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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Impact Wrench - Skin Only $79.99 (Was $99.99) @ Bunnings


Was instore today and noticed Bunnings had the brushless impact wrench on speacial again. Normally $99 but back down to $79.
A few store showing low quantity or not in stock so you may just have to change location to find a store that does have them instock.

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  • Looks like a good deal.
    Is 215nM low for an Impact Wrench?

    • Yep, 215nM is low, a Dewalt impact driver is about the same @ 205nM… Impact wrenches usually start at about double that…

      • yeah, I was look at the Ryobi ones on the site to compare, and they start at around 270nM and over.
        More than double the price though.

      • An impact wrench and a impact driver are 2 totally different tools. The current dewalt impact driver 887 has 205nm of torque. Impact wrench is at least double that and more. They both have different gear systems in them however to allow for more power.
        On another note, just how much torque do you need for a impact wrench?? Most people use them for lug nuts on cars and caravans which only need to be tightened to approx 150nm. The only reason you'd need more is if you're working on a car engine head/block or tougher industrial duties.
        So for the average user, that's plenty enough to do what you need.

        • +2

          You may only tighten wheel-nuts to 150nM but it usually takes more than that to loosen them, especially if they're not lubricated, or if they've been installed by a heavy handed minimum wage kid at a tyre shop..

          If this low powered one works for you all good, but I use an impact wrench for a lot of other things so… .…

          • @FLICKIT: [email protected] the minimum wage kid. It is correct however. People at tyre shops tend to over-tighten nuts and say they know how tight it is just by feeling.
            Breakaway torque is way different to doing them up, you're correct. That number is sometimes 2-3× higher than tightening. If you're a tradie, you'll need more to make things go faster on the job. But Ozito and other brands are for general purpose use. For the average user, i don't know many people who would use this for more than changing/rotating tyres.
            I use air rattle guns for other uses mainly but have a dewalt mid-torque for lugs and lighter work.

  • +4

    Was $49 not long ago. I bought one, does the job. Couple this unit with a set of these:


    And it’s a pretty lethal amateur bundle.

    • Was it posted here? I can only find the impact driver for $49.

    • Am I missing something? How does this unit interact with the drill?

    • Damn that's a great deal
      I bought all those bits separately for about $50!

  • +7

    I tightened manually the nuts on my car wheels to 110Nm and the impact wrench couldn't undo them. I ended up returning it. Wouldn't recommend this tool.

    • +2

      I do the same but have no issues removing the nuts in both 19mm and 21mm sockets. Strange it didn't work for you. I love this tool. It saves me a heap of time at tyre rotation time.

      Is your torque wrench correctly calibrated?

      • Yes, I have two torque wrenches, same issue with either one. I spoke to a friend who has this same model, he said the same thing. Anything over 100Nm is too much for it, and even if it does eventually untighten the nut/bolt, you already have a headache of that banging going on forever trying to loosen up the tension. He said he loosens up the nuts/bolts with a wrench then uses this to finish off and remove them. Though when it comes to tightening it does a better job.

    • What size battery were you using?

      • +1

        Fully charged 4ah

        • I've been using the 1.5ah batteries from the hammer drill kit and have not been impressed with this rattle gun. I thought a bigger battery might help but won't waste my money now. I do wonder if I may have gotten a faulty one however.

  • I have the old brushed 1/2" Ryobi version. 370NM I think. That removes hub nuts without unstaking them !
    If they make an Ozito at that torque I'd buy it…

  • Sorry dumb question, can it be used as an impact driver or fits it have a different Chuck or something?

    • Yeah with an adaptor it can

  • Any quality impact wenches? Asking for a friend.

    • Yep there's heaps.

  • +3

    If you have access to a 3d printer this is a better buy for $15 delivered:

    I have 2. I designed a battery adaptor for oito and put it on thingiverse

    • Can you please share a link to your adaptor? I couldn't find it.

      I generally agree with "you get what you pay for", but I'll happily pay $15 out of curiosity to see what sort of tool that buys

      • +2

        It works on my wheel nuts torqued to 130nm

        It is actually brushless too with aetal gearbox.

        Adaptor here.

        Photo is of the dodgy gen1 I created, but v3 (the STL file.supplied) is much neater and fits perfectly, concealing everything.


    • That looks similar to an impulse buy I bought the other week with 2 batteries for $30 (after a $10 off deal posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11435550/redir ):

      The batteries appear to be Makita style, which is the main reason I bought it.. (I haven't used it yet)

      I already have another Makita DTW300 2 in1 (claimed 800nM) knockoff impact wrench that works well and a little makita knock-off chainsaw… I've been using them with my Dewalt batteries and an adapter but I wanted some Makita style batteries… (and I'll chuck the spare cheapie ebay impact wrench and 1 battery in my campervan for use on the road)

      The Makita DTW300 knockoff, the first couple are a normal tightness, the 3rd was as tight as I could get it with the Wheel brace:

      • Makita DTW300 knockoff??

        where does one get this from .. need it blue btw

        • +1

          A few months back I got one from Banggood for $42 delivered, I went for the "B" version which is 1/2" and hex:

          It works a lot better than I expected…

          • @FLICKIT: 800nm. a bit sceptical on that.
            If it can take off Honda crankshaft bolts, i'll buy it.

            in fact if anyone knows of a battery impact that can take off honda bolts under $100, i'll take it.

