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[VIC] Free Public Transport on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve @ PTV


Free public transport across the network on Christmas Day and on New Year's Eve. The free holiday travel periods run from 3am December 25 to 3am December 26, and from 6pm December 31 until 6am on January 1. No special ticket is required on metro transport, simply don't use your Myki during those periods. If you're catching a V/Line service you'll still need to make a free booking to secure a spot. Metro trains and trams (except Routes 78 and 82) will run all night on New Year's Eve as well.

Travel is also free on the first timetabled V/Line service departing Melbourne on New Year's Day for regional Victoria.

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  • It's always free on those days…

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      I'm glad you haven't forgotten…

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      Will you be going somewhere special jv ?

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    The link shared in the original post does not mention about the free travel on Christmas day ..

    • Yes it does, 3rd paragraph.

    • Quite literally says it in the title

      "Public transport will also be free to all on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve"

      • may be I am looking at the wrong link .. the link https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/news-and-events/events/2021/12/31... only talks about NYE 31st Dec 2021 .. "Public transport for New Year's Eve 2021"

        • I got it .. the post refer to timeout.com website .. But I was looking at the PTV website which does not seems to have the official news in their website .. might come in later today or in few days .. cheers

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            @Mark789: Yes, that's why I made the timout link the main link. PTV have not announced it for Christmas Day yet, weird.

  • Anything for Sydney Metro?

    • It's not free on NYE.

      Travel on public transport is not free on NYE, you'll need to use an Opal card or contactless payment card/device when travelling to and from NYE events.

      Not sure about Christmas Day.

    • It will be plus if we dont get any union strikes. It is just crazy these days with all the disruptions.

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      Free ticket for the Omicron Express

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    Vline tickets still showing full price. When can you book?

    • no need to book

      • That's not what the article says: "If you're catching a V/Line service you'll still need to make a free booking to secure a spot. "

    • Not sure if you need to book or not. In the OP that quote was from TimeOut.

  • Missing days when 555 bus is a thing in Sydney…

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    Why Christmas day is from 3am to 3pm? And New year eve only from 6pm to 6am? NOT 6am to 6am?

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      The free holiday travel periods run from 3am December 25 to 3am December 26, and from 6pm December 31 until 6am on January 1

  • Nice, maybe Victoria can break new case number records with this and lockdown.

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      Might be a good thing, if omicron is indeed far less deadlier.

    • Let’s hope the NSW figures aren’t an indication.

      • Nowhere near enough data.

        • Same thing with Omicron.

          • @try2bhelpful: I thought we were talking about omicron in the first place… Confused now

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    Yes, free public transport to the protests!

  • Ugh I wish they would stop doing this. The idea has merit so people can see their families on Christmas Day, but it just becomes about people with nothing else to do travelling about aimlessly while drivers, conductors and customer service staff are prevented from seeing theirs.

    • Yes and no. There are people who don’t celebrate Christmas at all. Our family, rarely, does Christmas on Christmas Day so I would be happy to do the overtime. I would wear the hat and sing Christmas Carols as well.

      • A fair call, but in my experience (I'm a driver) there just isn't enough people that don't celebrate to cover the jobs. Obviously we're paid well for what we do and it's an accepted downside of the job, but I'd just prefer this government PR stunt to be done on a different day.

        • As you are a driver I bow to your superior knowledge.

          However, it makes sense to do it on Christmas day, rather than other days. It is the day people want to get together and "free" would be considered as a present. However, even it is wasn't free then public transport would still need to be running. People still need to get from a to b whether they pay for it or not. This does remove the need to have additional people rostered on to check tickets, so it would be more of a skeleton staff.

    • +1

      I'm sure the penalty rates soften the blow. Chances are those rostered don't celebrate it.

      • Eh, day in lieu that you struggle to get approved and 20% extra doesn't do a lot for me! Nowhere near enough staff that don't celebrate to cover the necessary shifts from what I've seen. If they ran a more reduced service to just cover essential travel (ie 1 an hour or less depending on the line) that would be sufficient I'd think.

        • 20% penalty rate for a public holiday? Shouldn’t it be 2.5x?

  • Because .. travelling on urination abuse transport is how I'd want to spend the holidays -_-

    • Harden up… Wear a mask

    • You're probably already urination abused all by urself on NYE and Xmas too so why the Whinge?!

  • Where on the PTV website does one sign up for the free vouchers?

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