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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828) @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


I just spoke with JB-Hifi today about Telstra 5G plans. In-store, the $500 gift card offer on the $69 plan is back for today only (normally $300).

[edit] I can confirm that the offer is active, just went to the store and did it myself.
They also offer the $99 150gb 24-month plan with $1200 gift card, but that’s no deal from me.

$10 porting credit is still possible according to some comments below such as this and this.

It is possible to sign up this even if you have not ported out of Telstra for more than 30 days according to danlmoore and tryonthis.

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    • Receive each for everything you mentioned.

      • Are the datas shareable? On telstra website. They say only upfronts datas are shareable. I am not sure if the plan in this deal is upfront plan or not.

  • Not sure about that, I don't think so.

  • Can you do this over the phone or do you have to go in store?

    • it says or request a call back. not sure how they give you the gift card over the phone maybe they will email it? try it and let us know

      • when covid first hit, i got them to do it over the phone and card was emailed out a few days after activation.

    • I am pretty sure you have to do this in store as they need to verify your IDs. Hence similar deals this year, Sydney and Melbourne people commented they cannot take advantage of due to lock downs…

      • I legit got stuffed around by my local jb so they offered to do 99.9% of the sign up over the phone.
        All i had to do on the day was rock up and sign the paperwork.

        I already have accounts with Telstra, so that probably helped..

        • I know the feeling. Miscommunication and misinformation from both JB and Telstra staff, it took me a total of 3 trips into JB for the sign up process!

  • Can you convert this package to an eSim? According to telstra you can't have some packages as an esim. It's not clear where this package falls in to..

    • +1

      Yea can transfer the service over to an eSim. They just have provide you the physical sim first and provision it etc. afterwards you can use the telstra app and select "Transfer or restore eSIM". Just signed up and transferred to eSIM an hour ago

      • Nice. Thanks moonpen.

  • Can data be shared on these plans?

  • i already have a telstra account for land line if i port my mobile in can one later jump on chat and get $10 per month applied to the account for adding a new service? anyone had luck getting the $10 credit applied today? will one be able to use the amex credit offers to pay off this plan in advance?

  • can you use the GC immediately on the purchase of the phone as part of the deal. i.e. 399 for pixel6 ?

    • It's a physical giftcard so you can do as you please

    • JB have two $500 deals on the $69 plan. You can choose either $500 GC or $500 off towards another phone.
      They also have discounted phone deals on the 69 plan too. Pixel 6 for $399 was one of them.

  • Does anyone know if I can stack this deal with the Pixel 6 for $399 deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/669022?page=1#comment

    • No. lol

      • :( too greedy right? haha

      • You though 500 GC + $399 Pixel + $200 Pixel credit ! Then sell phone and actually get paid (and laid as well rofl) to use Telstra ? Wow talk about the modern day customer !

        • Haha, can you give me a gold pixel while you at it.

  • Tried to do the offer from Malaga, WA. They refused as I had only ported away 3 weeks ago, just an FYI if anyone is trying from that store. Anyone had any luck with WA stores?

  • Just got the deal including $10 port in credit. Thanks OP.
    All I had to do is ask live chat for the credit and told them JB representative told me I can get it from Telstra.

  • got rejected. ported out 27 days ago. Said bad luck wait for 30 days. zzz Might try another store. Vic

    • So after porting out of Telstra you have to wait 30 days till you can port back in?

      • thats what i was told. :( sad.

        • Did JB Hi Fi say this or was there a restriction with Telstra?

          • @tokyo: not sure about telstra, but this is what the jb hifi rep that i spoke to said.

            • @hibijibis: They can do it, but they say "they will get in trouble if they do it" I also got rejected too. I've told them I've done this for the past three years but whatever. Guess we wait for boxing day.

  • Can you get the $10 credit if you are a new customer?

  • How are people actually getting through to a telstra agent to even ask for the $10 credit? I keep going to the live chat, getting the bot, saying I want to discuss a port in credit and then it directs me to call.

    • +3

      type "chat to someone please"
      then they will ask what you need help with, and you have few options to choose
      you choose "billing and accounts""

      and then someone will chat to you. Good luck!

      • Cheers managed to get someone. They seem to be applying the credit now. We will see…

        • Can you tell me if you receive any confirmation email from Telstra or proof to say the credit has been applied on?

          Thanks in advance

          • @kchibi7: I did. Received 2 emails for the 2 sims I did it for. Both with updated monthly charge of $59 a month.

