Linux Stickers (10 Pack) A$1 Delivered @ Stickermule


Popular deal in the past…

Badge sticker sheet (Arch Linux + Git + Vim + Python), Vim, Git, Python, Official Bash, Linux Tux, Debian, Arch Linux, Linux Inside, GoLang.

Large stickers dimension: approx. 64 x 64mm.
Badge stickers dimension (single): 16 x 27mm.

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    Get some $1 samples while you're at it too…

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    Remember you can buy magnetic paper, stick these on it, and the cut them around the edges to get some nice fridge magnets. Should be nice to have a fridge that runs Linux

    • Good idea! From where can I buy magnetic paper?

      • +1

        i got mine on ebay, but you might find some at officeworks. It's meant to be used in a printer, so you can print your own magnets.

      • +6

        In the spirit of ozb, harvest the ones from your parents fridge, handed out in the 90s by real estate agents & tradies..

        • I still get so many of them in the mail!

  • +3

    i'll never use these and i've probably just signed up to an annoying mailing list or something, but sure… have my $1 and send me some stickers, lol

    • -5

      If you’re not going to use them, why not save the stock for someone who actually will?

      • +6

        Dude relax, it's stickers, it's not like I'm taking a PS5 from someone who wants it. If it makes you feel any better, the tux one will be used for sure.

  • Cool, I'll stick the Golang Gopher on my laptop. Never heard of this company before even though seems like a very slick giant global website.

    • +6

      Ive got these before, These are very good quality stickers

  • +4

    I love stickermule! This unix deal is how I originally found them. I'm stocking up.

    During the last custom die-cut deal, I ordered my a cutout of my friends face. Our friends love them, and he's featured prominantly on cars, bookcases, laptops… I always keep a spare in my wallet, just in case.

    Just today, while waiting for the bus, I saw a young hooligan put a sticker on a telephone pole. Of course, I asked him if he'd like another sticker! I hope oneday to find where it ends up.

  • +5

    Recommend using these only on a protective case or cover for your laptop. Learned the hard way that they ruin (or dis-colour) the aluminum unibody of a Macbook when used directly on the metal (not these in particular, any sticker would).

    • Thanks, I'll find somewhere else to stick it.

    • +1

      How so? As in bleed-through of inks, or a shadow mark from where the metal hasn't been exposed to light due to the sticker?

      I had a vinyl sticker (no ink on it) on an old macbook that I eventually removed without issue.

      • Not ink. Residue was easy enough to remove with eucalyptus oil. The shadow mark. Light abrasion using a pencil eraser helped, but still doesn't completely remove some marks (though professional treatment may be able to).

        Basically any time Apple encourages marking your devices in some way (e.g. engraving), attaching stickers to "personalise" it etc. means less resale value and more devices for them to sell down the road!

    • What distro are you running on your MacBook?

      • Bootcamp Windows with WSL Ubuntu :)

        • WSL on a Macbook? Respect.

  • +2

    Miss the free Ubuntu CDs with stickers :D

  • +3

    I still don't get why people like putting stickers on the back of laptop lid?
    I do prefer a clean surface and have better resell value (especially Apple macbooks)

    BTW with all the "brands" in this sticker pack
    I like most except for "GoLang"… been doing Go for a while a didn't like how they do on package management
    npm and nuget are way better….

    • Same reason people put bumper stickers on their cars?

      • Stupidity?

      • +3

        I've heard it's also partially to help distinguish you laptop clearly in an office/class setting where they all otherwise look pretty much the same.

        But yeah, mostly bumper stickers or band t-shirts for computers; a way to flag your interests to other people who also like it, I suppose.

        • +1

          I did this with the Apple stickers that came with my iPhone so I can easily spot my hotdesk and now half the office has done the same thing. Bastards!

  • +1

    Nice, I'm an Arch Linux user!! ;)

    • +1

      Nice! BTW I use Arch

    • +1


  • +2

    Great to see all the upvotes, maybe 2022 will finally be the year of the Linux PC?

    • of course it will be. as soon as everyone agrees on just one distro

      • +2

        Lol this for sure. I've looked into Linux multiple times and EVERY time I wind up getting stuck on figuring out which distro to go with, then realise my current OS works perfectly well for my needs and continue about my day.

        It makes heaps of sense for a hobbyist and tinkerer - play around with them and figure out what works for your project and if it sucks then try something else… But for a daily driver you need to reliably get work done on and find easy support for? Mac OS or Windows makes sense for 99% of use cases.

        • +2

          come on mate. just say you use Arch Linux to show you are hard core :)

          • @millusions: jokes aside, Arch has an installer nowadays, albeit a command line one, but still super simple to use and get you going with a desktop (kde is the most like the windows we all know and don't love). Check the ef linux made simple youtube channel. he has an easy to follow tutorial on how to use the installer and does monthly install tuts via command line if you want to be a "real" arch user :) aside from that.. get a handle on pacman for installing / updating software and system and you're good. You won't know yourself from here on out.. no bloat, no crashes or freezes.. no forced updates.. rolling release so never out of date and never need to install the next release (never ever had an issue personally and I am no kernel guru!).. and no cost! FOSS / Arch Linux FTW!!

            • @henrydt: try Q4Os if you want a Windows experience. its crazy how windows 7 it can look. its disgusting if u ask me :)
              but the Trinity DE forked from KDE 3.5 is kinda cool

              im too far down the Debian rabbit hole

  • +1

    Don't use Linux and have no need for stickers.

    But bought it + the custom pack.

    Now trying to find a use for what I bought. The OzB way.

    • Some stickers are not Linux specific (Python, Go, Git, …).

  • +1 should look good dotted around my Arch-based vintage Thinkpad cluster

  • +1

    Thanks for this, will come in handy.

    2022 is the Year of the Linux desktop!!!

    • Every year it's next year for linux.
      Still too many distributions to be mass market.

    • I really hope so

  • +1

    I’m a simple man. I see no Erlang sticker, I downvote.

    • +3

      I'm a holy man. I see no TempleOS sticker, I downvote.

  • +1

    Nice……and now I think about it, I should've ordered 2 sets.

  • Has anyone got their stickers? I've still not received mine.

    • don't have mine yet either

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