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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


I just spoke with JB-Hifi today about Telstra 5G plans. In-store, the $500 gift card offer on the $69 plan is back for today only (normally $300).

[edit] I can confirm that the offer is active, just went to the store and did it myself.
They also offer the $99 150gb 24-month plan with $1200 gift card, but that’s no deal from me.

$10 porting credit is still possible according to some comments below such as this and this.

It is possible to sign up this even if you have not ported out of Telstra for more than 30 days according to danlmoore and tryonthis.

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  • Zzz went yesterday but woolworths mobile still hasn't ported over yet… So no gift card yet

  • Damn couldn't make it to the store yesterday. Guess have to wait for another deal hopefully before the end of year.

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      i just rang and they said it's on until saturday, double check with ur store :)

      • Got excited after your comment and called local store in Castle Hill Home apparently offer is now on $500 off on a handset not the gift card like yesterday. No deal for me.

        • weird, in qld they definitely said its a gift card, might be worth calling another local store?

      • None are offering $500 gift card till Saturday, only $500 toward new phone purchase… but please prove me wrong, I would love this deal today

  • Man, this makes it so tempting to start hopping between Optus and Telstra every year with these vouchers always coming out for JB and Harvey Norman…..

  • Missed this deal yesterday, has anyone had any luck trying to get it today?

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      Tried 2 stores in Brisbane city with no luck

      • Thanks mate, didn't end up having time yesterday to go! :(

  • Finally got through, $10 discount (first guy said no but second guy said yes) and moved my number over to the new contract..was a bit scary because my phone number was cancelled for 15 minutes before it got pushed to the new contract.

  • JB have absolutely screwed my port.

    Put my address in wrong, a completely different state. Been over 24 hours and nothing. Went in today and they said to wait.

    Yet to receive gift card. I hope they don't try and fudge me out of the $500

    • Well, managed to get it all sorted.

      I got greedy and asked for $15 per month credit for two of my services….and they did it!

      Only for 6 months though. And they said to reapply for discount in another 6 months..

      Pretty happy

      • How'd you manage that? The Telstra live chat is just a robot, I've tried calling actual phone line and they've said no twice already since I've already ported

        • If you type 'chat to agent', they'll route you through

    • Hey, did you end up getting a confirmation email for the discount? The rep told me to wait a few hours but I haven’t gotten any yet.

      • Yep got it immediately

  • Managed to get a $20 credit for 12 months just now. Though I still haven’t received the usual email confirmation. Agent said it should come through within 24hrs.

    • is it a $20 port in credit? Also how did you get it? what did you say exactly to get it?

      • I just went to live chat and asked if they can apply a $20 credit to my account. Took me several tries though. And still no email confirmation.

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