            • +2

              @dwhes: Ok thanks for confirming. Because I didn't get any emails for the discount so need to chat to them again! They just said it will be reflected in the next statement I receive

              • @kchibi7: No worries, yeh I would definitely be chasing them up. I’m glad to have actual proof the credit has been applied.

                • @dwhes: So glad I checked with you! Been 1.5 hrs already, rep said she's typing the email up so just waiting, hopefully not long!

                • @dwhes: Hmm the email I received is an email typed by the rep and signed off from her. Not actually a Telstra updated monthly plan one. Hopefully that is sufficient? Never seen one like that before.

                  • @kchibi7: I’m sure it’ll be sufficient to ensure you can get it rectified if it doesn’t appear on your next bill. But hopefully it does so you don’t have to jump through hoops.

                    • +1

                      @dwhes: Yes hope so too. It says it should be reflected in 1-2 billing cycles, which might not be the first month. As long as I get it. Great job in getting both yours done (referring to your below story)

  • Anyone had any luck porting in a business number? I tried a few years back and it was near impossible. Just checking if anything has changed

  • how often do they ran this offer of Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-in to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB? i might hold off as i still have plenty of data left on my prepaid sim.

  • Managed to get the $10 port in credit - had to talk to someone different as the first time it didn’t go through. Keep trying if you fail the first time!

  • finally got call back now. local store said they extended their opening hours until 9pm today and aren't set up to take orders over phone yet. its a 1 day only special offer and you cant post pone the start date. the $10 account credit is nothing to do with jb hi fi. its between you and Telstra. i guess those that already have other services with Telstra may have better luck asking for the credit then new customers with a single service.

  • +4

    Ok massive success today. Ported my wife’s phone from boost to a Kogan (vodafone) sim this afternoon. Went into JB and was able to port her phone over to Telstra with no issues along with sign up a new sim. The JB lady asked what service I was porting from and I said Kogan and no further questions were asked, eg how long was I with Kogan. Got 2 $500 gift cards. Then jumped on chat and after wasting 20min with the first rep who was trying to send me to JB to get the credit, I disconnected and got a new one who was able to apply the $10 credit for 12 months to the ported number and to the new sim number. He was then able to move my old Telstra number onto the new number and close down that old account. So that trick still works fine! Old sim stopped working within minutes, put the new one in and it correctly registered as my old number. And I received an email with my plan changes to $59 a month. Great success!

    • +1

      Thanks for the tip! I was trying to get my new plan (using a new sim) moved over to my old number (existing plan) and didn’t have any success! I’ll try tye reverse which is what you did above! Fingers crossed I get lucky.

      • Yeh don’t think you can do it the way you’re wanting. You need to move the number over and close the old contract. But you definitely need to find an agent who knows what they are doing. Doesn’t seem like a common thing that all know how to do. But good thing is the trick still works.

        • its a hit and miss with the porting, if the rep wants to check if you were with telstra within 30 days and use that against you then you cant port. Sometimes they don't care.

          • @Inflow: Yeh she definitely didn’t seem to delve any deeper. But she did say that I had to be coming from a different carrier otherwise wouldn’t be eligible. So she was aware of the restriction, but she didn’t seem to check on the 30 days. Not sure if it was less likely she could see or not given it was boost.

    • ref "Got 2 $500 gift cards" i assume you signed up for a plan too to get a second gift card?

      • Yep ported 1 and signed up another new 1. And then merged the existing number I had on my Telstra account on to the new 1 I had signed up.

    • +1

      I had the same experience of porting out 30 mins before I went into the store. Previously with Boost and ported to Optus and it worked straight away. First Telstra rep sent a "Call Back from JB" on my behalf after I explicitly told her I did not want to do that… Second Telstra rep told me they submitted a request for the plan discount and that I should receive an email within a few hours but have nothing as of yet.

      • Yeh that was my experience with my first rep. Ended the chat after she wouldn’t stop trying to schedule a call back from JB. Second rep understood and applied the credits correctly.

  • Confirmed $10 credit applied via Telstra chat.

  • +1

    I don't know how good is this deal is but I went to the shop and got it. Thanks OP

    • +2

      LOL That’s the OBer’s way. Buy first, think later.

  • Why does this plan “ JB “ plan have all the international calls and roaming options as similar plan direct from telstra have many allowances added.

  • So I signed up to this deal today after only being on pre paid for 2 weeks with no worries at all. I went on chat to apply the $10 credit and was told that it’s all good but as it was only just activated I had to reach back out after the first bill. Anyone else been told this or should I just try another chat again?

