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Xbox Series X $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like it's in stock at Amazon, good luck to all!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      See all buying options!

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        Yeah but it gives the error "Not added".. usually happens when it's OOS

      • OOS

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      The OP should bring out the magic crystal next time to make sure there's enough stock to satisfy the taste of all.

  • No stock

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      It wasn't out of stock when he posted. You were just too slow mate.

  • This is run out soooooooooo quick, mate!

  • I saw this come up but Amazon wouldnt allow putting in cart

  • There isn't as much "premium" now on Facebook Marketplace/ebay FYI, if you're in a rush for Christmas.

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        Not even going to bother spending 10c with scalpers..

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    If you are in the hunt join tweeter. happy hunting.

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      yep got my ps5 that way

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        Same, joined the Twitter crowd and got mine 3 days later. Follow PS5Stockcomau, AustraliaPs5, AlertsXbox, or XboxStockAlerts for Australian alerts.

  • This is what I get for going on the bus to work

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      If anything you should receive the notification instantly since you have your phone open

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    You have 0% chance of picking one up through here especial in any site aside from EB. Better chances in Twitter. Posting these deals (for Amazon) are just a waste of effort I'm afraid. Not sure if a single person from here has ever managed to get one through OZB? (Not EB)

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      I got one (and a PS5) from an Amazon post here earlier in the year but I would agree that anyone serious about buying one should be following the Twitter alerts.

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      Plus, this is the RRP, not a discount. No bargain to see here…

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      I appreciate these posts. Got a PS5 because of an Ozbargain post. Had multiple chances with different posts when I was still deciding whether or not to get one as well.

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      Not sure if a single person from here has ever managed to get one through OZB? (Not EB)

      I did.

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    lol its funny how no more PS5 posts go up pretty much there is no stock at all now.

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      How is that funny? There is a shortage for both consoles, is there not? Compounded by also Xmas 2 weeks away.

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    I wonder which robots got all the stock this time?

    • you will have a better change at winning the lotto than getting a PS5 or xbox series X, lol I think if you didn't get it early on this year or last year there is almost no chance now. You might as well just wait till stock levels are normal which from what Intel says is a year or 2. Or you could just get a switch.

      • To be honest, Intel might be just talking about their fabs, but yeah, probably in two years time the PS5 Pro will be out and the games list will be larger for PS5, so maybe not such a loss to me in the end.

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          Keep holding out and your PS5 Pro will be yours in no time.

          • @BargainSnatcher: It's my only copium, pls let me have this one.

          • @BargainSnatcher: what exactly would a PS5 pro have? 8k 60fps gaming? most people don't even have 4k tvs let along 4k 120fps. for the current gen ps5. I really doubt people are going to buy 8k tvs in teh next 2 years.

            • @kungfuman:

              what exactly would a PS5 pro have

              Who knows? It has to yet been announced.

              Meanwhile 4K penetration will keep increasing YoY, it is already at 48% per household.

              • @cute as ducks: If only the home cinema receiver manufacturers kept up with the Tv manufacturers with HDMI tech. They always seem a year behind with their ports and then botch it up the following year anyway like what happened with Denon and Yamaha. Must have cost them a bit to supply the free add on 4k 120hz HDMI box.

      • There is definately a trickly of stock. I got one last week after putting my name down a month ago

    • I'm wondering how many multiples were bought by scalpers, or if it was restricted to 1 per account or something.

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    Console been out for over a year and it’s still at same RRP

    Should of bought it at launch fellas

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      Most people would if they could.

      • Was easy if you wanted it from MS store. Was up for an hour at launch

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          You assume everyone sits at their computer all day.

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      Thanks. Any other advice for a year ago? Lotto winning numbers?

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      should have

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      Never buy a console at launch, wait for later revisions that resolve issues with the hardware (if any)

      • What hardware issues has there been with the series x?

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    I got 2 pS5 from Twitter alerts, one for a friend so per earlier comments much more effective, one was good guys doing pre orders no one was in my local store and phone order being denied the 2nd for big w as they were able to give a rough within hour notification so constantly refreshed, I had Ozbargain alerts on but never nearly always sold out, I hope poor OP didn't miss out trying to get this post up for everyone, some who don't appreciate it

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      I hope poor OP didn't miss out trying to get this post up for everyone

      I'm personally purely just keeping an eye out for now myself, my brother wanted one so managed to nab one for him a few days ago at EB. But happy to alert others, even if at least 1 person is helped out by these posts 😁

      I also signed up to those twitter alerts, probably the best way to get one as they sell out so quickly.

      Glad to hear you got your PS5s!

  • If you're desperate there's always the Telstra deal

  • Curious how many ppl were actually able to place an order

  • …you are not missing much if you have a computer, controller and internet.

    Just get gamepass ultimate and run your games via cloud. Most of their top games are on the cloud including Halo Infinite….which I might be cross playing depending where I am.

    Seriously dont bother wasting your money with the scalpers.

    PS5….that's a different story πŸ˜…

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      …you are not missing much if you have a computer, controller and internet.

      Big "if" these days, especially GPU prices alone are more expensive than the consoles.

      Seriously dont bother wasting your money with the scalpers.

      Which is why you should wait for twitter alerts/ozbargain posts for when they're back in stock via normal retailers 😁

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        Or even register interest with a normal retailer.
        I put down my name at a local JB, few weeks later, they had one for me.

        • Yep that too, it's honestly not as hard to get it as people believe.

          If you sign up in-store and get online alerts set up, you have a good chance to get one within a month at most.

      • ….you dont need high GPU, its streaming like netflix

        My com 3080x takes 50% gpu but daughter PC has zero graphic cards takes 20% cpu

        Both works flawlessly.

        • Game streaming isnt flawless. You do get some weird compression glitched and artefacts, no 4k etc.

          Most importantly input lag on something like Halo infinite is not ideal.

          Sure, some games it is perfectly passable, i wouldn't however call it flawless.

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      Getting a high end GPU is just as difficult.

  • Waiting for JB or Big W πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    • BigW have a "Coming Soon" for their XBSX listing!

      • I saw that too :) I'm just hoping I don't miss out as I'm working . I contacted their support team and they weren't able to give any dates πŸ˜… I have $1120 In rewards points I've been saving for some time so fingers crossed,

      • Its been "Coming Soon" for at least a week now.

      • I wouldn't hold your breath. Last i heard most stores already had their only drop before Christmas.

  • Instock Via Telstra but need to go on their $46 a month plan that includes ultimate

    • But you can cancel during month 1 and just pay for the console and 1 month of Gamepass RRP - which given they have stock may well be a better option than scalpers! To be fair most things are a better option than feeding scalpers.

  • I've been following the 2 twitter feeds (joined twitter for it) for the last 3-4 months and finally last Friday managed to grab one from Microsoft itself. Just arrived in the post today. I had previously charged my MS account (from Amex offer) so just added to cart and went to checkout and paid. I had previously thought the bots would keep getting them but it is possible. If you do want to get from MS suggest getting everything set up so you don't need to add card details or anything as it's already on your profile ready to go.

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