            • @nuno: I'm VERY sceptical on the 800nm also, lol… Comparing it to my pneumatic rattle-gun it seems ok…

          • @FLICKIT: Were you able to check what torque it can unscrew with a torque wrench? I got something similar (after seeing your post above) at 800nm via ebay and it took ages to undo 140nm. Worked on 3 bolts but now can't unscrew anything over 100nm…

            • @bargainshooter: Are you using impact sockets or regular?

              Impact ones are heavier so give the anvil of the impact wrench more punch.

              Also what batteries are you using?
              Use legit 4Ah or higher ones for maximum torque.

              • @edrift: Using the impact sockets and the 388Vf batteries that came with the wrench, which are most likely much less than 4ah. I'll do a full charge and see if that helps.

                • @bargainshooter: Likely it'll be the battery.

                  2Ah batteries only supply half the current than what 4Ah packs can.

                  The motors are brushless so they cannot wear out.

                  The gearbox and anvil are all metal so I doubt that is failing

                  • +1

                    @edrift: I thought Ah is total stored energy, not peak output. Though no doubt there are correlations between higher capacity/better batteries and ability to deliver greater current output.

                    • @bargainshooter: Yep totally agree

                    • +1

                      @bargainshooter: Yes and no.

                      2Ah packs are 5 cells in series.

                      4Ah packs are 2 sets of 5 cells in parallel so you get twice the current draw capacity.

                      Plus then there's the cheap cells that are low current draw and then the more expensive Samsung cells that can output high current

                      • @edrift: Makes sense!

                      • @edrift: Can you help me with the science here? Since V=I*R then I=V/R. There is 18V across the terminals of the battery no matter if the energy of the pack is 2Ah or 4Ah or the cells are laid out in series or parallel.

                        I take your point on cell quality but can't see how you can get twice the current.

                        • +1

                          @Punkboy: So an 18650 cell can't deliver infinite current. High current Samsung cells like the ones you find in quality battery packs for powertools and vacuum cleaners can deliver something like 21A of current.. Of course this would drain in seconds.

                          Compare this to an 18650 from a laptop battery where there is no need for such high current drain.and that might only be capable of say 4A output and therefore these cells are cheaper to buy.

                          For Chinese power tools the included cells tend to be the cheaper ones so you'd want the 4A packs that have a series and parallel combo of cell configuration.
                          4 X 5 cells at 4v is 20V (18v nominal)
                          If these can output say 4A and are 2Ah cells, they can go from.100% to 0 in 30mins.

                          Add in another bank of these 5 cells and I'm parallel, then the voltage is still 18v nominal but there is extra current throughput capacity. If not used at the max throughput, it means a longer running battery.

                          For cordless powertools they rely on high current output to increase the power output given voltage is fixed .

                          Now imagine you have one of those really expensive battery packs that run even more cells in parallel, that's even more current available for the tool.
                          Of course there'll be a limit to how much current the motor can draw at 18v.

                          For mains power tools, 240v is already high voltage so they can run at significantly lower current, but for them most part they just run at similar current (10A) but are much more powerful.

                      • @edrift: Opened up the 388Vf battery pack and it is indeed 2 x 5 cells in parallel. Though imagine they are cheap cells…

              • @edrift: A full charge allowed it to unscrew the bolt at 140nm - took about 20sec of hammering but got it done in the end. I hope higher rated/reputable wrenches don't take as much time?

                • @bargainshooter: Glad it worked!

                  20 seconds is a long time, not to mention the accordingly loud hammering.

                  If you can swap out a better battery then it'll likely be faster

                  • @edrift: Will give it a try!

                  • @edrift: So how do the more powerful impact wrenches achieve high torque? Bigger motors? Different gears? Higher speed?

                    I opened it up and it seemed to be in good condition - the hammer/anvil looked intact and gears looked good.

                    • @bargainshooter: i think it's a combination of things.

                      Better motors with capable batteries mean higher torque.
                      Heavier anvils probably help some too.

                      i doubt gear ratios would change things up much since it's about multiple impacts not sheer driving torque such as in a regular drill.

                      i think the first limiting factor of the cheap impact wrenches are likely the batteries first, then the motor. But the motor is still a proper brushless design so it's really not all that bad (i think)

                      • @edrift: Yes I imagine the size and weight of the anvil would play a significant part - this cheap chinese version seem to be much lighter than some of the more professional units but about the same weight as this ozito.

    • Is this $27 delivered or $15 delivered?

  • A mate has one of these and seems its only good for high torque stuff?

    Ie you shouldnt use it for easy jobs putting things together where normally you would use a manual socket wrench?

  • Tested this impact wrench out this morning with a 3Ah battery. It undid the 105nM nuts on the Suzuki fine, which is all i need it for.

    I do see it struggling on nuts rattle gun'd by mechanic or rust welded ones

    Bought an impact socket set while i was in there

  • New model on the way? No longer on the Bunnings site.

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