    • The rep I spoke with was able to apply the discount and I only signed up to this in the evening.

    • I had the credit applied to mine within 1 hour of porting and signing up another new sim. Received new contract info in my email after the credit was applied saying $59 a month.

  • +1

    I ported after only two weeks elsewhere with no issues at all. Also got the 10 dollar discount, Pretty happy with that. Thanks OP,

  • -1

    Is there a termination fee for the plan?
    Assuming I cancel on same day after receiving the $500 GC.

  • Hoping this is still going tomorrow because I missed it today

    • It was a one day deal - only for the 8th.

  • ref "Maximum Voucher
    Cancellation Fee
    N/A $300 " maybe $200 profit if you cancel the same day.?

    • Plus $414 ETC

  • +1

    Got to jb at 8:30pm …3 in front. Put it through ended up at store til 930. Got my $500 gc and then messaged on chat tonight got the $10 per month port in too. Awesome. Thanks op.

    • So my 2 attempts to get the $10 discount failed with Telstra CS asking me to go back to JB to apply the discount?

      • The guy I got initially said the same, but I asked to double check as the jb said I could talk to Telstra to get the port in credit onto first bill… and then he went and applied the credit… try again

        • Success on the 3rd try. Reminded me why I left Telstra for mobile and broadband …. Let's see if there's a confirmation by email.

          • @viirgon: Should get a new pdf with the new plan pricing, I got mine almost straight away

  • great deal didn't really need it as i have so many optus and vodafone prepaid sims to activate but hey telstra has better coverage and kids wanted to buy a new pc with the $500 gift card. so went to store just before closing and signed up for the deal rep reckons no credit check was required for me as i already had a telstra account so enough mo was already loaded on system . got the $500 Gift card and extra account credits via a chat and paid my account in advance using a number of amex offers i.e 20% credits and including a amex business card offer spend $300 get $80 credit so it worked out a very cheap plan for me . i estimate it will cost me about $9.46 a month after GC, amex credits and all discounts. getting over 100mbps to 200mbps download on 5g phone i think its time to cancel my crap FTTN NBN and wack the sim in a gen 2 modem hopefully it will work.?

    • The Gen 2 modems don’t work that way. But you could possibly put the SIM in a Nighthawk or Orbi modem and test.

      • i got it to work just checked the mobile lte only mode box. getting just under 100mpbs which is fine via 4g. hope they wont say anything or block me for using it in a modem?

  • Yay i missed this one 🙄

  • Managed to get $15 port in credit from Telstra live chat on the first go

    • Wow you’re about the only 1 who has been able to get $15 this time. Seems to be getting harder even getting the $10.

      • I walked out of JB and messaged them straight away and said the JB rep said i could get $15 port in, and they applied it no problems.

        Also i was only ~26-27 days ported out by the JB rep didn't say anything

  • Had success yesterday

    Purchased IPhone 13 pro max 256gb -$2019
    - $500 gift card from this deal
    - $1450 in TCN gift cards @ 15% off
    -$69 paid in cash

    iPhone total out of pocket cost= $1300

    Work pays my plan so I’m winning :)

    • What's the best way to get 15% off TCN gift cards?

      • Coles/ Woolies when on special.

    • Sorry what is TCN

      • The card network, they're the gift cards they sell at supermarkets on sale sometimes

        • Oh those ones, i better look for some sale then. Thank you

  • Was this only for yesterday? :(

    • Yep. Can almost guarantee it’ll be back on Boxing Day though.

  • +1

    After failing to get $10 credit four times started asking for $15 port in credit.
    Finally got $15 port in credit at the end. Will be applied on next month bill.

    • Did you get any email confirmation?

      • No I didn't get any confirmation.

        • Well, I didnt feel comfortable without email confirmation so I got back on chat and it sounded like the previous CS didnt do it properly so went one more round and insisted on an order confirmation by email that showed the $59/mth charge for 12 months.

          • @viirgon: Rep told me it was done and gave me a ref number. I guess I will have to confirm this tomorrow.
            Did you get $15 or $10 port in credit?

            • +1

              @jokesanv2: $10 - I got a ref number too but when I quoted the ref number back, the CS said it reflected a phone upgrade, so something didnt sound right there. She had to do it all over again and you should get an order number and confirmation by email with the revised order in PDF.

  • Anyone know if this is still running?

    • i just rang and they said it's on until saturday, double check with ur store :)

      • None are offering $500 gift card till Saturday, only $500 toward new phone purchase… but please prove me wrong, I would love this deal today

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