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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (White) $129 Delivered @ Electronics Superstore via Kogan


Free shipping if you already have Kogan First. Sign up for a free 14 day trial and unsubscribe after free period to avoid $49 annual fee.

This price only applies for the white colour.

For those with an edu.au email and/or want another colour, the Samsung EDU store is selling it for $142.35 including shipping (courtesy to post from b4rgainhunter https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670034).

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  • kogan is rubbish

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    $152.10 @ jb use code 92BOYS3V75I19K

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    I honestly don't understand the hate of Kogan from some of the people in this Ozbargain community, I can only say I have used Kogan for quite a number of times and there were a couple of faulty products received and I never had any issues with them replacing them. The overall experience was very good dealing with them and I won't hesitate to buy from them again.

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      I second that. I bought an air fryer which had a very minor cosmetic fault. Contacted them next day and they offered me partial refund that I refused so they sent a new one without sending the old one back. Bought a few other things and their customer support has always been excellent.

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        Yes, I am not affilitated with Kogan at all but found that too unfair each time when someone mention a deal from Kogan here all these hate statements emerge. I just don't want other fellow ozbarganiners missed a good deal because of those comments.

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      I third that. Dealing with Kogan has been much better than my experience with eBay and Amazon and many other online stores. All the issues that I have had were dealt with promptly and the outcome to my satisfaction.

    • Because a lot of people had negative experience dealing with Kogan warranty.

      From my own experience, they tried to offer me store credit expiring in 12 months for Galaxy Watch Active 2 that developed faulty display after 6 months. However as soon as I requested refund via original payment method they did that straight away.

  • This should be getting an LC3 codec update next year, which I'd imagine will serious improve the mic and sound quality.

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