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Ham Steak 375g $1 (Was $6, Max 4/Transaction) @ Coles


Coles are running a standard $5 off an Christmas Ham promo. I bought my kids a pack of ham steaks as usual, and to my surprise, got the automatic discount of $5 making them $1.

A limit of 4 per transaction.

Checked a couple of stores to verify (Coasties don't bother going to Woy Woy, West Gosford or Lisarow).

Pair with a fresh pineapple (also on special) for that ultimate 70's nostalgia!

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  • Are these in the deli or on the shelves?

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      The pork part of the meat section at my store

      • Halal?

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          Halal to you too

  • Any conditions on this, or just walk in and buy Coles brand ham steaks for $1 a pack?

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      Was looking at the hams earlier today and I'm pretty sure you can only have 4 per transaction.
      Granted I'm not sure why you'd need to buy more than 4 packs of these, unless you want to piece them all together into a conglomerate in the shape of a Christmas ham.

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        Title has been updated to NSW :(.

        Buy a few packs, get some veggies and potatoes fav sauce and cheap dinner for a few nights sorted.

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          Still gonna give it a shot at my local here in QLD.

          • @Qualbert: Yeah I'm heading out later (VIC). Will swing by Coles and try my luck.

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              @Shard: Can confirm available in VIC, got my four steak packs.

              It's $5 off all the Coles ham meat section products, includes the big legs etc.

          • @Qualbert: Let us know how you go.

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              @Rojohe: Coles near me didn't even seem to stock it at all. Got another one on the way home that I'll check shortly. I'm a sucker for cheap ham.

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              @Rojohe: Just scored a few at a Coles near my house (Woolloongabba) - can confirm the deal works in QLD Coles as well.

        • Bogan stew.

      • Deconstructed Xmas ham..
        Wait till the hipsters here about this one…

  • Thanks OP I'm not a fan of the 70s ham pineapple stack but I don't mind a ham steak with a little gravy and at $1 per 4pack (25c each) you can't go wrong.
    Does anyone know if these freeze well? Might buy a few if I can freeze and eat em over a couple months?
    Cheers :)

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    Sorry guys, in the middle of preschool pickups and wanted to throw it up quick for obvious reasons.

    It's max 4 per transaction, and runs until Sunday. There's nothing on the promo sticker as NSW only, I've added a shot in my original post, so may work for other states. It's being reported on 7 news here.

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    Cheap ham isn't really a bargain, it's a wellness lottery

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      Can confirm, I once ate a ham sandwich at a truckstop in the middle of nowhere in Canada. I lost.

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      It's only th green ham and eggs you need to worry about.

      I confirmed this with Dr Seuss.

  • what about the smoked hams

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    Does this work on steamed hams?

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      At your local Coles, at this time of year?

      • …. Localised entirely within the canned aisle section?

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      Yes! It's an old family recipe.

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    $1 each in QLD

    Expiry date is the 30/12/21

  • Can also confirm the deal is valid in QLD and OP is a legend as I will be eating ham steaks all month.

  • OP I have questions on that @$1.62 500g mushroom instead

    • Clearance as they’re on use by. Bloody perfect though.

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    If you wish to be a little fancy, here some popular ways of cooking them, to change the taste (X-mas is coming and most will eat ham for days after)
    Maple Glazed Ham Steak
    Grilled Ham Steak With Southwestern Rub Recipe
    Simple Glazed Ham Steaks

  • Thank you OP. Confirmed working in ACT

  • Confirmed working in WA.

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    I prefer steamed clams

  • Thank you OP. Confirmed working in VIC.

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    Poor kids…

    • My eldest has extreme taste and texture difficulties. It's much preferable to hospitalisation and feeding tubes, believe me.

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        what does extreme taste mean… just googled and nothing came up - do you mean he's a picky eater?

      • 🙁

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    Ah yes, this would make for an incredible luncheon!

  • You could make a mean rum ham out of this.

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    Confirmed still working. Just got a few at Woodend vic

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    Does anyone have a picture of the ham? I looked everywhere at my local store and couldn't find it.

  • what is a hamsteak?

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    Thanks OP I just got 4 from 4116. That is amazing at 375G each, 4 steaks a packet working out at ~$2.50/KG.

    Is it only for Flybuys members? I asked the girl to check the price for me and she said $6 and I said are you sure and she got a bit confused and said scan your card, which I did and then she said $1. I am not sure if that is because she didn't read it correctly the first time or that you do need to scan the card.

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      I got $1 at the self-serve, no flybuys.

    • The $5 off probably comes after the payment screen, that's how these offer usually work on our POS, so a simple price check won't find it

  • Those mushrooms $3.24kg … bargain

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    Totally disgusting :/

    • why ?

      • Cuz it's shitty ham served as a steak. Even the idea sounds terrible.

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    $5 off worked in SA :) - thanks for the heads up, I wouldn't have bought any if I hadn't seen this post :) thanks again @Grantspatchcock

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    Worked for me 20 minutes ago! Thank you.

  • Worked for me too. Shame the $6 hams were not available, had to get the $12 ones which is still a pretty good deal.

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