, for e.g. Kogan and then head to the store and say you want to port in to this plan. Some say you have to wait 30 days. but I never had to wait any time.

          • @Inflow: Thank you

            • @Fredfloresjr: edit: it has to be 30 days, really depends if the rep checks or not, since last 3 times they never bothered too.

        • Check out this comment. You don't need a prepaid sim.


  • Has anyone tried getting the $10 off p/m credit yet? Either with JB or Telstra directly?

    • The sales guy I got did not do it for me :(

      • +1

        Keep trying. Try different chat guys. Ask for $15. Don't argue. Be nice

    • +1

      I got it 3 weeks ago. Just joined chat and said something like "hi I just ported my number to telstra and I'm here to have the $10 monthly credit applied. Can you help me with this?" worked first go

    • I messaged Telstra through the app and asked for the $15 per month credit. They came back and said they could do $10 instead. Not too bad!

  • Any way around this if I'm currently with Boost?

    • Curious to know this too. My wife is with boost and keen to move her over.

  • Does anyone know if you can add apple watch cellular with one of these JB plans?

    • Yes but you have to do it with Telstra afterwards.

    • Yes you can, extra $5 a month

      • +1

        U can do it from applewatch app directly with out talking to telstra.

  • if you want a pixel 6, makes more sense to use this deal right?


    • 399 + 69* 12 = $1227 minus $999 phone = $228, $10 p/m off from Telstra = $108

      the $500 g/c is basically = $228 with $10p/m off. so yes the $399 one is cheaper if you want to get a pixel 6.

  • Can this be used as an E-sim?

  • +1

    Can anyone tell me if I can use this plan in a 4G phone? EG, old iPhone 7. Or would it require a 5G capable handset? Cheers

    • +1

      Works with 4G too :)
      Just won't get 5G coverage obviously, until you get a 5G compatible phone

      • That’s sucks. Really wanted to start uploading my biometric data to Bill Gates and buy some UHD movies.

        Thanks for the info.

        • Oh never fret, you still can, it'll just take a little longer…

  • One Number is available via JB Telstra plans?

  • +1

    Does this/ $10 credit per month work if porting in from Aldi mobile (on the Telstra network) ?

    • Yes as Aldi is a reseller and not owned by Telstra

  • So am I right in understanding the process is sign up to this, once signed up you then jump on Telstra chat to ask for the credit discount?

    • Yes. YMMV on being able to obtain the credit though.

    • Can be very difficult to get the $10 nowadays but you still can

    • I did it a couple weeks ago pretty easily. Just tell the chat person that the JB sales person had told you to contact telstra for the $10 port in.

      Take a look from the previous deals thread - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664562

    • I got the $10 first time asking. Just be really nice, ask how they are, send smiley faces, etc.

  • Just went in store @ Jb hifi Mount Druitt and the rep there told me they’re not running this promotion.

    He did mention the 24 month plan promo as well as the $300 promo but not the $500 gift card.

    The rep was rude and adamant no such promo was running despite advising him that other jb stores were running the promo.

    Might be an isolated incident but the rep was extremely rude about it. Left within 2 mins of entering the store.

    • Thanks for the information, I was about to head to there. They usually check up on their systems as they don't remember anything.

      • Interesting, did he even look up their system? My rep opened up their JB intranet and showed me the deals they are running today, the $69 plan had $500 GC or $500 credit towards phone.

        • Aight, will check too.

        • He didn’t even bother checking his system despite me advising him that other stores had this promo running.

          Ignorance or arrogance ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • I called up, he said the gift card is $300 or $500 off any phone. Now I don't know who to believe. I don't want the $500 off any phone lol.

          • @Inflow: Just went in store, they showed me the deal on their intranet page.

            • @Mouthful: Does it show $500 Gift card, and not off any phone? If so then they are either dumb, or not wanting to process so many.

              • +1

                @Inflow: Yes shows the $500 gift card. Yes it takes them time to process and I don't know if they get any incentive for doing so.

                • @Mouthful: Okay thanks. 4 port in's incoming tonight :D

                  • @Inflow: Got rejected, they said you have to wait 30 days from porting, even though they are the same people that have been doing this for me for the past 3 years lol. Anyways will wait for boxing day I guess.

    • Lets hope I dont get this reaction. I plan on heading down to my local and picking up two new contracts and walking out with two new phones…

    • I called Liverpool store and the rep confirmed it's $500 for today but can't sign up via phone. Need to go in store later.

  • Can I buy a sim from Optus then port it straight in to Telstra the same day?

    • No.
      JB were running this Promo on Monday when I was in there.
      They said 30 days port out.

    • Walked in at an Optus store to buy a $2 sim but they gave it to me for free. Went to JB HiFi after to inquire about plan and found out they can just create a new Telstra number, no need to port-in your non-Telstra number.

  • So you must have an existing sim? Would like to just sign up a new number.

    • +2

      JB HiFi can just create a new Telstra number for you. Confirmed earlier today at World Square, doesn’t have to be a port-in.

  • -1

    $10 was easy to get, wasted a lot of time and multiple chats to escalate to $15 but no love.

    • Via online chat?

    • What did you say to get the $10 easily?

      • -1

        i said truthfully, i had been epicly stuffed around by jb and the sales guy mentioned I could get a $15/month apology credit for 12 months (untruthfully).

        They instantly said cant do $15, will do $10.

        Tried to fight it, but chat got disconnected, while I was trying to re-connect I got the email saying changes had been made to account to reflect $10/month credit.
        I figured I could probably waste a good couple of hours fighting it, but thought it wasn't worth the $60 to be saved

  • what happens if you use up the 80gb of data does it come with peace of mind data and slow down to 1.5mps unlimited or is it only with telstra direct sign up plans? can you post pone the port in start date of this plan if you sign up today?

  • Has anyone else been able to get this today?

  • Hi, I am going to port in my 3 numbers for this deal. Will I get $500 * 3 giftcard?
    Will I get 80GB for each number? Or total 240GB shareable data?

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