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Telstra Enhanced Tab 2 - 40,000 Points (Was 80,000 Points) @ Telstra Plus


Minimum Bezel, Maximum View for a Mobile Cinema

• Bright, captivating and colourful
• Flawless design, borderless: Screen to body ratio of 80%
• Landscape design with 9.96mm narrow bezel

Premium Display, Great for Vision Health

• Exclusive Eye Care Mode reducing blue light to relieve visual fatigue
• Best brightness and tonality in the daylight or under low light conditions
• Reading Mode adjusts the screen to B&W and adjusts to the most suitable brightness and contract according to the light

Kids Mode

• Parents can activate passwords to set time limits for use on the Tablet
• Parents can chose and manage the right Applications for use
• Parents can Web WHITELIST internet websites to ensure a safe internet environment for their children

4G LTE Tablet

• With 4G LTE you have access to Telstra’s network for Voice calls, Video calling, kids mode, Big pond movies, Netflix, Stan etc.

All Day Battery

• Massive 5500mAh Battery for all day usage for streaming and watching your favourite content

Google Voice Assist

• Use your own Personal Assistant with Google Voice Assist to search the internet, conduct hands free calling etc.

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  • This tablet is too slow.

    • What speed should it be?

      • +6

        99km/h, any faster, you'll get a fine and a few points off

  • +7

    Why paste the stupid marketing blurb… Important info.. It's crap…

    10.1” TFT-IPS HD (1280 x 800)
    Capacity multi touch display ​

    MTK8766B Quad-core 1.8GHz

    32GB + 2GB RAM +supports up to 256GB via Micro SD card (Sold Separately)

    Rear: 5MP
    Front: 5MP

    5500mAh, 5V 2A

    • +1

      Most important things not in the specs is:
      Is the back metal?
      Is the screen glass?

      • +1

        More importantly, can you flash a good ROM over it?

  • It is crap with only 2gb ram. However, It is still a LTE tablet and costs only 40,000 Telstra Plus Points. Might as well as just get one and give it to your least favourite nephew for this Christmas.

    • Yeah 2gb ram is gonna cause unending issues esp as time goes on. Most flagship phones have at least 6gb these days some with 12gb so I'd stay away from this one.

  • +1

    Good waste of points on something that'll barely function out of the box and become a Telstra-branded paperweight.

  • I have 40,000 points but is it worth it? does it have the latest version of Android?

    • at 2GB ram it'll run whatever a Galaxy S5 runs.

      • +1

        At least you can install Android 11 on Galaxy S5 with a custom rom. You can't even do that with this "tablet" lol.

      • that means nothing to me since I have always had iPads and iphones so I don't know if thats a bad thing or not lol.

  • rubbish

  • but yeah if its not Android 12, or at the very least android 11 not interested lol.

  • It's an Alcatel 3T 10 8094X 2020 under the skin and runs Android 10.

    Not a bad deal if you just want a tablet, but personally, I'd put the points towards an iPad and pay the balance in instalments (which you can do on Telstra Plus).

    • hahahahah 2 year old software android 10 lol

  • looks good enough to use as a home assistant tablet to hang on the wall.

  • This reminds me the $99 HP tablet on sale 10 years ago.

  • good enough to make phone calls and particularly send sms.
    but I am going to use it as a car navigator.

  • Had my eye on this a couple days now (only 10k points, so 106$ as well), and have been umming and ahhing due to the lack of reviews out there and whatnot. Anyone with experience?

    • Seems like the general OzBargain consensus is that it isn't worth it, nothing more than a paperweight.

      Does depend on what you plan to do with it. Simple web browsing and YouTube videos should be fine.

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