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1/2 Price - PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription $39.95 (New/Inactive Subscriptions) @ PlayStation


This promotion opens on 9/12/2021 at 10:00 AM GMT and closes on 19/12/2021 at 11:59 PM GMT. See full terms and conditions: play.st/Plus1250dece

PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring fee of $79.95 charged automatically every year. Expand this section for further details.

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  • +25

    Harsh for all those that bought during November…

    • +9

      How? The Black Friday with Afterpay still cheapest

      • +9

        Could've used the Afterpay discount on something else though.

        • +4

          Only if you have some else to buy in the 1st place.

  • +3

    Wooot, mine expired couple of weeks ago and was spewing I missed the black Friday deals

  • +26

    Wow. Makes me want to join back…but all I play are single player story games…and that back log of games…

    • +19

      I feel this in my soul. The parent casual gamer dilemma.

      • +5

        Are you me?

      • Preach!

      • +1

        You ain't the only one. and not just one system. I'm talking about PS4, Switch, PC, 3DS backlogs.

      • I only use ps4 to play videos for my kids now :(

    • it’s worth it just for free games alone. And if I want to jump into online game once a while, it comes in handy.

      • Where are the free games listed? Im waiting for my PS5 to be delivered but want to add some games to my account

    • I'm in this bucket too, still subscribed for another 2 years.
      I'll stay on as long as they keep offering at least one good game in a year that cost as much as a year's worth of sub or more than, that I also end up playing for the year.

  • +12

    So we all got scammed during Black friday

    • Hahahaha yeah (profanity) unless you got the JB Afterpay deal for $33

      • +1

        I got it for $23!!!! Got the $30 first time spend.

        • +3

          But you can buy this for $39.95 and you could of use that $30 on something else ;)

          • +1

            @boomramada: At the time, I had nothing else to buy.
            Sorry should have mentioned it was around black Friday.

    • This promo for first time or lapsed sub. I paid $33 with the afterpay promo but have been with PS+ since 2012.

    • Not if you had an active subscription

    • +22

      Can I extend mine?

      Wrong website…

  • Can this stack?

    • +2

      Yes, but you can't get it for this price if you're currently subscribed.

  • Damnit I just signed up new on Sunday!

      • Ha could have been worse.. I managed to get a 12 month gift card for $50 .. if I'd paid full price I'd be livid

    • You have a 14 day cooling off period if it was a new sub. Email their support and ask for a refund. Took me a day to get mine.

  • mine expire tomorrow and i bought in November from jb hi fi

    • +2

      If you haven’t already applied it, let it lapse, claim this deal then stack your JB credit to give yourself 2 years.

  • +3

    Is it me or does the free games they do each month not seem so good. Or is the majority getting this just to play multiplayer ?

    • +6

      Mainly get it to play multiplayer - the free games are normally just an added bonus that I don't really touch.

      There have been few PS+ games that I've properly played and enjoyed so far.

    • +2

      Yes. They're getting worse and worse each month. December games I don't want at all.

    • +1

      Yep basically wasted my last 6 months of it, they really need PlayStation Now in Australia

  • +11

    Ps4 colllecting dust for me while I spend all my time with Xbox games pass for $40ish a year…

  • I blame Ozbargain for me missing out on this deal for never letting my PSN lapse

  • +2

    Let PS plus run down a few months ago since none of the freebies have interested me since. I figured I'll sign up once I get a ps5 and with the way stock is like that might be another year…

    However at this price I'm willing to budge esp for a casual gamer like myself

  • +2

    dagnammit, I'm still subbed till Feb. Just checked then but at least I realised I was on autosubscribe and turned that off

    • I think I'm just gonna wait till December 2022 now…

      • Just create a second account on your PS4/PS5 and sub under that one. Anyone that uses the console will be able to utilise the PS+ online features.

        • Yeah, but I have a tonne of games from old PS+ subscriptions.

          I got the Turkish Xbox ultimate deal, apart from horizon zero dawn 2, I think I'll just be an Xbox/PC kid next year.

    • -1

      Whats the issue if you are still subbed till Feb? The thing stacks if you buy now.

      • +1

        This deal is for new or inactive accounts.

  • +1

    They did us the dirty.

  • topping up RDY4ME?

  • +1

    if only i had a ps5 to use this with

  • Can I stack this for 3yrs with this price?

    • +2

      Quick google and shows people managed to stack 5-6 years. I personally have stacked 2 years. Pretty sure 3 years is fine. I know XGP has a 3 year limit.

      • thx. stack 5yrs with this price is really good

        • +2

          These deals comes around every now and then. It is up to you but i think a couple of years is fine and when the next deals comes around you just top up. Personally i wouldnt go 5 years straight.

          • @KaTst3R: It only lets you to sub one yr

            • +3

              @2hit6: You buy 1 year first, turn off auto renew and buy another year straight away. I did it and my expiry is 2 years. Try that.

