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The North Face Nuptse 1996 Jacket $288 (Free Express Delivery) @ Surfstitch


Killer price for the black version of this popular down jacket. Usually promo codes on Surfstich exclude the black model but not this time. You also get uncapped 15% cashback from Shopback which equals to $39.27, bringing down the price to $248.

I know it's summer here but this could be useful for someone who's travelling to the Northern Emisphere this Christmas!


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  • +27

    Inb4 Dan Andrews comments

    • +5

      Best premier in living memory

      • -14


        When did you lose your memory?

      • +9

        hmm sounds like you got dementia.

        • +9

          sounds like you got dementia.

          Same as Dan when he is asked to front up at an enquiry…

  • +19
  • Keen to know Are you eligible for the cashback if you pay through BNPL??

    • I have been for other sites

  • +4

    for La Nina

  • +11

    Is it gortex

    • no

    • +6

      Lol, it's a puffer jacket, not a rain jacket.

      • +2

        It was a Seinfeld joke not many seemed to get.

        • +1

          My first thought when I saw the thumbnail was George Costanza, so I came looking for a comment like yours.

    • +1

      You really like saying Gortex don’t you?

  • bought one, ty op

  • +2

    Comes with anti linfox attack mode

  • Does anyone know if You can stack the 20 dollar sign up voucher on top of this? Also does it fit true to size or a size up?

    • I don't think so. Fairly sure it's only one code per transaction.

    • I couldnt use both voucher, but bought one still

  • +6

    Wow $480 RRP. Think my most expensive jacket was like $129.

  • -1

    anyone bought from this seller before are they 100% genuine?

    • I brought Bellroy bag from them before but it smaller than I thought, fast delivery and easy return.

    • never had an issue with them and all of their stock is genuine.

    • +4

      Ha? its Surfstich? you never shopped there?

    • Yep, plus usually next day delivery to Sydney and free returns. My fav online store.

    • Lol this isn't a dropshipped eBay seller. Company was started by two Australian blokes in a garage wanting to sell surf gear

  • wanted to get one, thx OP

  • +3

    Since its summer and 35 degrees outside just wear it inside-out to cool yourself down.

    • I've just been wearing mine with the hoodie to block the sun and heat out.

  • How does this compare to the Macpac down jackets that usually go for $100?

    • +4

      better quality.

    • Yeah doesn't mention what down it uses? On special 2.5x price of a Macpac Halo.

      Does it use super duck feathers glittered in gold?

  • What's the sizing like on these

    • TTS. The 1996 retro has a slightly shorter and more boxier fit than Nuptse designs of recent years.

  • Awesome deal OP thanks. Doesn’t go for Sub-$300 often.

  • +2

    BE careful - just had a look at the store and This jacket comes in TNF Black and TNF Recycled Black. The Original One is TNF Black, This one might be made of different materials as TNF Black one is Sold out on the website.

    • +1

      same colour, the difference is that the materials to make the jacket is recycled (like the down)

    • Just the nylon and it’s mostly marketing. I don’t think there’s much difference.

  • -1

    what a rip off

  • +8

    Pretty expensive for 25-year-old jacket

  • +4

    I bought one of these, I am not sure if it was from Surfstich or the iconic, and sent it back because it was not down fill, just microfibre. Note how nowhere in the description does it say anything about down…….

    • +3

      Next time don't buy it from AliExpress…

      • +1

        It actually was from ASOS.com, not Surfstich. ASOS is a 20+ year old company based in the UK that turns over +$5 billion AUD per year, and employs +4000 people. Thought it was a pretty safe bet.


    • Lol sorry but you got scammed

      • Nope see above. And I returned it for 100% of my money back. Point me to exactly where in the listing it says its a down jacket like the OP says? I am just trying to warn people before they buy a crappy microfibre jacket thinking its down.

    • dtpearson is right, it does not mention any "down fill" at all in the description, nor in the OP.

  • +1

    Looking at thumbnail i thought this was a tyre deal at first. Disappointed

  • just in time for summer

  • Perfect for a Darwin summer…

  • +2

    Melbourne summer, here I come.

  • Needs to be Fubu branded lol

  • +1

    Targeted for Vic customers who have to live with 12 degree days in the middle of December now 🙄

    Who said companies can't profit off climate change?

  • +1

    thanks bought 10

  • +2
    • is that a disposable jacket?

      • +1

        Yes, competing with the poncho salesman

    • Southface.

    • +1

      The quality is very bad

      Still gives 4 stars. That's the most Kmart thing ever.

  • Mediums Are out of stock! :( I was a tad bit too late. If anyone can help me out pls lmk

  • +1

    So why is this jacket popular? It looka bulky and it doesn't have any temperature rating.

    • +1

      It's heavyweight and 3/3 warmth rating from north face website. Would be useful in New York winter. Maybe if you wanna look like the Michelin man

    • It’s bloody hot in there!

  • Looks way too warm for an Australian city other than Canberra early morning or Hobart

  • +3

    Wow is that Bulletproof?

  • I don't think it suits him tbh

  • +1

    Got the recycled black and I'm returning it. The fill is nowhere near what I would expect from a Nuptse.

  • +1

    had mine cancelled & refunded without any email or notification

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