      • Awesome, thanks for that. I purchased 3x codes in Black Friday that I hadn’t yet redeemed, thinking 3 years was the limit. Seeing on Reddit multiple people have stacked all the way through to 2036. Might as well throw a cheap 4th year ontop of what I have by purchasing this before I redeem those codes.

  • Nice. I bought from JB Hi Fi during the Black Friday deal with Afterpay but still have not redeemed my code yet. Worked out quite perfectly now.

    • Same I have bought the sub and have the code. But waiting to give the ps5 to kids for xmas. So I can buy this code and then stack both together to get 2 years?

      • Correct, I bought two of the JB deal cards and didn't use them and now bought this one. Stacked the other two on top and have 3 years now. Also got a PS5 under the tree can't wait to unwrap that bad boy!

        • Like you my ps5 is under wraps. How do you activate the codes without the ps5? If I buy this one and have jb hifi one do I need to be careful to use this deal's code first?

          • @Drj55: Buy this one and it’ll auto activate against your PlayStation account it won’t give you a code, from there you can redeem the other JB codes through your account online.

            There is a redemption section under the ‘My Account’ section online for using the codes.

  • +2

    Still not worth it. The monthly games are junk and it's very expensive for online play.

    GamePass is way better value and the only reason they're offering this is to compete with halo and forza

  • How's the price on the USA sub?

  • +1

    Is this like amazon prime where you can subscribe, cancel straight away and you can still use the service for 12 months? So you don't get caught paying full price in 12 months time?

    • +2

      Do note that every time you redeem a PS Plus code, even to stack, the automatic renew feature is turned back on (pretty sneaky). Just have to turn it off again.

      • Oh you can actually just turn off the auto renew in the settings?

        • +1

          Yes, should be in subscription settings.

  • My current sub ends on the 19/12… Hopefully I can still get this on that day! (and the sub doesn't actually expire the day after instead)

    • -2

      Why not get it now? It adds 12 months on top of your remaining days. It makes no difference to buy now or buy later.

      • +1

        (New/Inactive Subscriptions)

        Also I went to it and it just said "purchased", couldn't stack anything.

  • Great now I can get the godfall trial that’s free with psn plus in December woohoo

  • +1

    Silly question: Do you "keep" the "free" games after the subscription expires? I've been doing XB Gold for years and collected their "free" games but if you don't renew, then you basically lose access to those games until you renew. Is this the same with PSN?

    • +2

      You lose access if your subscription lapses.

      • +2

        so not technically "Free" then. Thanks..

  • If I've got PS+ for my main PSN account, and my kids have their own separate accounts, but we all share the same PS5, is there any reason to sign them up for PS+ as well?

    I assume not, but had been on Xbox for the lastgen where things are a bit simpler.

    • No, I don't believe so. They will have access to your library and should still be able to play online I believe.

  • RIP, bought mine at full price on Saturday… Was urging to play back online…

  • Well this is tough on people who subbed during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    I wish they'd give this price for loyal subs as well 🤬

    • +1

      If you haven't already, buy a few years worth at this price now and don't worry about it for a while. Mines good until 2026

      • Unfortunately I can't as my account is subbed til 2023 😔 Bought the other deal.

  • Ooh great timing! Couple months left for mine… yiss

    • Oh shoot can't stack… I think current sub has to expire first

  • Cheers op!
    Lucky (lazy) of me not activating either the amazon black Friday or the afterpay ones yet. 3 yeah stack for me, booyah.

  • I recently used the 14 days free trial. Can i buy this because the website is showing up as "Owned" on the website.

    Should i just create a new create or is there a way i can cancel this free trial?

    Honestly unsure how my save files work when i change PSN account.

    Also, does JB/EB price match Playstation?

  • What the hell!
    I grabbed the Black Friday deal :(

  • Appears this deal is not available to existing customers.

    Our subscription expires 21/12/21 and the deal is saying "owned" as a reason for not allowing the purchase.

  • +1

    Conspiracy theory: Sony is dumping PS+ onto the market to make people more sticky on their new game pass alternative that would probably require some sort of fee to ‘convert’ PS+ to a higher tier.

    • +1

      I saw on YouTube, credible rumors that Sony will merge PlayStation Now into PlayStation Plus as a higher tier offering and also offer a Game Pass competitor as the highest tier; so you'll get 3 tiers of PlayStation Plus in 2022.

      • And according to this rumour what level will existing PS+ Users be put on? Hopefully top tier. 🤞

        • +1

          Existing PS+ users will be at bottom tier which means no changes. Pay a bit more for middle tier which adds PS Now streaming. Pay even more and you get top tier which apparently adds some Game Pass features.

  • Is there any way to purchase this as a gift, like with a code or something? Seems the only way to purchase is through your onw account which it will be applied to. Does anyone know?

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